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Northwest Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing

First Universalist Church, Girard, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The 6th annual Northwest Pennsylvania All-Day Sacred Harp Singing met at the First Universalist Church of Girard in Girard, Pennsylvania, on Saturday before the first Sunday in October. Katie White led 171, and welcomed everyone. Lamar Matthew offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Co-Chairpersons—Katie White and Gerry Hoffman; Treasurer—Beth Todd; Chaplain—Lamar Matthew; Secretary—Ann Sleeva; Arranging Officer—Barbara Swetman.

Leaders: Gerry Hoffman 101t; Ann Sleeva 66; Beth Todd 299; Brian How 48b, 49b; Harry Scott 36b, 40; Susan Turnquist 49t, 81t; Lamar Matthew 335, 344; Elisabeth Joyce 47t, 503; Joe Todd 373, 401.


Len VanderJagt brought the class back together by leading 569b. Leaders: Guy Bankes 65, 442; Becky Hall 268; Linda Marker 242, 117; Barbara Swetman 64, 29t; Barb Porzio 282; Beth Todd 225t, 475; Dave Witter 189, 269; Katie White 303 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard), 472.


Joe Todd called the class to order by leading 312b. Leaders: Ann Sleeva 99, 464; Thom Metzger 131t, 53; Gerry Hoffman 318 (in memory of Diane Mennella), 278t; Nate Zweig 163b, 161; Eileen Metzger 522, 399t; Katie Reimers 48t, 31t; Len VanderJagt 497, 270; Nathanael Welch 504, 142. Lamar Matthew offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Katie White led 277 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Katie White 276 (in memory of Piang Za Kim); Nate Zweig 61; Elisabeth Joyce 39t; Nathanael Welch 300; Guy Bankes 481; Ann Sleeva 362; Beth Todd 59; Eileen Metzger 108b; Lamar Matthew 35; Susan Turnquist 178; Harry Scott 260; Len Vanderjagt 47t; Thom Metzger 198; Gerry Hoffman 272; Barbara Swetman 155; Dave Witter 454.


The class resumed singing with Gerry Hoffman leading 68b. Leaders: Eileen Metzger 118; Harry Scott 311; Nate Zweig 416; Elisabeth Joyce 38b; Brian How 183, 547; Nathanael Welch 274t; Guy Bankes 348t; Ann Sleeva 34b; Beth Todd 32t; Susan Turnquist 479; Lamar Matthew 549; Len VanderJagt 313b; Thom Metzger 105; Dave Witter 122; Barb Swetman 480; Gerry Hoffman 102.

Gerry Hoffman thanked everyone who helped with the singing. Announcements were made. Gerry Hoffman led 347 as the closing song. Lamar Matthew dismissed the class with prayer.

Co-Chairpersons—Katie White and Gerry Hoffman; Secretary—Ann Sleeva