Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Sheffield Sacred Harp Singing Day

Our Lady and St. Thomas Church, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The class was called to order by Sarah West leading 31b. Michael Walker offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 49b; Ted Brown 225t; Phil Tyler and Byron Tyler 99; Maria Wallace 274t; Fynn Titford-Mock 131b; Duane Nasis 81t; Helen Brown 67; Benny Ross 531; Helena Reynolds 86; Michael Walker 202; Michael McGuigan 108t; Hannah Land 228; Sarah Hill 275t; Richard Percival 452; Ian West 145t; Rob Wedgbury 440; Rae Egglestone-Evans 178; David Moore 155; Matt Ord 319; Nadine Wills 235; Duane Nasis 186; Rob Wedgbury 203; Michael McGuigan 49t; Fynn Titford-Mock 227; Helena Reynolds 504; Benny Ross 442; Joe Vickers 211; Matt Ord 300. Joe Vickers said grace for the midday meal.


Sarah Hill called the class back to order leading 134. Leaders: Michael Walker 447; Hannah Land 392; Helen Brown 556; Sarah West 157; Phil Tyler and Byron Tyler 340; Rae Egglestone-Evans 146; Ian West 500; Maria Wallace 38b.

Michael McGuigan conducted the memorial and sick and housebound lesson leading 50b in remembrance of May Hollinger, Marie Ivey, Philip Higgins, Lonnie Rogers, Maureen Gamlin, and Mark Ferguson and in honor of Dan Walker, Charlotte Walker, Cath Tyler, Kathy Armstrong, Gabriella Baldini, Sharon Gordon, Ciaran Fahy, and Betty Dumpleton. Michael Walker closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Ted Brown 546; Nadine Wills 523; David Moore 236; Richard Percival 210; Duane Nasis 564; Rob Wedgbury 318; Fynn Titford-Mock 362; Michael McGuigan 68b.


Benny Ross called the class back to order leading 73t. Leaders: Helena Reynolds 277; Colin Higgins 313b; Bob Butler 503; Matt Ord 88t; Joe Vickers 285t; Carmel Wood 229 (for Chris Brown and Judy Whiting); Sarah Hill 397; Michael Walker 212; Hannah Land 175; Helen Brown 30b; Sarah West 268 (for Sally Sumner); Phil Tyler and Byron Tyler 117; Rae Egglestone-Evans 47b; Ian West 389; Maria Wallace 142; Ted Brown 496; Nadine Wills 66; Jo Ellis 344; David Lowdham 361; Richard Percival 535; Duane Nasis 131t.

Sarah West led 34b as the closing song. Joe Vickers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sarah West; Secretarial Committee—Nadine Wills, Bob Butler, and Joe Vickers