Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention

YWCA Camp, Tijeras, New Mexico

September 24-25, 2016

Saturday, September 24

The 25th annual Rocky Mountain Convention was held on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in September at the YWCA camp in Tijeras, New Mexico. Stephanie Fida brought the class to order leading 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Robert McKay.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Leslie Alperin; Treasurer—Sally Gwylan; Secretary—Nancy Nortz.

Leaders: Leslie Alperin 48t; Eric Mason 33b; Paul Lindholm 56t; Marilyn Murata 87; Sandra Cryder 178; Steve Cackley 73b; Meg Quinlisk 347; Lynda Hambourger 203; Michael McKernan 49b; Janet Plattner 503; Julia Zaffarano 380; Nancy Newell 155; Sharon Kermiet 181; Carla Smith 57; Jerry Schreiber 344; Craig Averill 49t; Judy Van Duzer 474; Mike Hinton 275b; Amanda Jokerst 67.


The singing resumed with Harlan Van Camp leading 189. Leaders: Barry Johnston 106; Catie Van Duzer 280; Larry Hand 72b; Chris Nicholson 34b; Donna Sewell 171; Janet Morgan 77t; Carol Selleck 548; Sally Gwylan 326; Jean Merritt 569b; Allan Stavely 107; Robert McKay 142; Stephen Hoyt 68b; David McPherson 282; Claire Singleton 217; Nancy Nortz 89; Ed Stevens 515; Corrie Van Duzer 510; Stephanie Fida 498; Eric Mason 133; Leslie Alperin 180; Paul Lindholm 419; Marilyn Murata 450; Sandy Cryder 384; Steve Cackley 502; Meg Quinlisk 472; Lynda Hambourger 200; Michael McKernan 56b.


Mike Hinton called the class back to order leading 63. Leaders: Janet Plattner 47b; Sharon Kermiet 217; Julia Zaffarano 547; Eric Morgan 186; Lynn Hoyt 490; Jerry Schreiber 236; Craig Averill 276; Harlan Van Camp 362; Judy Van Duzer 151; Amanda Jokerst 318; Abbie Sorg 268; David Schmitt 86; Barry Johnston 66; Catie Van Duzer 481; Allan Staveley 148; Donna Sewell 40; Mike Hinton 426b; Larry Hand 59; Chris Nicholson 477; Carla Smith 36b.


Janet Morgan and Eric Mason led 36b. Leaders: Pam Brandes 75; Marion Lewis 235; David McPherson 183; Sandy Klein 143; Jean Merritt 168; Corrie Van Duzer 42; Robert McKay 277; Sally Gwylan 421; Stephen Hoyt 105; Nancy Nortz 39t; Carol Selleck 496; Ed Stevens 369; Stephanie Fida 309; Leslie Alperin 454; Harlan Van Camp 504; Eric Morgan 110; Claire Singleton 315. The class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 25

The Sunday session of the Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention was brought to order by Leslie Alperin leading 497. Leaderes: Claire Singleton 30t; David McPherson 452; Julia Zaffarano 379; Carol Selleck 424; Meg Quinlisk 127; Mike Hinton 495; Jean Merritt 47t; Michael McKernan 228; Eric Metzler 66; Lynda Hambourger 448t; Eric Morgan 383; Marilyn Murata 177; Eric Mason 89; Judy Van Duzer 163t; Harlan Van Camp 192; Stephanie Fida 202; David Schmitt 31t; Sharon Kermiet 215; Larry Hand 48t; Abbie Sorg 284; Paul Lindholm 447; Donna Sewell 146.


The class was called back to order by Robert McKay leading 70b. Leaders: Steve Cackley 61; Nancy Newell 410t; Luke Silvertson 312b; Sally Gwylan 324.

Carol Selleck conducted the memorial lesson, and led 70b in memory of the following deceased: B.M. Smith—Georgia; Oliver Kindig Stokes—Pennsylvania; Janelle Davis—Illinois; Toney Smith, Steve Adams, and Kermit Adams—Alabama; Ruth Steggles—United Kingdom; Donald Klein—Colorado; Tom Fagan, Elle Ard, Hilde Ward, Ron Hess, and Eva Miller—California; John Shaffer—Colorado; José Aguirre—Arizona; Bud Dick and Becky Dick—Oregon; Katherine Nelson—New Mexico; NancyAnn Bullington—Nevada.

Carol Selleck led 70t for the following sick and shut-ins: Laura Densmore, Lavoy Smith, Melanie Hauff, Karen Hand, David Carr, Norma Ruptier, Shizue Sugimoto, John Fruin, Jeri Segal, Jan Lewis, and John Lewis.

Leaders: Catie Van Duzer 81t; Mike Chaffin 209; Janet Morgan 341; Ed Stevens 347; Chris Nicholson 473; Nancy Nortz 84; Janet Plattner 159; Amanda Jokerst 460; Craig Averill 29t; Corrie Van Duzer 112; Stephen Hoyt 549; Marion Lewis 68b; Robert McKay 39t.


Harlan Van Camp called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Leslie Alperin 122; Claire Singleton 455; Sandy Klein 117; David McPherson 120; Carol Selleck 421; Mike Hinton 373; Lynn Hoyt 339; Meg Quinlisk and Janice Teal 162; Jean Merritt and Carol Selleck 551; Michael McKernan 114; Eric Metzler 505; Lynda Hambourger 446; Eric Morgan 245; Marilyn Murata 412 (dedicated to Donald Klein); Eric Mason 313b; Judy Van Duzer 299; LeeAnn Boone and Carol Selleck 47b; Larry Hand 171.


The class was brought together by Marmion Walsh leading 168. Leaders: Stephanie Fida 88t; David Schmitt 175; Abbie Sora 108t; Paul Lindholm 422; Sally Gwylan 216; Catie Van Duzer 192; Mike Chaffin 99; Ed Stevens 294; Chris Nicholson 290; Nancy Nortz 135; Janet Plattner 119; Amanda Jokerst 560; Craig Averill 45t; Leslie Alperin 564.

Announcements were made. Leslie Alperin thanked all who worked to make this convention a success, especially the arrangers, the pitchers, and the kitchen crew.

Robert McKay offered the closing prayer. Leslie Alperin led 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Leslie Alperin; Secretary—Nancy Nortz