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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel, Carrollton, Georgia

August 2-3, 2014

Saturday, August 2

The 162nd session of the Chattahoochee Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August at Wilson’s Chapel, Cross Plains, Georgia. Sheri Taylor called the class to order by leading 142 and 209. Michael Walker offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Michael Walker 462; John Plunkett 97; Robert Kelley 162; Andy Morse 377; Jeannette DePoy 67; Henry Johnson 539; Oscar McGuire 485; Karen Rollins 399b; Ann Riley Gray 440; Phillip Denney, Alex Denney, and J.D. Horsley 87; Helen Bryson 340 (for Stanly Edwards); Erin Johnson-Hill 434; Holly Mixon 183 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard); Nathan Berry 85.


Laura Frey called the class to order by leading 178. Leaders: Lori Goode 358; Reba Windom 176b (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); Wyatt Denney 300; Sharon Strong 195; Jesse Roberts 528; Jessica Kelso 191; Rebecca Over 548; Faye Hollis 283; Michael Thompson 475; Jonathan Wood 550; Tom Ivey 193; Christian Webb 124; Richard DeLong 116; Judy Chambless 318; Scott DePoy 65 (for his mother); Earlis McGraw 505; Robert Chambless 68b; Micah Roberts 91; Eric Tweedy 442; Daniel Lee 328; Marilyn Bradley 29b; Lisa Bennett 344.


Sheri Taylor called the convention back to order by leading 84. The convention went into a business session. The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed for the 2014 session: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairmen—Laura Frey and Lisa Webb; Secretary—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Michael Walker; Arranging Committee—Robert Kelley and Jonathan Kelso; Finance Committee—Jenna Frey and Oscar McGuire; Resolutions Committee—John Plunkett and Rebecca Over; Memorial Committee—Jeannette DePoy and Judy Chambless.

Leaders: Dick Patterson 48b; David Smead 49b; Nancy Price 86; J.R. Hardeman 376; Tony Hammock 105; Linda Selph 430; Faith Riley 72b; Kiri Miller 486; Susan Cherones 564.


Laura Frey and Lisa Webb brought the class to order leading 159. Leaders: B.M. Smith 384; David Brodeur 522; Allison Brown 168; Jackson Fleder 418; Jonathan Kelso 447; Stephanie Fida 543; Sharon DuPriest 472; Kathy Williams 120; Leigh Ann Carter 565; Marjorie Brown 31t; Judy Mincey 169; William Bryce 32t; Dick Patterson 203; Nancy Price 282; Erin Johnson-Hill 193; Kathy White 542; Darrell Swarens 36b; Sandra Wilkinson 405; Harry Eskew 40; Steve Adams 339; Jonathon Wood 347; Rebecca Over 225t; Nathan Berry 345t.


Leaders: Judy Henry, Charlene Wallace, and Alex Smith 155; Charles Woods 446; Dick Plunkett 45t; James Baumgartner 497; Daphene Causey 196; George Burnette 101t; Jenna Frey 408; Loretta Whitman 343; Jackson Fleder 176t; Gene Duke 345b; Linda Selph 527; Daniel Williams 33t; Stephanie Fida 456; Allison Brown 77t; Tom Ivey and Sharon Strong 391; Kiri Miller and James Baumgartner 112; Barb Patterson 61.

Sheri Taylor and Laura Frey led 323t as the closing song. Michael Walker offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 3

The Sunday session of the Chattahoochee Convention was brought to order by Sheri Taylor leading 200. Michael Walker offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Laura Frey 163b; Michael Walker 404; Robert Kelley 388; Jonathan Kelso 387; B.M. Smith 350; Scott DePoy 114; Karen Rollins 365; Earlis McGraw and Rebecca Over 353; Andy Dixon 454; Judy Chambless 144; Dick Plunkett 155; J.R. Hardeman 148; Tom Ivey 507; Jeannette DePoy 112; Lisa Bennett 228.


Leaders: Jenna Frey 178; Robert Chambless 145t; John Hollingsworth 461; Cecil Roberts 48t; Holly Mixon 182; Kathy Williams 142; John Plunkett 558; Henry Johnson 288; David Brodeur 327; Sharon DuPriest 222; Dave Farmer 473; Elijah Hinton 65; Michael Spencer 382; Daniel Lee 497; Michael Thompson and Joyce Walton 392; Jack Nelson 179.


Leaders: Lisa Webb 334; Oscar McGuire 556; Richard DeLong 153 (dedicated to the Wilson family).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jeannette DePoy and Judy Chambless. Jeannette DePoy read the following list of names of the deceased: Hermon Wilkinson, Reuben Ball, Jetha Brooks, Nell Wilson, Jean Fox, Bernard Denney, Teenie Moody, Earl Dukes, Sarah Grovenstein, and Carlene Griffin—Georgia; Sally Coghlan and Carroll Lunsford—California; John Oliver Tetloff, Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Hobert Ivey, C.T. Williams, Mary Kitchens Gardner, and Lou Cotney—Alabama; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Patrick Draper—Wisconsin; Neysa Kilgore and Mary Lou Reynolds—Tennessee. Holly Mixon led 303.

Judy Chambless read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Stanly Edwards, Richard Mauldin, Frances Carnell, Josephine Denney, Betty White, Lucille Gunnels, Evelyn Harris, Alison Mitchell Zunklei, Betty Wright, Agnis Roberts, Raymond Hamrick, Margaret Thacker, and Ed Thacker. Judy led 549 for the sick and shut-ins. Marjorie Brown closed the memorial session with prayer.

Leaders: Erica Hinton 69t; Barb Patterson 378t; Jackson Fleder 212; Linda Selph 215; Sam Culpepper and Ellen Culpepper 475; Michael Walker 436; Erica Martinez 498.


Jenna Frey brought the afternoon session to order by leading 358. Leaders: Kiri Miller 325; Marjorie Brown 189; Nathan Berry 56t; Rebecca Over 380; James Baumgartner 481; Erin Johnson-Hill 224; Nancy Price 99; Allison Brown 270; Robby Rivers 480; Dick Patterson 276; Christy Glenn 47b; William Price 312b; Sharon Strong 304; Hayden Arp 149; Jason Stafford 282; Mark Puckett 530; David Carlton 370; Laura Akerman 499; Matt Hinton 460.


Sheri Taylor and Jenna Frey led 29t. A motion was made and seconded to go into a business session. Committee reports were read as follows: Oscar McGuire, Finance Committee, reported a collection of $810.00. Donna Duke, Secretary, reported there were 86 leaders on Saturday and 66 on Sunday.

Rebecca Over and John Plunkett, Resolutions Committee, gave the following resolution: “We, the Resolutions Committee, make the following report and recommendation: first, be it resolved, that we, the members of the Chattahoochee Sacred Harp Musical Convention, thank God for His mercies in bringing friends and families together for this singing and fellowship. We thank Him for the composers of the music, for the authors of the poetry, for the forefathers who handed down this tradition to us, and for those who teach and guide us today; second, we resolve to thank the officers of this convention, those who cooked the delicious food, and those who prepared the grounds and the chapel for this singing. We thank those who provided accommodations and all those who traveled from near and far to attend; and third, we resolve to meet here again on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August, 2015, for the 163rd session of the Chattahoochee Convention.” Respectfully submitted, Rebecca Over and John Plunkett. Motion was made and carried that the reports be accepted as read, and added to the minutes.

Leaders: J.R. Hardeman 129; Barb Patterson and Dick Patterson 399t; Linda Selph 490; Marjorie Brown and Allison Brown 335; Nancy Price and William Price 217; Tom Ivey and Sharon Strong 269; Nathan Berry 312t; Rebecca Over, Erin Johnson-Hill, and Michael Walker 131b; Erica Martinez 278t; Dave Farmer and Robert Kelley 324.

Announcements were made. Sheri Taylor, Laura Frey, Lisa Webb, and Jenna Frey led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Michael Walker.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairmen—Laura Frey and Lisa Webb; Secretary—Donna Duke