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Harrod’s Creek and Bob Meek
Memorial Shape Note Singing Convention

Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 29-30, 2017

Saturday, April 29

The 22nd annual shape note singing convention held at Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church on the last Saturday in April and the Sunday following was called to order by Michele Cull. The following song books were used during the two-day singing: The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, The Southern Harmony, and The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision. Michele welcomed everyone to the singing. The opening prayer was offered by Greg Creech.

Leaders: Tim Morton 51; Darrell Swarens 36b.

Michele Cull introduced Mr. Buford Parrish, a deacon at Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church. He welcomed all of the singers, and gave a little history of the church.

Leaders: Doug Trent 569b; Bob Cull 148; Bill Hayes 551; Jim Patterson 278t; Rich Overturf 100; Tom Kochan 511t (CB); Jim Herr 310 (SoH); Greg Creech 74 (SoH); Stephen Huffman 575 (CB); David Carlton 256 (SoH); Eddie Mash 183t (SoH); John Huffman 38t (CB).


Leaders: Tim Morton 274t; Randy Weber (handout); Josh Walton 254; Karen Arnett 171; Mary Huffman 276; Hans Bayer 133 (CB); Ed Walton 505 (CB); John Hoerr 269; Clara Herr 273 (CB); Curtis Cook 229; Jubal Bayer 154; Virginia Eldridge 181; Beth Garfinkel 504.


Leaders: Stephanie Fida 445; John Bealle 110; Tom Morton 209; Sheila Patterson and Darrell Swarens 38 (SoH); Rodman Campbell 422t (CB); Adrian Eldridge 326; Grace Patterson 344; Erin Fulton 20 (SoH); Liz Meitzler 49 (SoH); Joel Deckard 25t (SoH); Katherine Eldridge 377; Laura Morton 340 (CB); Eloise Clark 327; Mary Brinkman 313t.


Leaders: John Huffman 350; Darrell Swarens 84; Jim Patterson 178; Rich Overturf 480; Ben Fink 240; Tom Kochan 571 (CB); Jim Herr 556; Greg Creech 33b; Stephen Huffman and Kay Huffman 163b; David Carlton 424; Ray Rechenberg 564; Michele Cull and Spencer Harmon (new pastor at Vine Street Baptist Church) 448t; Eddie Mash 277 (SoH); Josh Walton 463 (CB); Karen Arnett 485; Mary Huffman 336t (CB); Annaliza Cull and guest 393 (CB).


Leaders: Stephen Huffman 56t; Hans Bayer 421; John Hoerr 112; Joan Aldridge 559 (CB); Curtis Cook 535; Joe Crouse and Ben Fink 527 (CB); Beth Garfinkel 183; Stephanie Fida and Brenda Waters 49b (in memory of Bob Meek); Michele Cull 268.

Announcements were made. The closing prayer was offered by Gary Huffman.

Sunday, April 30

The Sunday session of the Harrod’s Creek and Bob Meek Memorial Shape Note Convention was called to order by James Eldridge leading 39b. The morning prayer was offered by Eddie Mash.

Leaders: Tim Morton 384; Darrell Swarens 198; Laura Morton 49t; Adrian Eldridge 512; Ben Fink 362; Joel Deckard 61; Tom Morton 503; Katherine Eldridge 254 (SoH); Clara Herr 300; Erin Fulton 35; Ray Rechenberg 105; Doug Trent 66; John Bealle 203; Virginia Eldridge 67 (SoH); Sheila Patterson 528.


Leaders: Tim Morton 72t; Bob Cull 547; Greg Creech 39b (SoH); Curtis Cook 350; Jim Patterson 569b; Eloise Clark 164 (SoH); Billy See and Vickie See 30b (CB); Eddie Mash 89t (SoH); Debbie Hall 197; Rodman Campbell 489.


Leaders: Stephanie Fida 514 (CB); Clair Outten 111 (SoH): Grace Patterson 39t; Michael Domino 408 (CB); Jim Herr 84t (SoH): Kelly Toon 481; Annaliza Cull 268; John Bealle 278b; Sheila Patterson 157; Darrell Swarens, Grace Patterson, and Katherine Eldridge 77t; Ray Rechenberg 565; Paul Adams, Joy Adams, and Ben Fink 587 (CB); Erin Fulton 452; Liz Meitzler 195; Clara Herr 27; Greg Creech 127.


Leaders: James Eldridge 217; Curtis Cook 333; Eloise Clark 312t; Levi Bainter and Ben Fink 392 (CB); Nate Zweig 63 (SoH).

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Eddie Mash led 460 in honor of the sick and shut-ins. Jim Herr read the list of names of the deceased, and led 549.

Leaders: Jim Patterson 86; Vickie See and Billy See 288; Rodman Campbell 388; Clair Outten 149; Susan Zurcher 486 (CB); Liz Meitzler 213 (CB).


Leaders: Adrian Eldridge 318; Bill Hayes and Ben Fink 236; Michael Domino 390; Jim Herr 222; Grace Patterson 122; Annaliza Cull 448t; Esther Crookshank 68b; Paul Adams, Joy Adams, and Rhonda Adams 442; Debbie Hall 299; Adrian Eldridge, Virginia Eldridge, James Eldridge, Katherine Eldridge, Stephanie Fida, and Darrell Swarens 116 (CB); Nate Zweig 30 (SoH); Kelly Toon 338.

Announcements were made. The class sang 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed.

Secretary—Brenda Waters