Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Yorkshire Singing

Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The annual South Yorkshire Sacred Harp singing day was held at the Wesleyan Reform Chapel, Oughtibridge, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February. The class was called to order by Sarah West leading 30t. Michael Walker offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Sarah West 432; Margaret Gillanders 171; Michael Walker 76b; Helen Brown 145t; Ian West 29t; Sally Greaves-Lord 200; Aldo Ceresa 56t; Maria Wallace 274t; Ted Brown 303 (for Jeff Sheppard); Sharon Langridge 503; Chris Brown 324; Jenny Reid 178; Richard Percival 28t; Hannah Land 187; Judy Whiting 72b; Sarah West 512; Ian West 445; Margaret Gillanders 203; Sally Greaves-Lord 192; Michael Walker 172; Helen Brown 475; Aldo Ceresa 498.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sarah West; Secretary—Maria Wallace.


Sharon Langridge brought the class back to order leading 501. Leaders: Chris Brown 500; Maria Wallace 122; Richard Percival 547; Hannah Land 270; Ted Brown 35; Judy Whiting 441; Ian West 59; Jenny Reid 84; Margaret Gillanders 33b; Sarah West 89; Chris Brown 31t.

Ian West conducted the memorial and sick and housebound lessons, leading 225t in memory of Jerry Enright, Ben Dickens, Peter Ogden, Bob Meek, George Seiler, Phyllis Bruce, Frances Ceresa, Jessie, Linda Champ, Valerie Munday, Cherry Shaw, Bill Boyd and Kathleen Dunne, and for the following sick and housebound: Jeff Sheppard, Daphene Causey, Lonnie Rogers, Bill Gillanders, Stan Reeve, Philip Ralls, Rose Wallace, Ethne Buckley, Derek Harrop, and Joan Swift. Helen Brown offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Michael Walker 77t; Sally Greaves-Lord 39t; Carmel Wood 442; Helen Brown 436; Aldo Ceresa 411; Sharon Langridge 36b; Maria Wallace 313b; Richard Percival 496; Sarah West 370; Hannah Land 228. Hannah Land said grace for the midday meal.


Judy Whiting began the afternoon session by leading 47t. Leaders: Ted Brown 97; Jenny Reid 99; Sarah West 430; Michael Walker 422; Margaret Gillanders 350; Maria Wallace and Nadine Wills 457; Ian West 182; Aldo Ceresa 91; Sally Greaves-Lord 338; Sharon Langridge 146; Richard Percival 474; Hannah Land 133; Chris Brown 102; Michael Walker 134; Maria Wallace 339; Judy Whiting 354t; Jenny Reid 504; Ted Brown 290; Sarah West 163t; Aldo Ceresa 407; Margaret Gillanders 542; Ian West 105; Sally Greaves-Lord 216; Helen Brown 546.


Sharon Langridge called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Chris Brown 29b; Hannah Land 43; Richard Percival 474; Michael Walker 566; Maria Wallace 142; Aldo Ceresa 522; Judy Whiting 384; Ted Brown 119; Margaret Gillanders 569b; Ian West 282; Sharon Langridge 148; Helen Brown 227; Sally Greaves-Lord 82t; Hannah Land 383; Chris Brown 45t.

Sarah West led 347 as the closing song. Ted Brown dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Sarah West; Secretary—Maria Wallace