Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Iowa All-Day Singing

Berwick Congregational Church, Berwick, Iowa

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Iowa Sacred Harp Singing was held at Berwick Congregational Church, Berwick, Iowa, on Saturday before the second Sunday in April. Callie Garnett called the morning session to order leading 30b. Stephen Conte offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Callie Garnett; Secretary—Annie Grieshop.

Leaders: Bonnie Davis 34b; Michael Moore 40; Martha Pinder 48t; Eric Saylor 112; Sharla Hulsey 35; Alex Nothern 163b; Tom Hurlbut 547; Stephen Conte 458; Annie Grieshop 146.


Callie Garnett called the class back to order by leading 63. Leaders: Carolyn Byrd 107; James Page “County K”; Rochelle Lodder 171; Penny Kujawinski 142; Jeff Bell 154; Virginia Landgraf 214; Lou Kujawinski 272.


Bonnie Davis called the class together by leading 130t. Michael Moore conducted the memorial lesson, and Eric Saylor led 34t in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Bryan Davis, GeorgeAnn Evans, Carolyn Brown, Tom Sletto, Dorothy, Ryan Wheeler, Ray Hulsey, Debra, Charlie Derleth, Ed Hinderberger, R.J. Landgraf, Ann White, Alex, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, and Joyce Anderson.

He led 267 in memory of the following deceased: Rev. Glenn Muncy—Florida; Paul Streeter, Harvey Walden, Lillian Walden—Illinois; Leroy E. Moore, Peter Bass, Elizabeth Bass, Thomas J. Graham, Irene Bass, John Coleman, Electa Coleman—Iowa; Bob Meek—Kentucky; George Seiler—New York; Dennis Murphy—Vermont; Vernon Stepp—Wisconsin. Michael Moore closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Eric Ferring 159; Beth Ann Edwards 84; A.J. Herman 117; Charlotte Baldwin and Scott Kalberer 155; Marianne Ritchey 86; Zack Row-Heyveld 47b. Stephen Conte offered a blessing before dinner.


Jim Engle and Sarah Engle called the afternoon session to order by leading 68b (for Charlie Derleth). Leaders: Hannah Peterson 277; Seth Wenger 331; Lindsey Row-Heyveld 178; Bruce Voyles 236; Jenna Woodard 274t; Ronda Lanser 59; Brad Sparks 535; Katrina Cummings 145b.


Alex Nothern called the class back together by leading 276. Leaders: Jeff Nayadley 270; Sheila Brassel 282; J.J. Alberhasky 58; Clare Cullen 192; Patrick Carroll 209; Annie Grieshop 168; Eric Ferring 532; Penny Kujawinski 440; Eric Saylor 551; Callie Garnett 65.


Jenna Woodard led 183 to call the class back to order. Leaders: Michael Moore 487; Caroline Byrd 441; Virginia Landgraf 447; James Page 193; Sharla Hulsey 198; Stephen Conte 410t; Martha Pinder 61.

Following announcements, Bonnie Davis led 430. Annie Grieshop led 496 (for Nancy Miller). Callie Garnett led 347 as the closing song. Stephen Conte dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Callie Garnett; Secretary—Annie Grieshop