Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley, California

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The 7th annual Golden Gate Singing was held at the Finnish Brotherhood Hall, Berkeley, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. The class was called to order by Rebecca Edwards leading 99. Dan Harper offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carl Bear 63; Linda Selph 456; Terry Moore 172; Natalia Cecire 370.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Hal Eisen; Vice Chairman—Julian Damashek; Secretary—Betty Marvin. The following appointments were made: Arranging Committee—Mark Miller; Chaplain—Dan Harper; Treasurer—Terry Barber; Resolutions Committee—Lucas Gonze and Jennie Brown.

Leaders: Hal Eisen 171; Julian Damashek 39b; Betty Marvin 174; David Fetcho 138t; Gretchen Muller 77b; Bob Brylawski 122; Jerry Schreiber 536; Jennie Brown 36b; Phillip Garrison 210; Midge Harder 532; Chris Thorman 515; Kendahl Goldwater-Feldman 31t.


The class was called back to order by Greg Freemon leading 445. Leaders: Gordon Rees 180; Caroline Bonnet 569b; Paul Landskroener 365; Susan Fetcho 466; Tom Ayres 260; Carla Smith 35; Erika Wilson 528; Jill Accetta 52t; James Welsch 436; Kelsey Sunderland 187; Jackson Fleder 250; Karen Stingle 475; Matthew Lawson 282; Mary Gowins 313t.


Dan Harper led 49t to bring the class back together. Leaders: Steve Helwig 442; Erika Wilson 216 (for her father’s 80th birthday); Jeff Begley 209; Carolyn Deacy 430; Ruth McGurk 271t; Betsy Jeronen 440; Mark Miller 371; Tammy Heinsohn 345b; Joanne Orengo 454; Inder Khalsa 165; Nomi Harris 347; Hugh McGuire 278b; Janet Herman 500; Ruth Gorrin 191; Dan Harper 479; Rebecca Edwards 480 (in memory of George Seiler); Hal Eisen 334. Dan Harper offered the prayer for the noon meal.


The class was brought back to order by Kendahl Goldwater-Feldman leading 42. Leaders: Inder Khalsa 328; Greg Freemon 567; Jennie Brown 505; David Fetcho 327; Betsy Jeronen 426b; Steve Helwig 299; Linda Domholt 47b; Jeff Begley 348t; Mary Gowins 548; Natalia Cecire 189; Paul Landskroener 29t; Terry Barber 377; James Welsch 408; Kelsey Sunderland 392; Gordon Rees 447; Zoe Blank 82t; Karen Stingle 236; Jerry Schreiber 304; Carolyn Deacy 547; Julian Damashek 97; Janet Herman 270; Hugh McGuire 68t.


The class was called back to order by Carl Bear leading 146. Leaders: Peter Ross 344; Erika Wilson 131t; Midge Harder 457; Lucas Gonze 49b; Inder Khalsa 312b; Linda Selph 372; David McFarlane 373; Chris Thorman 145b; Rachel Eley 335; Mark Miller 383; Hannah Blair 39t; Tammy Heinsohn 155; Hal Eisen 176b; Betty Marvin 571; Terry Moore 451; Susan Fetcho 275t; Greg Freemon 285t; Gretchen Muller 565; Matthew Lawson 56b; Terry Barber 415.

A business meeting was held. The Secretary and Arranging Committee reported that 102 people from 6 states attended, and 99 songs were sung by 54 leaders. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who made the singing possible. Announcements of coming singings were made.

Hal Eisen, Julian Damashek, and Betty Marvin led 62 as the closing song. Dan Harper offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Hal Eisen; Vice Chairman—Julian Damashek; Secretary—Betty Marvin