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Minnesota State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

The Landing, Shakopee, Minnesota

September 27-28, 2014

Saturday, September 27

The 25th annual session of the Minnesota State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by Kevin Bullock and Karen Swenson leading 276. Stephanie Argo offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Charlie Obert 34b; Denise Kania and Elise DelMas 29t; Gordon Olsen 277; Christine Stevens 159; Ray Cott-Meisel 178; Tamara Harris 141; Pop Wagner 268; AnnaLeigh Smith 475; Alec Jenkins-White 99; Jeanette Nelson 455; Robin Fox 203; Carol Buche 86; Paul Wyatt 105; Kat Kohorst 547; Steve Lazicki 74b; Jenn Blair 186; Michael Moore 162; Stacey Berkheimer 317.


Dick Patterson brought the class back together by leading 40. Leaders: Will Gilman 524; Kim Bahmer and Naomi Whiting 448t.

In a business session the following officers were elected or appointed to serve for singings in 2015: Co-Chairmen—Steve Luttinen and Dick Patterson (for the Minnesota State Convention); Co—Chairmen-Stacey Berkheimer and Melissa Kelley (for the Cooper Book singing in February).

Leaders: Melissa Kelley 312b; Paul Figura 213t; Beth Dixon 102; Ryan Toot 270; Eleanor Glewwe 501; Micah Sommersmith 61; Roberta Strauss 440; Paul Kyllonen 333; Noelle Copeland 192; Aubrey Hemminger 171; Sam Esguerra 335; Mike Hinton 532; Karen Edwards 378b; Ben Fink 240.


Leaders: Steve Luttinen 274t; Leslie Williamson White 480; all who attended the Minnesota conventions from 1989 to 1994 led 474 (to celebrate the 25th anniversary); Eleanor Haase 384; Mike Morrisroe 536; Johanna Fabke 129; Donnie Simmet 324; Amanda Parkes 375; John Seaton 47t. Paul Landskroener offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Matt Wells called the class to order by leading 31t. Leaders: Cathy Lutz 362; Steven Levine 496; Laura Densmore 542; Louis Hughes 166; Shirley Figura 499; Ben Copenhaver 543; Anne Drexler 87; Ted Mercer 383; Clarissa Fetrow 293; Kevin Kennedy 436; Lisa Grayson 528; Nathan Rees 272; Melanie Hauff 218; Steve Schmidgall 369; Judy Hauff 245; Linda Selph 215; Paul Landskroener 430; Ann Sleeva 32t; Jim Pfau 411.


Barb Patterson and Suzanne Hall recalled the class leading 114. Leaders: James Page 505; Colette Miller 300; Leon Pulsinelle 376; Julie Vea 280; Francis Gurtz 457; Patricia Lazicki 107; Eamonn O’Neill 447; Ann Fox 68b; Randy Neufeld 504; Carol Crawford 56b; Alex Dixon 77t; Martha Henderson and Marcel LaFlamme 176t; Nathan Berry 492; Alexa Copeland 315; Jeff Bell 454; Val Eng 313b; Jim Goetz 52t; Kit Canright 112; Hans Guttman 282.

After the closing prayer, offered by Noelle Copeland, the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 28

Kevin Bullock and Karen Swenson led 34b to bring the Sunday session of the Minnesota State Convention to order. Mike Morrisroe offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Stacey Berkheimer and Melissa Kelley 81t; Steve Luttinen and Dick Patterson 171; Steven Levine 164; Noelle Copeland 477; Steven T. Schmidgall 473; Claudia Egelhoff 174; Alex Dixon 430; Angie Payne and Jamie Payne 77t; Eamonn O’Neill 200; Shirley Figura 187; Leon Pulsinelle 500; Alexa Copeland 352; John Seaton 68b; Madeline Senger 112; James Page 351; Ann Sleeva 168; Louis Hughes 512; Mary Ann Saussotte 453.


Jim Pfau recalled the class by leading 59. Leaders: Martha Henderson 64; Ben Copenhaver 488; Lisa Grayson 377; Ben Fink 183; Clarissa Fetrow 540; Hans Guttman 480; Linda Selph 372; Paul Figura 570; Donna Gunderson-Rogers 460; Ted Mercer 320; Kit Canright 48t; Michael Moore 396; Anne Drexler 282; Pop Wagner 313b; Janelle Davis 178.


Paul Landskroener led 84 to bring the class together. Leaders: Sam Esguerra 76b; Steve Luttinen 442.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Paul Wyatt and Paul Landskroener. Paul Wyatt led 70t for the following sick and shut-ins: Judy Cutler Hase, Judith Klein, Bob Scorgie, David Hoffelt, Berkley Moore, Ben Zachary, Wilton LeRoy Wyatt, Loraine Bayer, Edith Denne, Harold Bass, Reuben Brown, Darryl Crisp, John C. Landskroener, Ernestine Parker, Evelyn Harris, Bob Sullivan, Joyce Gilligan, Randy Willis, Michael Woods, Karen Henz, Margie Smith, Dee Egelhoff, Mary Lohmann, Skip Trout, Earlene Chandler, and Alex Brolt.

Paul Landskroener led 425 in memory of the following deceased: Betty Wright, Hobert Ivey, Tat Bailey, Josie Hyde, Lou Cotney, Genny Whitworth, Bill Aplin, Stanly Edwards, Shelbie Sheppard, Jeff Sheppard, Mary Kitchens Gardner, and Charles Kitchens—Alabama; Charles Scutter—Arizona; Polly Henninger, Carroll Lunsford, and Sally Coghlan—California; JoAnn Evans, Kathleen McLellan, and Lyla Dubin—Colorado; Carlene Griffin—Georgia; Arlene Stone—Iowa; Patrick Maslanka—Illinois; Charmaine Owens, Ava Dale Johnson, Richard Cantwell, Lyle Lofgren, Elizabeth Berry, Ester Schleicher Amundson, Joie Willette, Judy Dellenbach, Debbie Kane—Minnesota; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Ben Bullington—Montana; Daryl Foyuth and Hal Fleming—New Jersey; Pete Seeger—New York; Leslie Phillips—Tennessee; Andy Ayres, Lucille Diederich Gurtz, and Paul Grogan—Wisconsin; Claudine Dulierre—Belgium; Somen Goodman—Quebec. Dick Patterson closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

AnnaLeigh Smith led 122. Angie Payne offered grace before the noon meal.


Tamara Harris brought the class back to order by leading 424. Leaders: Will Gilman 417; Elise DelMas 30t; Donnie Simmet 32b; Roberta Strauss 269; Mike Hinton 534; Julie Vea 564; Mike Morrisroe 250; Melissa Kelley 228; Dick Patterson 123b; Karen Edwards 148; Melanie Hauff 203; Nathan Berry 345b; Judy Hauff 392; Denise Kania 142; Gordon Olsen 47b; Laura Densmore 456; Amanda Parkes 548.


Jenn Blair and Aubrey Hemminger led 344 to bring the class together. Leaders: Kevin Kennedy 567; Ann Fox 135; Nathan Rees 556; Carol Crawford 321; Barb Patterson 91; Leslie Williamson White 163b; Alec Jenkins-White 312b; Carol Buche 300; Eleanor Haase 472; Kat Kohorst 106; Jim Goetz 503; Christine Stevens 216; Jeanette Nelson 481; Kevin Bullock 198; Karen Swenson 299; Stacey Berkheimer 155; Cathy Lutz and Paul Wyatt 297; Jan Ketelle 212; Lara Andersen and Matt Wells 318 (in honor of their wedding anniversary).

Kevin Bullock and Karen Swenson thanked all those who helped to put on the convention, then led 62 as the closing song. Stephanie Argo offered prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairpersons—Kevin Bullock and Karen Swenson; Secretary—Stacey Berkheimer