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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Union Baptist Church, Warrior, Alabama

September 13-14, 2014

Saturday, September 13

The 111th session of The United Sacred Harp Musical Association met at Union Baptist Church, Warrior, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in September. The class was called to order by Matt Hinton leading 32t and 36b. Danny Creel welcomed singers and guests. The morning prayer was offered by Marlin Beasley.

Leaders: Danny Creel 111b; Angela Myers 63; Eddie Mash 125; Cindy Tanner 155; Rodney Ivey 186; Mike Hinton 456; Jim Aaron 231; Ron Harper 411; Judy Chambless 517; Wyatt Denney 277; Richard Mauldin 168; Roberta Strauss 542; Nicholas Thompson 385b; Faith Riley 81t; Ken Tate 303; Jack Nelson 180; Rebecca Over 430; Eugene Forbes 112; Karen Rollins 298; Bea Aaron 475; Louis Hughes 378b.


The class was brought back to order by B.M. Smith leading 448b; Leaders: Ann Jett 327; Linda Thomas 176b; Drew McGuire 522; Marlin Beasley 434; Nate Green and Norma Green 480; Phil Summerlin 460; Elene Stovall 272.

A business session was held. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Danny Creel; Secretary—Angela Myers; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner and Judy Chambless; Chaplain—Marlin Beasley; Finance Committee—Ken Tate and Rodney Ivey; Location Committee—Darrell Swarens and David Ivey; Resolutions Committee—Richard Mauldin and David Brodeur; Memorial Committee—Mike Hinton and Eddie Mash.

Leaders: Tim Reynolds 173; Glenn Keeton, Elizabeth Keeton, Matthew Keeton, and Isabella Keeton 504, 235; Anna Hinton 300; Larry Brasher and Louise Brasher 332; Anne Drexler 34b; Scott Ivey 34t; Darlene Reynolds 282; Linda Sides 182; David Ivey 328; Jonathan Smith 442.


Danny Creel called the class back to order leading 145t. Leaders: Richard Ivey 353; David Carlton 189; Dennis George 280; Shelby Castillo and Reba Windom 192; Michael Thompson 455; Daniel Bearden 433; Robert Chambless 77b; Darrell Swarens 198; Joyce Walton 439; Ottis Sides 530; Judy Caudle 317 (dedicated to Nora Parker); David Brodeur 140; Sharon DuPriest 472; John Plunkett 161; Daphene Causey 216; Susan Cherones 564; Bobby Neyman 347; Mary Amelia Taylor 481; Kathy Williams 506; Philip Denney 142.


The class was called back to order by Danny Creel leading 269. Leaders: Vickie See and Billy See 178; Reba Windom 546; Jerry Kitchens 74b; Cheyenne Ivey 335; Kermit Adams 99; Beth Branscome 344; Carolyn Thompson and James Dilday 500; Emily Brown 477; Steve Adams and Carolyn Thompson 339; Wanda Capps and Emma Hayden Calvert 388; Karis Askin 77t; Karen Rollins and Louis Hughes 153; Tim Reynolds and Anne Drexler 87; Dennis George and Nicholas Thompson 436; Jack Nelson and B.M. Smith 318; Daniel Bearden and David Carlton 68t; Bea Aaron and Faith Riley 47b; Ron Harper and Phil Summerlin 440; Philip Denney and Wyatt Denney 448t; Matt Hinton and Anna Hinton 40; Larry Brasher and Louise Brasher 268; Jim Aaron and John Plunkett 503; Drew McGuire and Darlene Reynolds 490; Mary Amelia Taylor and Jonathan Smith 110; Richard Ivey and Rebecca Over 85; Scott Ivey and Susan Cherones 209; Roberta Strauss and Reba Windom 384; Michael Thompson and Sharon DuPriest 222; Shelby Castillo and Judy Caudle 215; Robert Chambless and Judy Chambless 146; Nate Green and Norma Green 418; Joyce Walton and David Brodeur 373; Kathy Williams and Darrell Swarens 208.

Danny Creel led 56t as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, September 14

The Sunday session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Danny Creel leading 47t. Marlin Beasley offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Danny Creel 498; Angela Myers 101t; Marlin Beasley 40; Judy Chambless 570; Mike Hinton 527; Eddie Mash 499; Richard Mauldin 341; David Brodeur 573; Ken Tate 336; Rodney Ivey 331; Darrell Swarens 512; David Ivey 394; Willodean Barton 454; Lisa Geist 304; Scott Ivey 104; Larry Ballinger 151; Nicholas Thompson 183.


The class was called back to order by Drew McGuire leading 426b. Leaders: Cindy Tanner 220; Jesse Karlsberg 225b; Earlis McGraw 505; Shane Wooten 393; Julianna Jett and Ann Jett 340; Don Keeton 480; Anne Drexler 276; Lauren Bock 273; Jackie Tanner 298; Susan Cherones 107; Roberta Strauss 270; Jonathan Smith 419; Steve Adams and Lisa Geist 378t; Hubert Nall 313t; Michelle Cull 36b; Vickie See and Billy See 163b.


The class was called back to order by Richard Ivey leading 382. Leaders: Susan Allred 112; Eugene Forbes and Eddie Mash 218; John Plunkett 348t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Mike Hinton and Eddie Mash. Mike Hinton read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Margie Smith, Darryl Crisp, Henry McGuire, Kerene Ezell Box, Jewel Wootten, Geraldine Sharpton, Evelyn Harris, Judy Hardie, Paul Wyatt, Tammy Powell, John Humber, Rena Humber, Jean Ballinger, Loraine Bayer, Elsie Moon, Toney Smith, and Lavoy Smith. Mike Hinton led 34t in their honor.

Eddie Mash read the following names of the deceased: Alicia Williams, Hobert Ivey, Betty Wright, Mary Kitchens Gardner, Charles Kitchens, Nadine Willis, Lewis Norton, Ollie Tetloff, Stanly Edwards, C.T. Williams, Audress Gurley, Josie Hyde, Eldagene Guthrie Roberson, and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama; Carroll Lunsford—California; Dennis Beasley—Florida; Carlene Griffin, Teenie Moody, and Josephine Denney—Georgia; Mike Bowman—Kentucky; Hugh Bill McGuire and Jean Gray—Mississippi; Mary Lou Reynolds and Dale Johnson—Tennessee. Eddie Mash spoke about how life has its ups and downs. We see those on the sick and shut-in list for a long time, and then we see them on the deceased list. We appreciate those who have gone and miss them, but one day, he said, we will all be on the deceased list. He read the words of 383, and stated this life is not the end. We live in hope to see them and sing with them another day. Eddie led 383 in their memory. Marlin Beasley offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Elene Stovall 396; Jerry Kitchens 108b; Greg Allred and Susan Allred 74b; Ottis Sides 475; Darlene Reynolds 424; Robert Chambless 489; Daphene Causey 434.


Ken Tate called the class back to order leading 342. Leaders: Michael Thompson, Earlis McGraw, and Rebecca Over 283; Linda Sides 225t; Yancey Jett and Ann Jett 440; Sharon DuPriest 212; Judy Caudle 540; Shelby Castillo and Reba Windom 411; Louis Hughes 460; Nate Green and Norma Green 385b; Emily Brown 228; Karen Rollins 446; Rebecca Over 380; Tim Reynolds 267; Ann Jett, Yancey Jett, and Julianna Jett 546; Reba Windom 556; Beth Branscome 569t; Wanda Capps and Emma Hayden Calvert 146; Buell Cobb 433; Bea Aaron 568; Cindy Tanner 200; Darrell Swarens and Cindy Tanner 198.

A business session was held to hear committee reports. The Secretary reported that donations covered expenses with a positive balance going forward. The Location Committee reported that the 2015 United Sacred Harp Musical Association will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. Jesse Karlsberg will provide the singing location information. The Resolutions Committee respectfully submitted the following report: The 111th annual United Sacred Harp Singing Convention does hereby offer praise and thanksgiving to God for His many gifts to us, including the gift of song, and for these expressions of praise, hope and prayer we know as The Sacred Harp. We offer thanks to our forebears for keeping this tradition alive and growing. We thank God for the spirit of fellowship that has brought us together in this beautiful place; for the Nation we love and for those who serve it and have given their all in that service; for the hospitality of Union Baptist Church; for the direction and dedication of all our officers and committees; for the singers who traveled from near and far to join us; and for the bountiful and delicious meals prepared by so many loving hands. Furthermore, we resolve to continue to meet and to sing, not only in this convention next year, but as often as circumstances allow. All reports were approved. The floor was opened for nominations for Vice Chairman. Jesse Karlsberg was nominated and approved as Vice Chairman. The business session was closed.

Danny Creel and Jesse Karlsberg led 46 as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Jesse Karlsberg; Secretaries—Angela Myers and Nora Parker