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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 27th annual Chicago Anniversary Singing was called to order by Anita Shaperd leading 171. Herb Schroeder offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jeff Breting and Susan Matthews 111b; Laurel Ross and Jeff Breting 274t; Carol Mosley 196; Mark Dawson 236; Anne Missavage 441; Bob Sullivan 503; Peggy Mistak 312b; Jim Swanson 349; Darrell Swarens 198; Lori Graber 549; Cecelia Kramer 142; Nick Pasqual 38t; Marian Mitchell 532; Michael Mosley 475; David Stowe 178; Michael Appert 107.


Jeff Breting and Anita Shaperd called the class back together leading 276.

A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jeff Breting; Vice Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Secretary—Ann Sleeva; Arranging Committee—Doug Stapleton, Susan Matthews, and Susan Geil; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder; Finance Committee—Randy Neufeld, Daniel Braithwaite, and Megan Dunning; Memorial Committee—James Swanson and Lisa Grayson.

Leaders: Susan Geil 52t; Will Gilman 444; Johanna Fabke 472; Anne Heider “Melanie”; Megan Jennings 436; Rachel Adelstein 451; Leon Pulsinelle 506; Megan Dunning 86; Pattie Doss 303; John Seaton 47t; Anna Pfau 217; Jim Lawrie 200; Julie Vea 385t; Debbie Barford 384; Brad Oglesby 327; Karen Swenson 329.

The arranging committee announced the Founders lesson. Herb Schroeder spoke for the Founders and delighted the class with stories of the early years of the Chicago Sacred Harp Singers, noting that there was a sense early on that the group had found something magical, a treasure, and that it has become even more so over the years. The Chicago Sacred Harp Singers Founders present were Judy Hauff, Marcia Johnson, Ted Mercer, Herb Schroeder, and Ted Johnson who led 485 (in honor of the oldest founder).


Jeff Breting called the class back to order leading 409. Leaders: Ryan Wheeler 569b; Kelly Kennedy 335; Rochelle Lodder 313b; Carol Crawford 74b; Randy Neufeld 29t; Daniel Braithwaite 95; Melanie Huff 277; James Page 272; Dave Barford 502; Lisa Grayson 192; Aldo Ceresa 132 (for Richard DeLong).

Jim Swanson led the memorial lesson for the deceased. He reminded us that it takes time to appreciate the memorial lesson. He told us about a message by David Lee, who said that at any singing there are those physically present and those present only in our hearts. The memorial lesson is a time to sit and allow memories to come to mind so we are once more with those whom we carry in our hearts, although they are not physically present. It is a time when we are free to remember and give expression to memory. Everyone carries with them some sorrow, grief or loss. When we support each other we support ourselves. James Swanson read the following names of the deceased: George Seiler—New York; Richard Swanson and Victoria Bolles—Massachusetts; Dennis Murphy—Vermont; Betty Zinzer, Robert Barford, Peter Huyser, Rose Edwards, Edie McCormicle, Ned Russells, Bob Nebgen, Jerry Enright, Ray Pechous, Ken McCurrie, and Larry Devocelle—Illinois; Louise Capron—New Jersey; Clare Sullivan—Florida; Mary Lee Yatchak and Frances Ceresa—Michigan; Jennifer Burke and Phyllis Bruce—Connecticut; Margaret Larijani—Oklahoma/California. Lisa Grayson led 77t in their memory.

Lisa Grayson spoke in honor of the sick and shut-ins, and James Swanson led 330b in honor of the following: Bob Meek, Lonnie Rogers, Richard DeLong, Jim Helke, Martha Beverly, Bob Scorgie, Bob Anderson, Joyce Anderson, Mary Jean McGuire, Joanne Bowman, Barb Lund, Gloria Rosen Kaplan, Jane Arp, John Blattner, and Gary Gronau. Herb Schroeder offered prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Doug Stapleton 440; Ellis Seiberling 49b; Anita Shaperd 328. Herb Schroeder offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Jeff Breting called the class back to order leading 146. Leaders: Herb Schroeder 56b; Grace Scrimgeour 216. The Chairperson called for the finance committee to present their lesson. After speaking compellingly on the importance of supporting sacred harp singing, Megan Dunning, Randy Neufeld, and Daniel Braithwaite led 102. Leaders: Steve Werner 268; Ted Mercer 352; Marcia Johnson 504; Jim Crawford and friend 351; Judy Hauff 250; Ted Johnson 501; Jan Ketelle 368; Petrina Patti 155; Carol Houtman 47b; Alda Balthrop-Lewis 457; Carol Crawford 458; Brad Oglesby 32t; Aldo Ceresa 522; Pattie Doss and friend 426b; Leon Pulsinelle 547; Mustapha Hussein and Grace Scrimgeour 209; Johanna Fabke 464; Karen Swenson 528.

The Chairman thanked everyone, and called for the secretary and finance committee reports, which were given. Announcements were made.

The officers and Founders led 62 as the closing lesson, and singers took the parting hand as they were able. The closing prayer was offered by Herb Schroeder.

Chairman—Jeff Breting; Vice Chairperson—Susan Matthews; Secretary—Ann Sleeva