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Palo Alto Singing

Unitarian Universalist Church, Palo Alto, California

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The 6th annual Palo Alto All-Day Singing was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Leah Coffin leading 59.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Terry Moore; Vice Chairman—Jeannette Ralston; Secretary—Sue Lindner; Arranging Committee—Dan Harper and Jeannette Ralston; Treasurer—Peter Ross; Chaplain—Terry Moore; Resolutions Committee—Mark Godfrey. Terry Moore offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Terry Moore 34b; Jeannette Ralston 448b; Sue Lindner 278b; Dan Harper 29t; Erika Wilson 171; Carolyn Deacy 300; Mark Godfrey 278t; Yuka Oiwa 165; Leigh Cooper 203; Pat Coghlan 542; Steve Helwig 228; Edward Rice 454; Janet Herman 378b; Lena Strayhorn 144; Erica Martinez 148; Mary O’Brien 282; Phil Jensen 200; Linda Selph 81t (for Linda Domholt); Greg Freed 89; Dave Barber 99.


The class was called back to order by Steve Helwig leading 129. Leaders: Bob Brylawski 122; Rebecca Edwards 400; Paul Kostka 198; Sarah Kostka 344; Peter Ross 475; Jeff Begley 67; Ruth McGurk 532; Arnold Zwicky 474; Inder Khalsa 142; Wren Hyde 315; Joel Chan 82t; Alex Cotton 350; Don Brenneis 178; Peter Ross 66.


The class was called back to order by Phil Jensen leading 47t. Leaders: Chris Thorman 120; Janet Herman 546; Erica Martinez 42; Jeff Begley 417; Erika Wilson 391 (for Tamara Harris); Edward Rice 183; Steve Helwig 531; Linda Selph 456; Carolyn Deacy 421; Yuka Oiwa 76b; Rebecca Edwards 349; Mark Godfrey 299.


The class was called back to order by Jeannette Ralston leading 383. Leaders: Leigh Cooper 396; Chris Thorman 184; Jeff Begley 376; Arieta Santinelli 224; Steve Helwig 34t; Yuka Oiwa 216; Leah Coffin 197; Marsha Genensky 33b; Erica Martinez 504; Alex Cotton 332; Pat Coghlan 351; Wren Hyde 70b; Inder Khalsa 312b; Dave Barber 333; Phil Jensen 503; Lena Strayhorn 318; Peter Ross 163b (in memory of Marian Bush); Paul Kostka 86; Arnold Zwicky 146.


The class was called back to order by Mark Godfrey leading 101t. Leaders: Bob Brylawski 210; Anne Caswell 540; Mary O’Brien 271t; Terry Moore 112; Dan Harper 159 (in memory of Bob Harper); Sue Lindner 217; Leah Coffin and Erika Wilson 214; Leigh Cooper, Mark Godfrey, Cecil Godfrey, and Leon Godfrey 472; Janet Herman and Edward Rice 485; Inder Khalsa and Rebecca Edwards 133; Paul Kostka and Lorraine Kostka 49b; Erika Martinez and Yuka Oiwa 189; Steve Helwig and Jeff Begley 83b; Chris Thorman and Phil Jensen 515; Dave Barber and Wren Hyde 102; Alex Cotton and Peter Ross 84; Sue Lindner and Lena Strayhorn 65; Terry Moore and Arnold Zwicky 72b; Don Brenneis and Marsha Genensky 40.

A business meeting was held. The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The Secretary and Arranging Committee reported that at least fifty-five singers attended (from California, Oregon, Louisiana, and Vermont), and ninety songs were led by thirty-eight leaders. The Resolutions Committee offered thanks to all who made the singing possible, and resolved to convene again next year. Announcements were made.

Terry Moore led 347 as the closing song, and then offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Terry Moore; Vice Chairman—Jeannette Ralston; Secretary—Sue Lindner