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Cork Singing

St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, Cork, Ireland

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The 7th annual Cork All-Day Singing was called to order at St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral Hall, Dean Street, Cork, Ireland, by Kevin Kennedy leading 72b. Christopher Lyons offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Katie Ahern 47t; Rob Wedgbury 56b; Sinéad Hanrahan 48t; Colleen Jones 29b; Ewan Paterson 49b; Ailish McMahon 39t; Bryan Seale 138t; Michael Walker 297; Chris Brown 296; Kate Kirwan 88b; Elisabeth Schallwig 545; Derek Buckland 74b; Áine Uí Cheallaigh 428; Sadhbh O’Flynn 50t; Caro Stamm-Reusch 123b; Christopher Lyons 77t; Sarah West 110; Dorothy Robinson 500; Teresa Maguire 176b; Paul Kolenbrander 567; Ellen Kennedy 312b.


Joanna Bennett called the class to order leading 168. Leaders: Iain Paxon 535; Alison Brown and Alberto Corral Novelle 481; Ross Harbison 546; Ted Brown 100; Dara Desmond 486; Lisa O’Grady 436; Calum Woods and Rosalind Woods 113; Werner Ullah 501; Nigel Bowley 458; Helen Brown 430; Jacoba Bruneel 457; Jan Geerts 135; Judy Whiting 441 (in memory of Edith Owen); Geoff Grainger 503; Michael Walker 103, Áine Uí Cheallaigh and Brenda Harvey 159; Eleanor Callaghan 29t; Caro Stamm-Reusch 42; Ailish McMahon 111b; Sarah West 192; Derek Buckland 201; Sinéad Hanrahan 283; Chris Brown 329; Teresa Maguire 57; Dorothy Robinson 71; Rob Wedgbury 460 (for Mary Wedgbury); Kate Kirwan 90. Christopher Lyons said grace.


Bryan Seale called the afternoon session to order by leading 270. Leaders: Calum Woods 405; Jan Geerts 475; Katie Ahern 189; Ted Brown 426b; Kevin Kennedy 188; Joanna Bennett 384; Eleanor Callaghan 67; Colleen Jones 272; Helen Brown 542; Nigel Bowley 279; Judy Whiting 208; Jacoba Bruneel 133; Ross Harbison 377; Elisabeth Schallwig 348t; Lisa O’Grady 349; Sarah West 114; Christopher Lyons 228; Sadhbh O’Flynn 556; Michael Walker 187; Alison Brown and Alberto Corral Novelle 84; Áine Uí Cheallaigh 196; Ellen Kennedy 319; Chris Brown 392; Caro Stamm-Reusch 454; Rosalind Woods and Lisa O’Grady 350; Kate Kirwan 513; Teresa Maguire 278b; Paul Kolenbrander 504.


Dara Desmond led 179 to bring the class together. Leaders: Jan Geerts 410t; Werner Ullah 278t; Iain Paxon 209; Elisabeth Schallwig 210; Brenda Harvey and Helen Brown 49t; Calum Woods 271b; Ted Brown 565; Eleanor Callaghan 86; Joss Tait and Amy Cutts 65; Joanna Bennett 181; Judy Whiting 318; Jacoba Bruneel 335; Derek Buckland 102; Niamh Madigan 32t; Geoff Grainger 163b; Ellen Kennedy 148; Alison Brown and Alberto Corral Novelle 108b; Nigel Bowley 55; Helen Brown 373; Ailish McMahon 82t; Katie Ahern 112.

Kevin Kennedy made closing announcements, during which he thanked all those involved in organizing the day, and gave special thanks to the singers who had travelled for the singing. Rob Wedgbury gave the Secretary’s report and stated 102 songs had been sung by fifty-eight registered singers and forty-four leaders. Nine countries were represented (Belgium, England, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, and the U.S. A.). Dara Desmond gave the Treasurer’s report, stating that all expenses had been met.

Christopher Lyons offered the closing prayer for the day. Kevin Kennedy led 472 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kevin Kennedy; Vice Chairman—Katie Ahern; Secretary—Rob Wedgbury