Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Friends Meetinghouse

Yellow Springs, Ohio

January 2, 1995

The Farewell Singing for Bobbie Goodell was held on January 2, 1995, at the Friends Meetinghouse in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The class was called to order by John Beale leading the song on page 59. Officers were then elected: Chairman—John Beale; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad; Arranging Committee—Debbie Hall and Jodi Liss; Treasurer—Jim Coppock; Resolution Committee for Bobbie Goodell—Eloise Clark and John Bayer. The opening prayer was led by John Bayer, followed by Kay Bieszczad leading 39t. Leaders: Jodi Liss 89; Jim Coppock 273; Debbie Hall 38t; Fred Todt 38b; John Bayer 410t; Beth Huener 183; Eloise Clark 159; Dee Michel 365; Loraine Bayer 86; Mike Hieber 37b; Barbara Bowers 163b; Eric Conrad 567; Bobbie Goodell 148; John and Tineke Stevens 497.


The class resumed singing with John Beale leading song on page 108t. Leaders: Linda Coppock 196; Bob Swope 210; Kay Bieszczad 235b; Jim Coppock 288; Jodi Liss 442; Debbie Hall 146, Fred Todt 535b; John Bayer 274t; Beth Huener 551; Dee Michel 236; Loraine Bayer 29t; Eloise Clark 412; Barbara Bowers 220; Eric Conrad 370; Bobbie Goodell 461; Linda Coppock 299; Tineke Stevens 276; Bob Swope 34t.


The class resumed singing with Eric Conrad leading song on page 47 (t? b?). Leaders: Beth Huener 66; Debbie Hall 203; Steve Tossey 198; John Beale 269; Boyd Holliman and Elsie Dooley sang a 7-shape note song, “No Tears in Heaven”, for the class. They have our thanks both for exposing us to the additional shapes and for their wonderful performance of this lovely song. Thank you! Leaders: Mike Hieber 142; Mike Darby 504; Jodi Liss 77t; Fred Todt 480; John Bayer 123b; Dee Michel 191; Eloise Clark 64; Loraine Bayer 313b. There was a tribute to Bobbie Goodell by John Bayer, John Beale, and Eloise Clark. She is moving to Long Island, New York in the next few weeks. Bobbie was instrumental in the growth of Sacred Harp singing in the Cincinnati area, and in Ohio in general as well. John Bayer presented her with a framed copy of his new composition “Goodell”. Eloise read the following: We resolve that we will keep Bobbie in our hearts and in our minds for the new year and we resolve to send her east with the best wishes for her future. John Bayer then led “Goodell C.M.”. Leaders: Barbara Bowers 49b; Eric Conrad 71; Bobbie Goodell 174; Linda Coppock 300; Tineke Stevens 178; Bob Swope 182.

The upcoming Ohio State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was discussed. This will take place on February 17-19 in Columbus. Mike Darby led the discussion, then led song on page 107. Beth Hueber 411; John Beale 410 (t? b?).


The singing resumed with Jim Coppock leading 91 from a newly published shape note song book “An American Christmas Harp”. Leaders: Mike Hieber 16 (Christmas Harp); Steve Tossey 223; Eric Conrad 62 (Christmas Harp); Barbara Bowers 495; Jodi Liss 344; John Bayer 82 (Christmas Harp); Fred Todt 547; Eloise Clark 162; Mike Darby 83 (t? b?), 84 (Christmas Harp); Loraine Bayer 503. The closing prayer was led by Steve Tossey. Bobbie Goodell led 384 as the closing song.

Chariman—John Beale; Secretary—Kay Bieszczad.