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Victoria Sacred Harp Singing

Victoria, Australia

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The 5th annual Victorian All-Day Singing was held at the Bluestone Hall of Brunswick Uniting Church, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Shawn Whelan led 49t. The opening prayer was offered by Sr. Thérèse Power.

Angharad Davis taught an introductory singing school to refresh singers understanding of the unique nature of Sacred Harp singing, characterized by its architecture, its fostering of community, its tradition of learning, and its double tradition of being both a print culture and an oral culture. Angharad led the group in exploring the constellation of shape note singing: pitch, meter, tempo, beat, accent and pulse.

The outgoing Chairman, Shawn Whelan, welcomed everyone, especially those who had travelled long distances. A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Natalie Sims; Secretary—Lauren Reader; Chaplain—Sr Thérèse Power; Memorial Lesson—Peter Rayner; Treasurer—Morag Logan, assisted by Daniel Whelan; Arranging Committee—Ruth McNamara and Melanie Albrecht; Resolutions—Shawn Whelan; Housing—Ruth McNamara.

Leaders: Natalie Sims 77b; Melanie Albrecht 163b; Ruth McNamara 34b; Lauren Reader 466; Myfanwy Godfrey 40; Morag Logan 107; Thérèse Power 117; Elaena Gardner 38b.


Daniel Whelan led 300 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Bill Thomson 457; Angharad Davis 76b; Margo Lanagan 323b; Shawn Whelan 481; Meg Quinlisk 101b; Jesse Mazur 448b; Natalie Sims 171; Melanie Albrecht 535; Ruth McNamara 143; Lauren Reader 67; Myfanwy Godfrey 288; Morag Logan 63; Thérèse Power 155; Elaena Gardner 148; Daniel Whelan 472; Peter Rayner 452; Bill Thomson 268; Angharad Davis 201; Margo Lanagan 242. Sr. Thérèse Power and Melanie Albrecht led a sung grace before the meal.


Shawn Whelan led 344 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Meg Quinlisk 454; Jesse Mazur 49b; Natalie Sims 112; Melanie Albrecht 142; Ruth McNamara 274t; Lauren Reader 354t; Myfanwy Godfrey 277; Morag Logan 276; Elaena Gardner 388; Thérèse Power 269; Daniel Whelan 313b; Peter Rayner 496; Angharad Davis 189; Margo Lanagan 173.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Peter Rayner. The following deceased were remembered and honored: Hugh McGraw, Tim Booth, James Bridges, Mrs. Cid de Fels, Jack Lanagan, Guinness Price, Moira Logan, Barry Henry, Roly Hewson, and Muriel Moulton. Natalie Sims led 72b.

The following sick and shut-ins were named: Steve Blundell, Tricia Entwhistle, Joe Gardner, Robyn Gardner, and Alistair Macrae. Shawn Whelan led 46.

Leaders: Shawn Whelan 168; Meg Quinlisk 272; Jesse Mazur and Lauren Reader 282; Natalie Sims 348t; Melanie Albrecht 455; Ruth McNamara 540; Lauren Reader 287; Myfanwy Godfrey 146.


Morag Logan led 312b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Elaena Gardner 224; Helen Rowe 86; Daniel Whelan 467; Peter Rayner 178; Steph Payne 414; Angharad Davis 573; Shawn Whelan 59; Meg Quinlisk 200; Jesse Mazur and Shawn Whelan 445; Elaena Gardner, Meg Quinlisk, and Dilini Jayakody 437; Angharad Davis 436.

The Resolutions Committee thanked those who worked hard to make the All-Day Singing happen, including officers, committee members, the singing school teacher, and all those who brought food. The Arranging Committee reported that at least twenty-five singers had sung sixty-seven songs led by nineteen leaders. The Treasurer reported that donations were yet to be tallied, but would be directed towards the use of the hall. A resolution on the date for the Victorian All-Day Singing for 2018 was deferred. Announcements were made, and thanks were given, especially to the visiting singers. Natalie Sims led 340 as the closing song. Sr. Thérèse Power and Lauren Reader offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Natalie Sims; Secretary—Lauren Reader