Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention

Mattoon, Illinois

September 21-22, 1996

Saturday, September 21

The twelfth annual session of the Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at the International Revival Center in Mattoon, Illinois with Chairman Donald Bardsley leading song on page 376. Chaplain Lee Steinmetz opened the convention with prayer, and led song on page 68b. Vice Chair Janet Fraembs 335; Secretary Molly Evans 203. The following leaders were then called: Janet Borman 147t; Val Dunagan 82t; Peggy Brayfield 481; Jim Page “Berryville,” an original composition; Dick Dunagan 108b; Mike Veech 228; Jerry Enright 100; Marcia Johnson 436; Robert Meek 209; Jeanette Lowry 216; Dave Ressler 192; Ted Johnson 68t; Joan Aldridge 475; Herb Schroeder 217; Karen Hojnacki 145t; Becky Browne 181; Karen Isbell 110.


The class continued singing with Lee Steinmetz leading song on page 565. Leaders: Gary Gronau 163t; John Bailey 270; Judy Hauff 411; Daryl Mayberry 528; Patricia Doss-Butterfield 448t; Connie Karduck 492; John Ramsey 442; Dan Gibbons 377; Berkley Moore 71; Ted Mercer 69b; Bill Hamblin 106; D. J. Hatfield 28b; Lee Steinmetz 491; Janet Fraembs 218; Molly Evans 515; Janet Borman 155; Val Dunagan 385b; Peggy Brayfield 547; James Page “County K,” an original composition; Dick Dunagan 34b; Mike Veech 107; Jerry Enright 168; Marcia Johnson 260. Chaplain Lee Steinmetz asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Donald Bardsley brought the afternoon session together leading song on page 145t. Leaders: Gary Gronau 29b; Robert Meek 143; Jeanette Lowry 446; Dave Ressler 455; Wendy Lee 215; Jim Lawrie 441; Dan Morse 268; Ted Johnson 430; Joan Aldridge 454; T. Scott Smith 40; Herb Schroeder 146; Karen Hojnacki 220; Becky Browne 299; Karen Isbell 269; Gary Gronau 83t; John Bailey 145b; Judy Hauff 542.


Don Bardsley brought the class back leading song on page 178. Leaders: Lee Steinmetz 354b; Daryl Mayberry 198; Patricia Doss-Butterfield 324; Connie Karduck 352; Jan Ketelle 440; John Ramsey 70t; Berkley Moore 99; Dan Gibbons 474; Ted Mercer 43; Bill Hamblin 47b; D. J. Hatfield 296; Janet Borman 66; Val Dunagan 312b; James Page 193; Dick Dunagan 344; Jerry Enright 383; Marcia Johnson 69t; Robert Meek 236. Following announcements, the Saturday session was brought to a close with Don Bardsley leading 347, and Chaplain Lee Steinmetz offering the benediction.

Sunday, September 22

The Sunday morning session of the convention was called to order by Don Bardsley leading song on page 46. The morning prayer was led by Lee Steinmetz, who then led the class in singing 49b. Leaders: Janet Fraembs 479; Molly Evans 142; John Bailey 448b; Lois Ramsey 159; Ted Mercer 390; Berkley Moore 73t; John Ramsey 294; Jan Ketelle 36b; Terry Hogg 112; Connie Karduck 464; Joan Aldridge 182; Karen Hojnacki 300; Mike Veech 277; Herb Schroeder 332; Wendy Lee 148; Jerry Enright 123b; Dick Dunagan 378b; James Page 268; Lissa Blood 57; Val Dunagan 87; Peggy Brayfield 485; D. J. Hatfield 379.


Don Bardsley called the class together leading song on page 59. Leaders: William Shetter 30t; Lee Steinmetz 496; Janet Fraembs 532; Molly Evans 489; John Bailey 436; Lois Ramsey 111t; Ted Mercer 86; Berkley Moore 133. The Memorial Lesson was led by Don Bardsley. Don Bardsley led song on page 87 for the sick and shut-ins: Lisa Grayson and Carl Karduck from Illinois; Don Johnson from Colorado; Kelsey Manning from Virginia; and B. W. Ellertsen from Georgia. Lee Steinmetz led song on page 28t for the deceased: J. R. South and John Petri from Illinois; Daniel Fraembs from California; Fleece Tucker and Hazel Cagle from Alabama; and Donna Derr from Missouri. The lesson was closed with a prayer by Don Bardsley.


The afternoon session was called back by Don Bardsley leading 168, followed with prayer by Chaplain Lee Steinmetz. Leaders: Jan Ketelle 145b; Terry Hogg 84; Connie Karduck 472; Karen Hojnacki 384; Mike Veech 147t; Herb Schroeder 128; Wendy Lee 175; Jerry Enright 125; Dick Dunagan 74b; James Page 421; Lissa Blood 445; Val Dunagan 217; Peggy Brayfield 504; D. J. Hatfield 419; Lee Steinmetz 163b; Janet Fraembs 385t; Molly Evans 335; John Bailey 340; Ted Mercer 174; Berkley Moore 290; Jerry Enright 30b; Terry Hogg 117.


Don Bardsley called the class back leading song on page 475. Leaders: Jerome Colburn 42; Connie Karduck 122; Karen Hojnacki 192; Mike Veech 547; Herb Schroeder 497; Wendy Lee 270; Jan Ketelle 460; Dick Dunagan 31t; James Page 444; Lissa Blood 207; Val Dunagan 108t; Peggy Brayfield 313b; Don Bardsley 191 and 62, followed by the closing prayer.

Chair—Don Bardsley; Vice Chair—Janet Fraembs; Chaplain—Lee Steinmetz; Secretary—Molly Evans. Minutes submitted by Janet Fraembs.