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Shaker Meetinghouse and Francis Bliss
Birthday Singing

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Meetinghouse,
New Gloucester, Maine

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The 7th annual Shaker Meetinghouse and Francis Bliss Birthday Singing was held in the Meetinghouse at Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in New Gloucester, Maine. Barb Ames welcomed everyone to the afternoon session, and brought the class to order leading 49t. John Engle offered the opening prayer. Meg Haskell and Barb Ames led the class in singing the Shaker songs “I Am Thine” and “All at Home.”

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson—Barb Ames; Treasurer—Corrone Bryant; Arranging Committee/Secretaries—Edith Berger and Pleasance Crawford.

Leaders: Barb Ames 38b; Corrone Bryant 77b; Pleasance Crawford 389; Edith Berger 384; Peter Golden 217, 52b; Bobbie Goodell 501, 174; Kris Paprocki 105, 376; Pat Callahan 466, 153; Francis Bliss 34b, 66; Mary Jo Shafer 101t, 400; Dean Jens 545, 536; Ally Talbot 535, 58; Terry Ryan 218, 344; Corrone Bryant 147t, 147b.


Chris Holley called the class to order by leading 145b. Leaders: Debbie Bliss 155, 56b; Eli Petzold 59, 112; Rachel Speer 417, 73t; John Martin 117, 489; Sophie Soloway 500, 198; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 142, 410b; Celia Devine 70b, 362; Chuck Crawford 106, 300; Kathe Pilibosian 556, 283; Chris Coughlin 42, 270; Emily Hancock 192, 76b; Chris Holley 445, 278t; Pleasance Crawford 464, 548; Edith Berger 319, 455; David Bliss 143, 86; Chris Holley 159 (in memory of George Seiler); Chris Holley and Celia Devine 33t (in memory of John Van Sorosin); Bobbie Goodell 33b (in memory of Danya Klie).

Announcements were made. Corrone Bryant reported that expenses had been met. Barb Ames thanked all for being present; the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community for their hospitality; many for their help; and all who provided food for the evening meal. The class of seventy-one singers came from Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario. Twenty-seven leaders led sixty-two songs. Meg Haskell and Barb Ames led the Shaker song “We Will All Go Home with You.”

Barb Ames led 347 (in memory of Somen Goodman) as the closing song. Pat Callahan offered prayer, and the class was dismissed to the Dining Room in the Dwelling House, where Sister Frances and Brother Arnold led the grace before the evening meal.


Following supper, those who were able to stay reconvened for an evening session of singing from The Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision (2006 edition) in the rotunda of the 1893 State of Maine Building on the grounds of the nearby Poland Springs Resort.

Leaders: Chris Holley 96 (CB); Bobbie Goodell 38t (CB); John Engle 505 (CB); Joan Frankel 137 (CB); John Martin 138t (CB); Sophie Soloway 488b (CB); Chris Holley 463 (CB); Pat Callahan 571 (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 59 (CB); John Martin 511t (CB); Pleasance Crawford 572 (CB); Chris Holley 573 (CB); Joan Frankel 574 (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 522 (CB); Barb Ames 393t (CB); Pat Callahan 140 (CB); Bobbie Goodell 392 (CB); John Martin 449 (CB); Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 546 (CB); Chris Coughlin 293t (CB); Kathe Pilibosian 133 (CB); Pat Callahan 336t (CB). The class was dismissed at 8:00 p.m.

Chairperson—Barb Ames; Secretary—Pleasance Crawford