Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Memphis Weekend Singing

Trinity United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee

May 6-7, 2011

Friday, May 6

The first annual Memphis Weekend Singing was held on Friday night and Saturday before the second Sunday in May. Matt Bell opened the Friday night session by leading 49t, and then offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Davis Beauchamp 77t; Andrew Beauchamp 157; Jeff Corbett 106; Megan Carolan 437; Bobby Neyman 66; Jeremy Warner 217; Dwayne Thompson 330t; Glynn Garrett 274t; Myra Finch 45t; Susanna Jones 142; Helen Beauchamp 358; Logan Green 360.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matt Bell; Secretary and Arranging Committee—Abby Green.


Andrew Beauchamp called the class together by leading “Going Home.” Leaders: Becca Yarbrough 159; Carol Yarbrough 282; Mary Yarbrough 47b; Logan Green “Evergreen”; Matt Bell “Golgotha”; Michael Jones “Wingdale”; Seth Guess 379; Jeff Corbett 147t; Seth Guess 455; Michael Jones 75; Dwayne Thompson 457; Glynn Garrett 349; Susanna Jones 171; Joe Thompson 94.

Matt Bell led 267 as the closing song. Andrew Beauchamp offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, May 7

The Saturday session of the Memphis Weekend Singing was called to order by Matt Bell leading 59. Andrew Beauchamp offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Andrew Beauchamp 163b; Jeff Corbett 99; Ray Rechenberg 480; Anita Buswell 45t; Tim Reynolds 107; Presley Barker 474; Xaris Martinez 527; Becky Browne 411 (in memory of Jeanette Lowry); Gary Gronau 272; Warren Steel 144; Bridgett Kennedy 440; Judy Caudle 472; Mary Amelia Taylor 276; Gordon Bigelow 38b; Logan Green 86; Kathryn Green 157.


Matt Bell called the class together by leading 36b. Leaders: Joe Thompson 352; Jim Greer 282; Seth Guess 39t; Michael Jones 84; Harris Beauchamp 504; Helen Beauchamp 143; Bobby Watkins 348b; April Watkins and Taylor Watkins 146; Susanna Jones 40; Melissa Beauchamp 376; Andrew Beauchamp 328; Jeff Corbett 506; Ray Rechenberg 410t; Anita Buswell 473; Tim Reynolds 278t; Presley Barker 313b; Xaris Martinez 326; Becky Browne 300 (in memory of Jerry Enright); Gary Gronau 163t; Warren Steel 442; Matt Bell 542. Seth Guess asked the blessing on the noon meal.


Andrew Beauchamp opened the afternoon session by leading 170. Leaders: Bridgett Kennedy 31t; Robert Green 324; Ross Brand 500.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Elder Zack Guess of Grace Chapel Primitive Baptist Church. The names of the following deceased were read: Jackson Taylor—Tennessee; Virginia Cowart—Arkansas; Jeanette Rechenberg—Ohio; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Bernice Embry—Mississippi; Jerry Enright—Illinois. The names of the following sick and shut-ins were read: John Walker, Dick Brand, the victims of recent floods and tornadoes. Elder Guess spoke of the glory of Heaven, and its prominence in the songs of the Sacred Harp, and then offered prayer. Xaris Martinez led 547.

Leaders: Judy Caudle 507; Mary Amelia Taylor 491; Susanna Jones 178; Gordon Bigelow 454; Logan Green 383; Helen Beauchamp 401 (for her pastor, Elder Zack Guess); Joe Thompson 66; Michael Jones 36t; Kathryn Green 64; Bobby Watkins 460; Melissa Beauchamp 496.


Matt Bell called the class together by leading 436. Leaders: Jeff Corbett and Jamie Corbett 410b; Ray Rechenberg 29t; Anita Buswell 523; Tim Reynolds 148; Presley Barker 481; Xaris Martinez 499; Becky Browne 344; Gary Gronau 362; Warren Steel 285t; Judy Caudle 176t; Ross Brand 73t; Robert Green 222; Mary Amelia Taylor 497; Susanna Jones 171; Becca Yarbrough and Melissa Beauchamp 159; Carol Yarbrough and Warren Steel 72t.

Matt Bell thanked all of the visitors and local singers whose travel and hard work made the first Memphis singing a great success, and invited everyone back next year. Jeff Corbett extended welcome and appreciation on behalf of Trinity United Methodist Church.

Matt Bell led 94 as the closing song. Jeff Corbett offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Matt Bell; Secretary—Abby Green