Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Singing

Denver, Colorado

Saturday, July 29, 2017

The 37th annual Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing Association met in Denver, Colorado, on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in July. The class was called to order by Amanda Jokerst leading 531. Catie Van Duzer offered the morning prayer.

A business meeting was held to elect the following officers: Chairperson—Amandeep Boyer; Treasurer—Ryan Lewis; Secretary—Amanda Jokerst.

Leaders: Amandeep Boyer 59; Corrie Van Duzer 171; Catie Van Duzer 47t; Alfred Saussotte 208; Bonnie Dolan 501; Erik Mason 39t; Mike Chaffin 77t; Paul Lindholm 187; Ryan Lewis 196; Daniel Declan and Stephanie Fida 159; Steve Kick 475; Melissa Musick Nussbaum 503; David Schmitt 56t; Julia Zaffarano 312b; Claire Singleton 30t; Cathy Van Blerkom 504; Sharon Strong 502; Kirk Boyer 448b.


The class was called back to order by Joel Igli leading 198. Leaders: Evelyn Lamb 292; Luke Sivertson 565; William Gilman 480; Sharon Kermiet 56b; Jerry Schreiber 473; Wren Hyde 101t; Ryan Lewis 122; Mark Godfrey and Leon Godfrey 37b; Abbie Sorg 344; David Wright 492; Kate Fine 318; JR Hardman 290; Alec Jenkins-White 383; Sophia Schinske 426b; India Genack 48b.


The class was called back to order by Stephanie Fida leading 445. Leaders: Tom Ivey 528; Ellen Ray 319; Angie Payne 421; Jeff Begley and Arieta Santinelli 485; Chris Nicholson 34b; Pat Coghlan 391; Betsy Jeronen 347 (for Concetta Branson); Joel Igli 236; Erik Schwab 405; Linda Selph 430; John Wiens 500; Eamonn O’Neill 442; Ana Tighe 201; Melissa Kelley 123b; Joel Menk 26; Rebecca Edwards 148; Jennifer Jones 527; Amanda Jokerst 416; Arwen Declan 47b.


The class was called back to order by Amandeep Boyer leading 48t. Leaders: Corrie Van Duzer 300; Bob Schinske 216; Alexa Copeland 326; Thom Fahrbach 423; Rodman Campbell 495; Eva Striebeck 320; Marie Brandis 280; Steve Luttinen 440; Gillian Inksetter 456; Kate Coxon 396; Ben Copenhaver 125; Adrian Eldridge and Stephanie Fida 273; Leigh Cooper 411; Joel Chan and Jonathan Kaufman Scher 340; Kitty Kagay 180; Anita Landess 354b (in memory of the son of Kathryn Eastburn); Mia Alvarado 569b; Amandeep Boyer and Rajbir Athwal 535.


The class was called back to order by Corrie Van Duzer leading 32t. Leaders: JR Hardman 72b; Wren Hyde 99; Abbie Sorg 417; Arwen Declan 268; Judy Van Duzer 299; Jeff Begley and his family 330b; Tom Ivey, Kitty Kagay, and Sharon Strong 569t; Joel Menk, Ben Copenhaver, Stephanie Copenhaver, Hanna Brolander, Steve Luttinen, Eamonn O’Neill, and Angie Payne 228; Gillian Inksetter and Eva Striebeck 142; Thom Fahrbach, Marie Brandis, Betsy Jeronen, Ana Tighe, Jennifer Jones, and Kate Fine 212; Chris Nicholson and Ellen Ray 172; Kate Coxon, Bob Schinske, Erik Schwab, David Wright, and Rodman Campbell 76b; John Wiens and Adrian Eldridge 426t; Mark Godfrey, Wren Hyde, Julia Zaffarano, Linda Selph, Jeff Begley, Arieta Santinelli, Pat Coghlan, Joel Chan, Jerry Schreiber, Rebecca Edwards, India Genack, Leigh Cooper, Cecil Godfrey, and Leon Godfrey 146; Evelyn Lamb, Sophia Schinske, Logan Thomas, Claire Singleton, Kim Lewis, Abbie Sorg, Sonja Launspach, and Price L. Worrell 215.

The business meeting was reopened. The Treasurer reported the day’s expenses were met. The Secretary reported ninety-two registered attendees, sixty-nine leaders, and ninety songs sung.

Amandeep Boyer led 499 as the closing song. Catie Van Duzer offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Amandeep Boyer; Secretary—Amanda Jokerst