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Brighton Sacred Harp Singing Day

Exeter Street Hall, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The first Brighton Sacred Harp All-Day Singing was called to order by Guy Hayes leading 37b. The opening prayer was offered by Ian Lamb.

Leaders: Piers Blewett 28b; Sarah Hill 36b; Rachel Jordan 492; Margaret Bradshaw 266; Lisa O’Grady 42; Catherine Roberts 348t; Ian Lamb 287; Jill Thompson 159; Nick Hall 483; Seth Dickens 448b; Steve Biggs 276; Tom Gerber 277; Una Nicholson 271t; Teresa Maguire 106; Andrew Clark 107; Johannes Sauer 66.


The class was called back to order by Joe Jones leading 55. Leaders: Francis Gaskin 390; Emily Verrier 40; Ron Hollman 71; Sam Carter 283; Steve Brett 545; Toby Goss 313b; Ed Johnson-Williams 75; Vicky Tremain and Sarah Hill 448t; Leilai Immel 208; Iain Paxon and Guy Hayes 268; Matthew Parkinson 176b.

Piers Blewett spoke for the sick and housebound. He led 154 for Paula Mogensen, Reginald Brett, Jackie Saunders, Peter Zander, Karen Turner, Earlis McGraw, Jeannette DePoy, Hauke Grünefeld, Jane Davies, Melanie Hauff, Madeleine O’ Brien, and Dave Richardson.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Una Nicholson. She led 565 in memory of the following deceased: Gillian Woodward and Dawn Smith—London; June Howieson—Hove; Mary Kennedy—Ireland; Margaret Owen and Fred Bennett—Eynsham; Steve Atkinson—Leicestershire; George Garner—Georgia, USA; Hester Edwards and Robert DuPree—Alabama, USA; Derek Stapleton and Sylvia Smail—Edinburgh; Anthony Pears—France; Gisela Sakaras—Germany; Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania, USA.

Leaders: Erin Johnson-Williams 340; Kate Kirwan 187; Barry Parsons 441. The grace was offered by Catherine Roberts.


The class was called back to order by Kate Coxon leading 105. Leaders: Ella Cumber 292; Ali McKenzie Wilcox and Jill Thompson 504; Rachel Wemyss 278b; Elise Cavicchi 428; Rebecca Over 377; Hyke Sakaras 452; Grace Scrimgeour 547; Joel Wallenberg 99; Joe Jones 477; Arthur Swindells and Adam Whittles 112; Paul Setford 548; Natalia 189; Kate Kirwan 440; Leilai Immel 76b; Toby Goss 178; Emily Verrier 282; Ron Hollman 312t; Sam Carter 113; Teresa Maguire 51; Andrew Clark 535; Matthew Parkinson 568; Margaret Bradshaw 87; Lisa O’Grady 349.


The class was called back to order by Barry Parsons leading 81t. Leaders: Rachel Wemyss 270; Erin Johnson-Williams and Ed Johnson-Williams 314; Kate Coxon 416; Steve Brett 465; Hyke Sakaras and Rebecca Over 86; Joel Wallenberg 376; Ella Cumber 150; Grace Scrimgeour 216; Francis Gaskin 160t; Steve Biggs, Judi Chrysanthou, and Iain Paxon 49b; Seth Dickens and Anna Roberts 183; Tom Gerber 503; Arthur Swindells 474; Ian Lamb 84; Natalia 142; Johannes Sauer 163b; Nick Hall 455; Rachel Jordan 456.

Announcements were made by Guy Hayes, who thanked all who made the first Brighton All-Day Singing possible. Catherine Roberts reported that there were sixty-two registered attendees from five countries, and seventy-seven songs were sung.

Guy Hayes led 62 as the closing song. Kate Coxon offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Guy Hayes; Vice Chairman—Sarah Hill; Secretary—Catherine Roberts