Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Jordan Chapel

Newell, Randolph County, Alabama

October 26, 1997

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Jordan Chapel was held the fourth Sunday in October. The class was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading songs on pages 68b, 101t, and 112. Billy Joe Harris led songs on pages 452 and 503.

Rev. Julian Murphy, pastor of the church, welcomed the class, and offered the morning prayer. Lonnie Rogers led song on page 75; Mary Florence Smith 63 and 277.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Arranging Committee—Hester Edwards; Memorial Committee—Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.

Leaders: Jimmie Denney 30t, 61; Alice Edwards 104, 271b, 73b; Everette Denney 145b, 335, 34b; George Garner 186, 222, 269.


The class resumed singing with Billy Joe Harris leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Roy Nelson 82t, 128, 318; Evelyn Harris 129, 155, 47t; T. J. Stewart 236; Bud Oliver 73t, 274t, 176t, 345t, 83t; Louise Nelson 87, 282; Milton Oliver 321, 270.


The afternoon session was called to order by Lonnie Rogers leading song on page 176b. “Happy Birthday” was sung for Hester Edwards and Sue Parker. Leaders: Reba Norton 334, 275b, 136; Becky Hafner-Camp 58, 148.

The memorial lesson was given by Ruth Brown and Vivian Rogers. Ruth spoke of this time in our singing to be the most meaningful; to remember those who have passed away; and for those who would love to be here. Many of our older singers who were the backbone of the singings are almost forgotten, so it’s left up to us to carry on. Verse one of the song on page 101b, “Holy City”, applies to the ones we are remembering today. Those remembered: Johnny Brown, Jimmy Causey, Josie McAlpin, Willie Mae McClendon, Bonnie Ashley, Barrett Ashley, and Clara Denney.

The sick and shut-ins remembered: Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, I. V. McWhorter, Helen Bryson, Gertrude Norton, and Rosa Hughes.

Evelyn Harris and Ruth Brown led songs on pages 127 and 285t for the deceased. Roy Nelson led 340 and 317b for the sick and shut-ins. The memorial was closed with prayer by Mary Florence Smith.

Leaders: Tabatha Murphy and Evelyn Harris 378t; Bud Oliver 358, 339, 288; Jimmie Denney 313t; Everette Denney 159; George Garner 40; Roy Nelson and Louise Nelson 32t; Becky Hafner-Camp 373; Tabatha Murphy 45t; Mary Florence Smith 312b.

Lonnie Rogers, Billy Joe Harris, Hester Edwards, and Mary Florence Smith led page 225t for the closing song. The closing prayer was led by Everette Denney.

Chairman—Lonnie Rogers; Vice Chairman—Billy Joe Harris; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.