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Oxford Singing

University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The 32nd annual Oxford Sacred Harp Singing was held in the choral room of the Music Building at the University of Mississippi campus, Oxford, Mississippi, on the second Sunday in March. The class was called to order by Warren Steel leading 48t. Earl Ballinger offered the morning prayer.

Mark Davis then led 270, and the class entered into a business session, selecting the following officers: Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Davis; Secretary—Brenda Chafin; Arranging Officer—Elene Stovall.

Leaders: Elene Stovall 171; Brenda Chafin 216; Sarah Beasley 340; Bobby Watkins 348b; Lisa Davis 436; John Van Horn 209; Bea Carnathan 204; Seth Holloway 274t; Mary Amelia Taylor 276; Earl Ballinger 224; Amy Armstrong 38b; Henry Guthery 456; Anne Steel 268; Hugh Bill McGuire 318; Vicky Neyman 178; Gravis Ballinger 182; Jane Armstrong 63; Danny Creel 145t; Lisa Geist 304; Tim Taylor 66; Gaston White 155.


Warren Steel called the class to order leading 215. Leaders: Henry McGuire 490; Natalie Davis 79; Milano Neyman 452; Kurt Davis 200; Cheyenne Ivey and Taylor Watkins 222; Ben Barber and Bob Barber 282; Chris Ballinger 170; Jamie Corbett 354b; Larry Ballinger 528; Jan Murray 457; Mark Tew 339; Chuck Howell 112; Jeff Corbett 68b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Elene Stovall and Linda Thomas.

Elene Stovall read the following names of those deceased in the past year: Bernice Embry, Benny Walls, Travis Keeton, John Merritt, Cecil Sanders, Clarence McCool, Lonnie Rogers, and Marie Ivey. She led 564 in their memory.

Linda Thomas led 47t for the sick and homebound, and Danny Creel offered the memorial prayer.

Leaders: Hugh Bill McGuire 49b; Sarah Tidwell 146; Clay Terry 37t.


Mark Davis called the afternoon session to order leading 220. Leaders: Bobby Neyman 479; Jack Barbera 129; Price Walden 89; Wanda Capps and April Watson 546; Matt Bell 414; Henry McGuire 532; Cheyenne Ivey, Linda Thomas, and Taylor Watkins 217; Bob Barber, Ben Barber, and Karol Barber 370; Bea Carnathan 341; Mark Tew 108t; Lisa Geist 273; John Van Horn 410t; Henry Guthery 558; Mary Amelia Taylor 189; Dameron Neyman 50b; Chris Ballinger 44; Anne Steel 448t; Larry Ballinger 448b; Jan Murray 275t; Danny Creel 269; Gaston White 99; Amy Armstrong 40; Gravis Ballinger 300; Jamie Corbett 133; Seth Holloway 534; Sarah Tidwell 42; Earl Ballinger 177; Vicky Neyman and Milano Neyman 117; Chuck Howell 32t; Sarah Beasley 167; Bobby Watkins 480; Clay Terry 87; Jeff Corbett 565; Tim Taylor 77t; Bobby Neyman 163b; Matt Bell 468; Charlie Gates 85; Brenda Chafin 376; Jack Barbera 59.

Following announcements, Warren Steel, Mark Davis, and Brenda Chafin led 345b as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Matt Bell.

Chairman—Warren Steel; Vice Chairman—Mark Davis; Secretary—Brenda Chafin