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Olympia Singing

Woman’s Club of Olympia, Olympia, Washington

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The 5th annual Olympia All-Day Singing was called to order by Desirae Fendel and Marla Beth Elliott leading 46. Desirae Fendel made brief announcements, described the two-song lesson, and extended a welcome. The opening prayer was offered by Apollo Gott.

Leaders: Raychel Stovall and Auggie Schaffert 472, 463; Alex Gootter and Nicholas Broussard 160b; Chandra Scheschy and Savannah Wilson 45t; Nick Taylor 421, 294; Finnbar Face-Book and Collin Parks 333; Peaches Chandler and Kylie O’Neill 178; Nathalie Elam and Andrew White 268; Holly Stauch and Aaron Jones 457; Apollo Gott 180; Aaron Schroeder and Sam Bennett 269; Brittni Cushman and Molly Pumfrey 47t; Courtney Conaway and Heather Mabson 159, 117; Matt Fearon and Emily Bittrick 209, 124; Chris Lane and David Krznarich 549.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Desirae Fendel; Vice Chairman—Marla Beth Elliott; Secretary—Stephanie Claire; Treasurer—Kate Fortin; Arranging Officer—Solomon Ossa; Chaplains—Apollo Gott and Jobi Wynan; Resolutions Officer—Chase Arevalo; Kitchen Committee—Auggie Schaffert and Brittni Cushman.


The class was called back to order by Solomon Ossa and Kate Fortin leading 81t. Leaders: Clel Howard 410t; Heidi Kissinger 29b, 30b; John Carson 312b, 163t; Matt Ebarb 504, 300; Kathy Vlach 280, 344; Kate Fine 47b, 143; Eric Holt 288, 436; Desirae Fendel 332; Destiny Woods 377, 454; Meg Larson 503.


The class was called back to order by Marla Beth Elliott and Joli Sandoz leading 31t. Leaders: Darlene Simpson Brown 388, 179; Anne Huckins and Ruth Fenn 479, 440; Kate Fortin 68b; Jamie Hellerman 59, 282; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 112, 532; Ken Hallock 138t, 278t; Steve Cackley 105, 459; John Berendzen 40, 480; Ana Tighe 56b, 30t; Dan Thoma 42, 157. Announcements were made. Apollo Gott offered a prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Matt Ebarb leading 401. Leaders: Scott Kennedy 86, 162; Cornelia Stanton 542, 318; Clarissa Fetrow 564, 271t; Solomon Ossa 522, 302; Susan Helf 34b, 28b; Jack Lofton 200, 528; Steve Helwig 439, 382; Jessica Beer 422, 229; Jenna Bond Tompkins 398, 455; Tom McTighe 134, 431; Erica Martinez 387, 434; Chase Arevalo 558, 560; Betsy Jeronen 426b, 530.


The class was called back to order by Jonathan Levy-Wolins, Jamie Hellerman, and Raychel Stovall leading 32t. Leaders: Kate Fortin 128, 442; Kate Coxon 148, 114; David Wright 345b, 458; Erik Schwab 354t, 569t; Dorothy Robinson 481, 313b; Anna Stoerch 313t, 217; Bob Schinske 348b, 437; Steve Helwig 404; Jessica Beer 176t; Scott Kennedy 546; Erica Martinez 275b; Tom McTighe 573.

A business session was held in which the Secretary and Treasurer gave brief reports. The Resolutions Committee thanked all for making the day a success.

Desirae Fendel and Marla Elliott led 267 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Jobi Wynan, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Desirae Fendel; Vice Chairman—Marla Beth Elliott; Secretary—Stephanie Claire