Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maidencreek All-Day Singing

Leesport, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guy Bankes opened the annual Sacred Harp singing at the Maidencreek Friends Meetinghouse by leading 59. Steve Hoyt offered the opening prayer. Announcements were made.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Guy Bankes; Secretary—Tom Tucker.

Leaders: Ruth Wampler 49b; Tom Tucker 129; Ted Stokes 48t; Laura Densmore 313t; Betty Hanf 191; Lamar Matthew 335; Carol Stevens 549; Ames Biehlenberg 95; Barbara Hohenstein 572; Steve Hoyt 68b; Bethany Towne 336; Leland Kusmer 504; Mary Capron and Leon Pulsinelle 82t; Elizabeth Stokes 373; Cindy Wasson 378b; Robbie Ketcham 159; Clare Maher 445; Ina Shea 374; Sam Kleinman 506; Annie Hasz 370.


Rachel Speer called the class back to order by leading 81t. Leaders: Doug Kurtze 47b; Joyce Homan 274t; Miles Dakan 387; Claire Simon 472; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 296; Ted Stokes 186; Lynne Hoyt 569b; Paul Clazing 376; Nancy Tkacs 99; Lorah Hopkins 354t; Gerry Hoffman 268; Becky Wright 227; John Merritt 86, and Laura Keeler 112.

Gina Balestracci conducted the memorial lesson. She read the following names of sick and shut-ins: Nancy Levy, Raymond Fraks, Dennis Cinelli, Ruth Rendleman, Stephen Murdock, Frank Evans, Sandie Scott, Dan Hickey, and Ethel McCabe. She led 430 in their honor.

Gina read the following list of deceased: Nancy Katzen, Ben Menta—Pennsylvania; George Seiler, David Bornick, Lena Dionne—New York; Annie Esh—Tennessee; Louise Capron, Bill Sebastian—New Jersey; Jeanette McCready—Connecticut; Arthur Payton—Oregon; Susan Bowyer, Billy Williams—Alabama; Alexander Haller—Michigan; Jerry Enright—Illinois; Jennifer Sheldon—Texas. Barbara Swetman spoke and led 454. Susan Bingham led 347. Steven Hoyt closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Dean Jens 142; Anne Kirkolian 146; Dan Hunter 528; Diane Menella 217. Cindy Wasson offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Guy Bankes leading 311. Leaders: Donna Abrahams 496; Andy Johnson 294; Anna Mays 556; Dennis Leipold 137; Rachel Speer 187; Terry Ryan 168; Violet Krumbein 240; Thom Metzger 522; Susan Bingham 542; Gina Balestracci 328. Guy Bankes and Crista Farnon led 101 (t? b?) from the Union Choral Harmonies in German. Leaders: Eileen Metzger 68t; Jon Giles 546; Nancy Mandel 306; Roland Hutchinson 242; Barbara Swetman 210; Pat Callahan 85; Katie White 32t; Merv Horst 236.


Susan Bingham called the class back together by leading 39t. Leaders: Gerry Hoffman 505; Andy Johnson 285t; Susan Bingham 340; Leon Pulsinelle 192; Pat Callahan 475; Nancy Mandel 421; Paul Clazing 48b; Eileen Metzger and Tom Metzger 383; Barbara Swetman 196; Dean Jens 349; Katie White 84; Merv Horst 63; Roland Hutchinson 479; Violet Krumbein 67; Dennis Leipold 480; Diane Menella 448t; Rachel Speer 436; Terry Ryan 228; Claire Simon 547; Jon Giles 490.

After final announcements, the officers led 62 as the closing song. Steve Hoyt offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Guy Bankes; Secretary—Tom Tucker