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Holly Springs Memorial Singing

Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church, Bremen, Georgia

June 6-7, 2015

Saturday, June 6

The annual memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Holly Springs on the first Sunday and Saturday before in June. The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Louis Hughes.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairmen—Judy Henry and Earlis McGraw; Chaplin—Cecil Roberts; Arranging Officer/Secretary—Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Earlis McGraw 283; Judy Chambless 37b; Jason Stanford 354b; Robby Rivers 480; Cecil Roberts 477; Louis Hughes 512; Virginia Dyer 472; Phillip Langley 546; Richard DeLong 322; B.M. Smith 475; Robert Chambless 560; Darrell Swarens 208; Jeannette DePoy 129; Stephanie Fida 108t; Rebecca Over 548; Michael Thompson 176b; Judy Mincey 178; Lori Graber 228; Karen Rollins 47t (in memory of Evelyn Harris); Everett Davis and Justin Bowen 47b; Justin Bowen 81t; Reba Windom 434 (in honor of Daphene Causey).


Earlis McGraw brought the class back to order leading 225t. Leaders: Tony Hammock 465 (in memory of Evelyn Harris); Faye Hollis 299; Vickie See and Billy See 108b; Anna Hinton 142; Mike Richards 84; Ken Tate 547; Holly Mixon 182; Ellen Culpepper 567; Jack Nelson 513; Pam Nunn 189 (in honor of Sharon DuPriest); David Brodeur 428; Yancey Jett 440; Rene Greene 436; Donna Bell 454 (in memory of C.W. Garner); Danny Creel 269; Henry Johnson 206; Tommy McGraw 317; Wyatt Denney 61; Karen Clark 534 (in honor of Donna Bell’s family); Erica Hinton 112.

Robby Rivers, Virginia Dyer, Richard DeLong, Charlene Wallace, Judy Henry, Earlis McGraw, and Judy Williams, Haralson County Attorney, presented Hugh McGraw with a plaque from the Haralson County Commissioners honoring him for all the work he has done throughout the years to promote Sacred Harp singing. Richard DeLong outlined many of the things Hugh has done around the country and the world in promoting this music we all love so much.

Leaders: Ed Thacker 205; Samuel Williams 181; Oscar McGuire 485; Hayden Arp 204; Chance Cook and Dalton Lewis-Dyer 192; Lisa Bennett, Molly Hulsey, and Kathy Hulsey 278t.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back together leading 87. Leaders: Margaret Thacker 303; David Smead 430; Mary Brownlee 183; Matthew Small 367; Fallon Cook 383; Linda Shea 168; Matt Hinton 99; Jim Neal 155; Scott DePoy 566 (in honor of Jo Howard); Daniel Williams 83t; Fred Eady 240; Andy Ditzler 368; John Plunkett 492; Blake Sisemore 411; Philip Denney and Gayle Denney 535; Kelly Morris 159; Michael Spencer 191; Winfred Kerr 146; Faith Riley 215; George Burnett 117; Richard Carroll 143; Pam Nunn and Rene Greene 556; Rebecca Over 217; Darrell Swarens 111b; Stephanie Fida 464; Everett Davis and Justin Bowen 128; Vickie See and Billy See 339; Mike Richards 36b; Ken Tate 147b; Yancey Jett and Danny Creel 76b; Matthew Small and Linda Shea 179; Lori Graber 32t.

After announcements, Charlene Wallace led 318 as the closing song. Blake Sisemore offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, June 7

The Sunday session of the Holly Springs Memorial Singing was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by John Hollingsworth.

Leaders: Earlis McGraw 56t, 225t; Judy Chambless 527, 209; Cecil Roberts 138b, 163b; Anna Hinton 564, 300; Robert Chambless 108t, 77b; Eli Hinton 146, 49t (in memory of Raymond Hamrick); B.M. Smith 354b, 138t; Winfred Kerr 89, 282; Lela Crowder 303 (in memory of her student); Daniel Williams 290, 566; Helen Bryson 454, 492.


B.M. Smith brought the class back to order leading 101t. Leaders: Karen Rollins 540, 361; Richard DeLong 109, 399b; Richard Carroll 480, 318; Melinda Snow 418, 468; Michael Thompson 101b, 102; Rebecca Over 470, 531; Billy Hollingsworth 569t (in memory of Raymond Hamrick), 180; Leslie Alperin 313b (in memory of Don Ward and Don Rhodes), 228; Erica Hinton 212, 111b; John Hollingsworth 460, 461; Phillip Langley 440, 411; Ester Williams 452, 63; Vickie See and Billy See 288, 178.

Cecil Roberts spoke, honoring all singers who had ever been to the Holly Springs singings. John Kelso led 229. Cecil Roberts offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back to order leading 29b and 358. Leaders: Scott DePoy 339 (in memory of his mother); David Smead 131t, 457; Fallon Cook 340, 37b; Christian Webb 294; John Plunkett 350, 453; Oscar McGuire 276, 441; Holly Mixon 475, 183; Dalton Lewis-Dyer and Chance Cook 192, 401; John Kelso 77t, 376; Jeannette DePoy 122 (in memory of her parents); Matt Hinton 47t; Samuel Williams 372, 163t; Lisa Bennett 196, 278b; Emmadine Williams 123b, 74t; Virginia Dyer 373, 155; Sheri Taylor 371, 378t; Jason Stanford 405, 73b; Phillip Langley and Debra Langley 299.

Announcements were made. Charlene Wallace led 46 as the closing song. John Hollingsworth offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairmen—Judy Henry and Earlis McGraw; Secretary—Judy Chambless