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Vermont All-Day Singing

Irasburg Town Hall, Irasburg, Vermont

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The 33rd annual Vermont All-Day Singing was called to order by Julia Richmond, Sue Dwelle, and Judy Carpenter leading 31t. Leonard Spencer offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Paul Gauthier 48t; Pat Callahan 29t; Somen Goodman 347; Mary Skidmore 107; Elka Schumann 126; Dan Hertzler 110; Deirdre Brown 178; Orion Hamilton 183; Dhyano Pierson 111b; Andal Sundarumurthy 32t; Sara Galper 344; George Dyment 300; Tim Cummings 324; Chelsea Smiley 159.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Julia Richmond; Treasurer—Erika Karp; Secretary—Linda Wells.


Peter Golden brought the class back to order leading 457. Leaders: Maria Karp 86; Judy Carpenter 38t; Leonard Spencer 39t; Mark Williams 299; Justin Levi 328; Sarah Woodward 49b; Erika Karp, Elka Schumann, and Ira Karp 146; Peter Golden 52b; Ian Smiley 56b; Paul Gauthier 182; Somen Goodman 168; Mary Skidmore 497; Pat Callahan 477; Orion Hamilton 47b; Dan Hertzler 61; Elka Schumann 122; Deidre Brown 40; Dhyano Pierson 479.

Ian Smiley conducted the memorial lesson. The following deceased were remembered: Jerry Smiley, John Kochalka, Jacque LeBlanc, Brent Tatum, Judy Nommik‚Äôs mother, Phil Shorey, Zack Wells, Greg Clark, Peter Fischer, Patti Murphy, Thomas Naylor, Canaan Howard, Gaston Carnier, Arthur Ludlow, Merle Benway, Mary Schieber, Chuck Meese—Vermont; John Pratt, Martha Hamm—Quebec; Terry Sam—British Columbia; John Serwinski, Jr.—Delaware; Danya Klie Clay—Maine; Betty Billings—Connecticut; Barbara, Florida, Poppy Gregory—Massachusetts. Ian Smiley led 455 in their memory.

Ian Smiley led 454 for the following sick and shut-ins: David Fuller, George Juergens, Than, Charlie Barrows, and Trudy Wilbur.

Leaders: Dan Hertzler 163b; Andral Sandarumurthy 167; Paul Gauthier 84; Peter Golden 76b; Masti-Denise Mayrand 82t; Maria Schumann 114; Chelsea Smiley 142; Dan Hertzler 480; Sarah Galper 37b; Ian Smiley 117; Justin Levi 536; Mark Williams 155; Masti-Denise Mayrand 270; Somen Goodman 569b; Leonard Spencer 345 (t? b?); Tim Cummings 38b; George Dyment 69b; Chuck Neville 68b. Leonard Spencer offered a prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Chelsea Smiley leading 36b. Leaders: Haley Lewis 335; Joanna Lampert 95; Peter Golden 203; Paul Gauthier 77t; Mary Skidmore 481; Elka Schumann 63; Deidre Brown 504; Dhyano Pierson 274t; Andal Sundarumurthy 505; Sarah Woodward 268; Pat Callahan 384; Orion Hamilton 282; Dan Hertzler 236; Justin Levi 214; Masti-Denise Mayrand 131b.


Kerry Cullinan brought the class back to order leading 163t. Leaders: Erika Karp 329; Leonard Spencer 260; Tim Cummings 107; George Dyment 209; Chuck Neville 162.

A business session was held. The Secretary reported that there were ninety-one singers from five states and two countries registered, and that fifty-eight leaders led seventy-eight songs. The Treasurer announced that expenses had been met.

Ian Smiley made a motion that the 2014 Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing be hosted by the Montpelier Shape Note Singers. Paul Gauthier seconded, and all agreed. The 2014 Vermont All-Day Sacred Singing will be held on March 29, 2014.

Announcements were made. Julia Richmond led 62 as the closing song. Leonard Spencer offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Julia Richmond; Secretary—Linda Wells