Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing

Berryville, Virginia

June 21, 1997

The fourth annual Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in June, and was called to order by John delRe leading song on page 29t. The morning prayer was led by Frank Evans.

The class was organized with the following officers elected: Chairman—John delRe; Secretaries—Tom Tucker and Cathy Tucker; Treasurer—Kathy Manning; Arranging Committee—Mary DeNys and Marty NeNys; Memorial Committee—Mary Wright.

Leaders: Stephen McMaster 192; Dottie Hurley 178; Marilyn Estep 268; Mary DeNys 72b; Doron Henkin 501; Tom Tucker 273; John delRe 32t; Guy Bankes 394; Peter Pate 562; Clare Chapin 31t; Kat Kinkade 421; Blake Morris 444; Donna Abrahams 200; Don Polaski 38b; Janine Smith 270; Kacy Pate 312b; Evan Duncan 84; Patricia Temple 48t.


The class was called together by Cathy Tucker leading song on page 472. Leaders: Sarah Davie 73b; Fred Beardsley 513; Kathy Manning 383; Marty DeNys 269; Kelly Macklin 157; Kacy Pate 442; Elizabeth Cusick 180; Leyland delRe 30b; children’s lesson 354b; Kelsey Taylor 40; Sandra Polaski 155; Gail Doss 99; Joanne Devoe 327; Iris Knell 48b; John Hewes 272; Frank Evans 344; Craig Braughan 229; Joyce Saxon 254; Marty DeNys 34b; Stephen McMaster 282; Dottie Hurley 113; Marilyn Estep 504; Mary DeNys 547; Peter Pate 572; Doron Henkin 334; Tom Tucker 324; John DelRe 144; Guy Bankes 287.

At this time the memorial lesson was held. Mary Wright led song on page 135 for the following deceased: Jean De Palma, John Lundgren, Quay Smaters, John Hack, Freddie Baughan, Georga A. Smith, Suzita Myers, Ruth Dunham, Penny Smith, Marx Wartovski, Quentin Lauer, and James Edward Knight.

Mary Wright led song on 30t for the sick and shut-ins: Charlotte Shifflett, Amanda Denson, and Sally Barnes.

Leaders: Clare Chapin 213b; Kat Kinkade 348 (t? b?). Frank Evans led the class in prayer before lunch.


The afternoon session began with Kathy Manning leading song on page 57. Leaders: Donna Abrahams 86; Blake Morris 56b, 378 (t? b?); Don Polaski 198; John Daniel DelRe 207; Beth Hoffman-Reed 29t; Evan Duncan 388; Marty DeNys and Cady Soukup 454; Patricia Temple 543; Cathy Tucker 236; Sarah Davie 384; Fred Beardsley 475; Kelly Macklin 218; Elizabeth Cusick 106; Sandra Polaski 117; Gail Doss 440; Joanne Devoe 28b; Iris Knell 81t; Leyland delRe 77 (t? b?); John Hewes 172; Kelsey Taylor 97.


The class was called together by Marty DeNys leading song on page 49b. Leaders: John DelRe 317b; Frank Evans 284; Craig Baughan 347; Doron Henkin 224; Joyce Saxon 66; Kathy Manning 389; Beth Hoffman-Reed 318; Stephen McMaster 532; Dottie Hurley 107; Marilyn Estep 523b; Mary DeNys 378b; Peter Pate 379; Patricia Temple 148; Blake Morris 73 (t? b?); Tom Tucker 142; Guy Bankes 146; John delRe 333; Kat Kinkade 441; Blake Morris 492; Gail Doss 189; Kelly Macklin 540; Don Polaski 186; Evan Duncan 551; Cathy Tucker 122. John delRe led the class in the “Parting Hand”. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Frank Evans.

After a short break, many singers stayed to sing for an hour from the Northern Shenandoah Valley Supplement, a compendium of new compositions and songs from other tunebooks.

Chairman—John delRe; Secretaries—Tom Tucker and Cathy Tucker.