Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

September 28, 1996

The sixteenth annual Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday, September 28th in the church building on the grounds of Burritt Museum and Park. Burritt Museum and Park is located atop Monte Sano Mountain, the second highest elevation in Alabama. Dorothea McCowan called the class to order leading song on page 37b. Richard Ivey led the morning prayer. The class organized by selecting the following officers: Chairman—Cassie Franklin; Vice Chairman—Allison Ivey; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger; Arranging Committee—David Ballinger and Shelley Capps; Locating Committee—Richard Ivey and Amber Ballinger; Memorial Committee—Dorothea McCowan and Teresa Ballinger; Resolutions Committee—Lisa Geist and Stuart Ivey; Finance Committee—Tyler Wilks and Angela Jones. Chairman Cassie Franklin led song on page 73t. Vice Chairman Allison Ivey led songs on pages 134 and 182. Leaders: Tyler Wilks 128; Amber Ballinger 155; Stuart Ivey 300, 384; Lisa Geist 532, 269; Richard Ivey 306, 270; Shelley Capps 100, 108t; Teresa Ballinger 84, 345t; David Ballinger 111b, 68b.


Chairman Cassie Franklin called the class together leading song on page 36b. Leaders: Karen Chin and Cassie Franklin 72b; Allison Ivey and Angela Jones 144, 81t; Amanda Ballinger 137, 30t; Daniel Hopper 136, 213b; Dorothea McCowan 196, 304; Rodney Ivey 222, 475; Rex Wilks 145b, 145t.


Vice Chairman Allison Ivey brought the class back together leading song on page 48t. Leaders: Linton Ballinger 186; Larry Ballinger 282. The Memorial Lesson was led by Dorothea McCowan and Teresa Ballinger leading songs on pages 378b and 274t. Leaders: Buell Cobb 81b, 131b; Flarce Creel 217, 454; Tina Leopold 358.


The afternoon session was called together with Cassie Franklin and Allison Ivey leading songs on pages 47t and 39t. Leaders: Lomax Ballinger 299; Seth Holloway 354b, 294; Doyce Bailey 147t; Gravis Ballinger 168; Karen Ivey 388; Hershell King 97; Travis Keeton 324; Leon Ballinger 142; Alan Jones 73b; Edith Tate 446; Gary Smith 569b; Marlin Beasley 146; Judy Caudle 448t; J. L. Hopper 149; Sam Jones 35.


The class was called to order by Richard Ivey and Tyler Wilks leading song on page 63. Leaders: Cindy Franklin 123t, 389; Flora Skinner 418, 358; Earl Ballinger 78; Coy Ivey 334; Leola Smith 340; Bud Oliver 480; Paul Frederick 224; Gary Leopold 159; Mark Carroll 406; David Ivey 331 for Ruby Phillips; Amanda Denson 273; Linda Thomas 32t; Pam Wilkerson 34b; Angela Jones 49t, 486; Bill Schrader 452b; J. C. Rutledge 105. The Business Session was called to order by Cassie Franklin. The Resolutions Committee submitted the following: “Be it resolved that: (1) we thank Burritt Museum for allowing us to hold the sixteenth annual Young People’s Singing here; (2) we extend a special thanks to the ladies who prepared the wonderful lunch; (3) we thank each family that is represented here today; (4) but our greatest thanks is offered to our Lord for blessing us with a great heritage and for giving us the opportunity to praise Him in song.” Submitted by the Resolutions Committee, Lisa Geist and Stuart Ivey. The Finance Committee reported that $89 was donated for the minutes and for the Ashley Ballinger Memorial Fund. Contributions may be made at any time to: Larry Ballinger, Route 2 Box 78a, Fayette, Alabama 35555. The following officers were elected for next year: Chairman—David Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Teresa Ballinger; Secretary—Cassie Franklin. The Locating Committee reported that the 1997 Young People’s Singing will be held at Old County Line Baptist Church near Corner, Alabama on the Saturday before the fifth Sunday in August. Following the announcements, Chairman-elect David Ballinger led song on page 62, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Sam Jones.

Chairman—Cassie Franklin; Vice Chairman—Allison Ivey; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger.