Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Alaska Sacred Harp Convention

Sitka Lutheran Church, Sitka, Alaska

October 20-21, 2017

Friday, October 20

The 10th annual Alaska Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Sitka Lutheran Church in Sitka, Alaska, on Friday evening and Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. Beverly Owen Coates taught a singing school with an overview of the Sacred Harp tradition, and guidance on tempo and leading. She shared the heritage of her family and songs that have significant meaning.

Saturday, October 21

Campbell Longworth called the class to order Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. by leading 171. Gordon Blue offered the morning prayer. In a business meeting, Campbell Longworth transferred chairmanship to Kari Lundgren.

Leaders: Kari Lundgren 162, 276; Denise Klinger 107; Joe Linden 99, 47b; Mari Frances Fujioka, Alexandra Fujioka, and Sara Beaber-Fujioka 82t, 388; Steve Helwig 133 (for the Owen family), 126; Adrian Eldridge 225t, 235; Nathan Baring and Stephanie Fida 39b, 198; Lynn Basham 501, 479; Karen Willard and Galen Flint 45t.


Cornelia Stanton called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Dan Harper and Carol Steinfeld 34b, 49t; Tom Crane 86, 155; Maria D’Agnostino and Campbell Longworth 300 (dedicated to Robert Sullivan); Mary Barrett and Charley Basham 24t, 148; Julia Smith and Campbell Longworth 159, 63; Clarissa Fetrow 67, 440; Bruce Coates 176b, 503; Pat Coghlan and Linda Janacek 492; Kate Fortin 196, 203; Beverly Coates 33t, 53; Cornelia Stanton and Jeanette Smith 565, 87.


Adrian Eldridge called the class back to order leading 70b. Leaders: Campbell Longworth 254; Karen Willard 81b, 200; Stephanie Fida 398, 399t; Lynn Basham 288, 523.

Charley Basham spoke for those who are sick and shut-in, and led 472 for Robert Sullivan, Bill Davis, Concetta Branson, and Curtis Owen. She spoke for the deceased, and led 181 in memory of the following: Collette Miller—Minnesota; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Edith Owen—Texas; John Bayer—Ohio. Gordon Blue closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Sylvia Friske and Beverly Coates 176t; Beverly Coates 475.


Kari Lundgren called the class back to order leading 448b and 454. Leaders: Brian Hullfish 268; Dan Harper 236, 38t; Joe Linden 38b, 282; Jeanette Warner and Pat Coghlan 391; Bruce Coates 34t; Clarissa Fetrow 302, 349; Adrian Eldridge 441, 279; Steve Helwig 455, 456; Beverly Coates 299, 347; Stephanie Fida 419, 275t; Cornelia Stanton 66, 217; Karen Willard 401 (dedicated to Johnny Lee), 128.


Kate Fortin called the class back to order leading 48t and 119. Leaders: Pat Coghlan 542; Campbell Longworth and Nathan Baring 218, 242; Lynn Basham 173, 142; Galen Flint and Maria D’Agnostino 209; Charley Basham 163b (for Terry Barrett); Denise Klinger and Kari Lundgren 354b (for Iris); Tom Crane 146, 147t; Sara Beaber-Fujioka 157, 474; Sylvia Friske and Maria D’Agnostino 178, 40; Julia Smith and Kari Lundgren 59, 502; Mary Barrett and Kari Lundgren 277; Clarissa Fetrow and Adrian Eldridge 312t.

Kari Lundgren, Karen Willard, and Steve Helwig led 122 as the closing song. Gordon Blue offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Kari Lundgren; Secretaries—Joe Linden and Sara Beaber-Fujioka