Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Antioch Baptist Church

Ider, Alabama

April 9, 1995

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Antioch Church was called to order by Dewayne Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten leading songs on pages 59, 39b, 39t, followed with prayer by Phillip Wootten. Phillip Wootten then led 144, 37b. Leaders: Jim Carnes 111b; Steven Levine 501b; Kathleen Kuiper 271 (t? b?); Don Bowen 503; Judy Mincey 475; Carolyn Deacy 148; Meg Parsons 480; Keith Willard 74b; James Nelson Gingerich 556; Christine Guth 173; Margaret McLaughlin 479; Walter Graff 371; John Bayer 399 (t? b?); Samuel Sommers 412; Don Garber 117; Lonnie Rogers 298; Elene Stovall 454.


Jeffrey Wootten led song on page 276 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Shane Wootten 448 (t? b?); Milton Oliver 321; Ted Johnson 123 (t? b?); Judy Hauff 163 (t? b?); Rodney Willard and Karen Willard 128; Katharine Manning 269; Joan Aldridge 189; Melanie Hauff 215; Jenny Willard and Barbara Willard 361; Rayford Brown 99; Pam Nunn 300; Joyce Saxton 290; Rodney Ivey 47t; Chris and Shawn Carroll 28b; Jamie Dalton 280; Kathleen Thro 76 (t? b?); Billy Thompson 448b; Bud Oliver 282; Phil, David, and Steven Townson 68b, 58; Aaron Wootten, Heath and Dustin Townson 106, 82 (t? b?); Jenny Wootten 344; Jeff Bell 86; Connie Karduck 222; Barrett Ashley 186; Syble Adams 348 (t? b?); Pam Wilkerson 142. A memorial lesson was given by Phil Summerlin. He led song on 235 and closed with prayer.


The class was reassembled by Jeffrey Wootten and Dewayne Wootten leading song on 283. Leaders: David Killingsworth 209; B. M. Smith 73 (t? b?); Levon and Marty Wootten 176 (t? b?); Lamar Smith 36b; Marlon Wootten and Wayne Wootten 120; Coy Ivey and David Ivey 172; Olivia Moore Allen and Family 48t; Lavey Chapman 137; Phillip Wootten and Bud Laney 196, 30 (t? b?); Jeff Sheppard 440; Buell Cobb 390; Mel Kersey and Joyce Haywood 147t; six members of the Ballinger Family—Linton, Lomax, Jimmy, Teresa, Amanda, and David 299; Brenda Carroll and Vickie Mitchell 384; Ted Mercer 29b; Freeman and Jewel Wootten, Gene Wootten, Beaulah Ann York, and Virginia Glass 383; Richard DeLong 214; Claudeen Townson, Teresa, Susan, and Jennifer “Mother Tell Me Of The Angels”, 56b; Rebecca Browne 362; S. T. Reed 403; Terry Wootten “Love At Home”; Reba Windom 216; Kathy Hicks 268; Chris Thorman 365; Shelbie Sheppard 38b; Tony Ivey and Loyd Ivey “Jesus Died For Me” (White Book); Gary Gronau 550; Sarah Davie 535; Sheila Wootten 29t. Announcements were made and the class was dismissed with prayer by Phillip Wootten.

Co-Chairmen—Dewayne Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten; Submitted by: Terry Wootten.