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Ohio State Convention

Golden Gate Park, Brookville, Ohio

March 5-6, 2016

Saturday, March 5

The 24th annual Ohio State Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Ray Rechenberg. A business session was held and the following officers were elected by unanimous vote: Chairman—Ray Rechenberg; Secretary—Sheila Patterson; Treasurer—Vic Whisman; Chaplains—Jim Herr and Greg Creech; Arranging Committee—Michele Cull, Joel-Henry Mansfield, John Bealle, and Jim Coppock; Memorial Committee—Jim Herr and Greg Creech. The morning prayer was offered by Ray Rechenberg.

Leaders: Lia Mansfield 178; Naomi Frick 335; Jubal Bayer 131t; Roger Crabtree 312b; Susan Zurcher 143; John Bealle 142; Beth Todd 52t; Carol Medlicott 99; Kay Huener 107; Tom Morton 209; David Casenhiser 155; Darrell Swarens and Annaliza Cull 448t (for Janelle Davis); Debbie Hall 318; Lori Graber 472; Jim Herr 440; William Shetter 36b; Joel-Henry Mansfield 535; Shawn Fenton 460; Bertha Buttner 86; Aaron Jones 106; Karen Bahler 40.


Hans Bayer called the class back to order leading 42. Leaders: Michelle Raine 63; Joshua Wright 268; Greg Creech 74b; Eloise Clark 184; Tom Kochan 274t; Steve Duff 349; Linda Coppock 504; Brad Oglesby 33b; Michael Domino 235; Sue Duff 276; Jim Coppock 300; Corey Sees 429; Karen Arnett 200; Ted Mercer 431; Johanna Sims 344; Linda Selph 81t (for Janelle Davis); Judy Hauff 373; Ray Rechenberg 454; Sheila Patterson 528; Carol Ann Munro 480 (for Janelle Davis); Tim Morton and Brad Bahler 394; Grace Patterson 47t; Katie White 547; Gerry Hoffman 546; Ruth Wampler 168; John David Thacker 122; Eddie Mash and Darrell Swarens 507; Brad Bahler 550.


Ally Talbot called the class back to order leading 58. Leaders: Karen Isbell 348b (for Charlie Derleth); Barbara Chopin 503; Presley Barker 505; Bob Borcherding 215; Marian Mitchell 327; Pleasance Crawford 488; Jan May 236; Anne Missavage 217; Gillian Inksetter 400; Liz Meitzler 179; Paula Picton 486; Erik Schwab 536; Hollie Long 49b; Karen Isbell 183 (for Charlie Derleth); Tim Morton 556; Bertha Buttner 87; Joshua Wright 47b; Tom Kochan 496; Lori Graber 548; Aaron Jones 282; Karen Bahler and Brad Bahler 128.


Nancy Hunter and Lia Mansfield called the class back to order leading 146. Leaders: Annaliza Cull 384; Clara Herr 564; Sylvia Thomas 372; William Shetter 59; Tom Morton 515; Ally Talbot 271t; Corey Sees 30b; Barbara Chopin 313b; Ted Mercer 414; Naomi Frick 569b; Presley Barker 464; Johanna Sims 203; Pleasance Crawford 474; Carol Ann Munro 392; Bob Borcherding 112; Judy Hauff 216; Jan May 532; Linda Selph 430; Darrell Swarens 111b.

Announcements were made. Ray Rechenberg invited the class to attend the social to be held that evening. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

Sunday, March 6

Ray Rechenberg called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. by leading 105. The morning prayer was offered by Jim Herr.

Leaders: Jim Patterson and Sheila Patterson 32t; Grace Patterson 344; Nigel Ewan 276; Idy Kiser 122; John David Thacker 56t; David Casenhiser 159; Erik Schwab 171; Carly Monnin 209; Hollie Long and Ruth Wampler 491; Joel-Henry Mansfield 455 (for Michael Darby); Greg Creech 127; Susan Zurcher 36b; Nancy Hunter 472; Lia Mansfield 218; Michael Domino 172; Carol Medlicott 29t; Karen Arnett 178; Gerry Hoffman 272; Debbie Hall 362; Claire Outten 38b; Sue Duff 141; Shawn Fenton 428; Marian Mitchell 71; Pleasance Crawford 280; Carol Ann Munro 192; Jim Coppock 142; Jan May 287; Joy Huener and Kay Huener 49t; Linda Coppock 245.


Eloise Clark called the class back to order by leading 73b. Leaders: Katie White 267; Darrell Swarens and Virginia Eldridge 225t (in memory of Loraine Bayer); Virginia Eldridge 106; Liz Meitzler 213t; Bob Borcherding 113; Annaliza Cull 47b; Ruth Wampler 268; Jim Herr 377; Paula Picton 383; Judy Hauff 434; Eddie Mash 85; Anne Missavage 419.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jim Herr and Greg Creech. Jim Herr spoke on behalf of those on the sick and shut-ins list. He spoke of the importance of people in the Sacred Harp tradition, and how we are all family, and that when one suffers, we all suffer. He encouraged us all to go visit, call, or send cards to those who are sick. Jim then read the following list of names: Glenda Walton, Janelle Davis, Laura Russell, Michael Darby, Charles Derleth, Lizzie Murdock, Melanie Hauff, Juliet Schwab, Elaine Zidek, Ron Bornick, Jeannette DePoy, Teresa Salvato, Ginny Angus-Hall, Jean Hollingsworth, Irena Brawley, Reed Schilbach, and Lila Mitchell. He led 147t.

Greg Creech spoke on behalf of those on the deceased list. Greg drew special attention to his own father’s passing, as well as some of our beloved Dayton singers, including Joe Fothergill and Loraine Bayer. Greg shared how his father, James, taught him to sing bass when he was an adolescent by telling him to look at the notes as they go up and down and follow them. Greg expressed how much he will miss his father and knew he would be missed by many.

Greg then spoke of Joe Fothergill’s sense of humor and love for people and how greatly he is missed at our Dayton monthly singings.

Next, Greg spoke of Loraine Bayer’s kindness, sense of joy and hospitality, and how she was a willing servant to all those in need. He reminded the class that the Dayton group began around the Bayers’ kitchen table. He also spoke of how Loraine would often be the first to help new singers feel welcome at our local singings.

He then read the following list of names of the deceased: Joe Fothergill, Loraine Bayer, James Creech, and Diane Harris—Ohio; Laurie Stowe—Ohio and The Netherlands; Lance Barkley, Harry Reichel, and Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Caroline Bonnet—California; Helen Everts Darby and Jo Houghton—New York; Sara Perry, Tammy Ziola, Sarah Hauser, and Fran Ross—Oregon; Beth Wilson—Texas; and Tedd Good—Kentucky. He led 452. Greg Creech offered prayer, and the class was dismissed.


Ray Rechenberg and the Kitchen Committee (Bobette Olson, Connie Crabtree, Mary Donnellan, Wanda Harris, Sue Duff, and Clara Herr) called the class back to order by leading 73b. Leaders: Jubal Bayer, Elijah Hess, and Annamarie Roach 163t; Roger Crabtree 448t; Regina Frick, Trent Frick, and Johanna Harris 270; Linda Selph 475; John Bayer 146; Joshua Wright 65; Hans Bayer 240; Reuben Berry and Sally Berry 148; Eloise Clark 43; Beth Todd 436; John Bealle 250; Ann Holzer 50t; Steve Duff 454; Kay Huener 269; Ray Rechenberg 480.

The Chairman called for announcements from each section. He then asked for committee reports. The Finance Committee reported that convention expenses had been met. The Secretary and Arranging Committee reported that there were twelve states represented (Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington) and two countries represented (Canada-Province of Ontario and the USA). There were ninety-two songs led on Saturday and sixty-eight leaders. There were an estimated 120 registered and non-registered singers in attendance. On Sunday there were sixty-two songs led, sixty-four leaders, and an estimated 100 registered and non-registered singers in attendance.

The Chairman then thanked the Arranging Committee, the Locating Committee (Susan Zurcher, Roger Crabtree and David Casenhiser), the Kitchen Committee and those who helped pitch. Ray Rechenberg led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jim Herr. Ray Rechenberg dismissed the class until it reconvenes in March, 2017, in Cincinnati.

Chairman—Ray Rechenberg; Secretary—Sheila Patterson