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East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention

Village Hall, Kegworth, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

April 26-27, 2014

Saturday, April 26

The East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Ian West leading 479. Rob Mahoney offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham.

Leaders: Helen Brown 313t; Chris Brown 31t; Ruth Steggles 32b; Ted Brown 81t; Margaret Gillanders 203; Rob Mahoney 276; Vicki Elliott 95; Rosalind Oldham 147t; Alan Williams 284; Carmel Wood 511t (CB); Julie Russell 47t; Joe Vickers 293t (CB); Hannah Land 228; Sarah Hill 41 (CB); Calum Woods 45b (CB); Susannah Gill 217; Barry Parsons 128; Rebecca Over 68b; Amanda Parkes 187; Jo Ellis 440.


Sarah West called the class back to order by leading 52t. Leaders: Joe Jones 63; Lisa O’Grady 183; Dick Patterson 209; Marjorie Brown 344; Declan Synott 505; Erin Johnson-Hill 336t (CB); Steve Brett 335; Magdalena Gryszko 176t; Phil Tyler 477; Colleen Jones 99; Mark Wardlaw 349; Barb Patterson 564; Jenneith Codrington 474; Piers Blewitt 37b; Emma Rock 181.


Ian West brought the class together by leading 87 (CB). Leaders: Cath Saunt 48t; Rob Wedgbury 111b; Matthew Robley 410t; Kate Kirwan 411; Guy Hayes 131b; Kevin Kennedy 131t; Alison Moran 84; Bryan Seale 78 (CB); Carmel Wood 510 (CB); Alan Williams 569b; Amanda Parkes 463; Calum Woods 359. Ruth Steggles asked the blessing for the mid-day meal.


Rebecca Over reconvened the class by leading 106. Leaders: Joe Jones 29t; Ted Brown 176b; Hannah Land 98 (CB); Phil Tyler 411 (CB); Sarah West 290; Barb Patterson 485; Declan Synott 272; Erin Johnson-Hill 426b; Dick Patterson 504; Helen Brown 270; Rosalind Oldham 505 (CB); Bryan Seale 204; Susannah Gill 312b; Magdalena Gryszko 519 (CB); Chris Brown 447; Lisa O’Grady 89; Margaret Gillanders 573 (CB); Guy Hayes 421; Colleen Jones 485 (CB); Mark Wardlaw 487; Jenneith Codrington 444.


Joe Vickers brought the class together by leading 101t. Leaders: Jo Ellis 142; Steve Brett 480; Emma Rock 481; Rob Mahoney 178; Kate Kirwan 436; Bryan Parsons 417; Julie Russell 155; Rob Wedgbury 517; Vicki Elliott 571 (CB); Kevin Kennedy 133 (CB); Sarah Hill 145t; Ruth Steggles 542; Matthew Robley 122; Marjorie Brown 189; Piers Blewitt 213t; Cath Saunt 110; Declan Synott 112; Barb Patterson 430 (CB); Phil Tyler 488 (CB); Hannah Land 54t (CB).

Ian West and Helen Brown led 323t as the closing song. Jonathan Stanyon offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 27

The Sunday session of the East Midlands Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Ian West leading 32t. Joe Jones offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 492; Margaret Gillanders 77t; Ted Brown 303; Sarah West 285b; Ruth Steggles 39t; Joe Vickers 493; Rosalind Oldham 143; Jo Ellis 441; Guy Hayes 36b; Alison Brown 30b; Sam Cole 80t; Emma Rock 210; Nick Hall 299; Beth Atkinson 300; Alan Williams 448t; Barry Parson 354b; Sheila Girling Macadam 364 (?); Kevin Kennedy 104 (CB); Rachel Jordan 182; Piers Blewitt 535; Vicki Elliott 73t; Edwin Macadam 466; Cath Saunt 42; Rob Mahoney 503.


Carmel Wood called the class back to order leading 76b. Leaders: Rob Wedgbury 102; Kate Kirwan 172; Joe Jones 473; Leilai Immel 472; Colleen Jones 168; Dick Patterson 107; Magdalena Gryszko 183; Lisa O’Grady 163t; Edmund Richardson 334; Rebecca Over 559 (CB); Bryan Seale 192; Amanda Parkes 428; Calum Woods 38t (CB); Marjorie Brown 86; Mark Wardlaw 330t; Erin Johnson-Hill 61.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Joe Vickers. He led 566 in memory of the following deceased: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Mike Nunn, Carroll Lunsford, Carlene Griffin, Josie Hyde, Irene Dorrington, Dorothy Williams, C.T. Williams, Bea Gilmore, Bill Gillanders, Anna Jeanson, Anita Williams, Gordon McMillan, Protag, James Burgess, David Petrie, Grant McLean, Tessa Seale, Liza Berry, Elsie Batty, Sam Tomlinson, Eric Entwistle, Marc Van Aken, Steve Arch, Jean Bell, Dow Bishop, and Diane Mennella.

Sarah West led 518 (CB) for the following sick and housebound: Barbara Wood, Alison Zunklei, Mary Newell, Maggie Boyle, Steve Harrison, Allan Jones, Carol Aitken, Dee Kirwan, Hannah Dunleavy, Anne Greaves-Lord, Cath Tyler, Chris Elford, Roger Tyler, Zolzislaw Gryszko, Eva Striebeck, Judith Mellor, Phil Cocklough, Derek Bolton, Patricia Price, Tom Gerber, and Hillary Bines. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Helen Brown.

Leaders: Sarah Hill 531; Matthew Robley 100; Julie Russell 122; Steve Brett 512; Susannah Gill 501; Chris Brown 567. Anne Hayto said grace before the midday meal.


Hannah Land reconvened the class leading 343. Leaders: Rob Wedgbury 148; Sarah West 430; Alison Brown 133; Bryan Seale 196; Sheila Girling Macadam 198; Calum Woods 232; Amanda Parkes 548; Phil Tyler 506; Barb Patterson 575 (CB); Declan Synott 318; Helen Brown 556; Joe Jones 496; Dick Patterson and Barb Patterson 399t; Mark Wardlaw 184b; Magdalena Gryszko 362; Lisa O’Grady 224; Guy Hayes 65; Carmel Wood 383; Matthew Robley 547; Rebecca Over 140 (CB); Rosalind Oldham and Daniel Oldham 573 (CB); Nick Hall 574 (CB).


The singing resumed with Kate Kirwan leading 373. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 528; Rachel Jordan 475; Edmund Richardson 84; Kevin Kennedy 177 (CB); Beth Atkinson 56b; Martin Boddy 48b; Erin Johnson-Hill 499; Steve Brett 105; Marjorie Brown and Dick Patterson 143; Chris Brown 229; Emma Rock 227; Sarah Hill 54b (CB); Barry Parsons 387; Colleen Jones 38t; Cath Saunt 91; Piers Blewitt 448b; Susannah Gill 28b.

Ian West and Helen Brown led 95b (CB) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Rob Mahoney.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairman—Helen Brown; Secretaries—Margaret Gillanders and Rosalind Oldham