Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing

Emory Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 32nd Seed and Feed Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October at Emory Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia. The class was called to order by Eric Tweedy leading 59. John Plunkett offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Eric Tweedy 47t, 383; Tony Hammock 60, 37 (t? b?); Laura Akerman 85, 318; John Plunkett 96, 65; Kelly Morris 49b, 159; Debora Grosse 73b, 222; Bill Scott 71, 48b; Leslie Hunter 282, 47b; Henry Slack 455, 535; Susan Firestone 503, 504.


The class was called together by Eric Tweedy leading 448b.

A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Tony Hammock; Vice Chairman—Phillip Langley; Secretary—Laura Akerman; Memorial Committee—Malinda Snow; Finance Committee—Dan Huger; Arranging Committee—John Plunkett and Kelly Morris.

Leaders: Tony Hammock 61; Chris Wilhelm 230, 206; Adelaide Hanson 523, 99; Scott DePoy 277, 179; Alberta Hardy 417, 366 (?); George Burnette 76b, 81t; Shannon Primm 31t, 192; Jeannie Marsh 176t, 145t.

Malinda Snow conducted the memorial lesson. Phillip Langley led 146 for the following sick and shut-ins: Mary Florence Lambert-Smith, Frank Block, and Violet Thomason.

Sandra Wilkinson led 229 for the following deceased: Lee Rogers, Myrtle Smith, Felton Denney, Frank Green, Mercy Shank, Shirley Dumas, Loy Garrison, Myrtle Smith, Homer Benefield, and Katherine Benefield. John Plunkett closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


The afternoon session was called to order by Jeanette DePoy leading 475 and 142. Leaders: Susan Posey 68b (for her son, who is leaving to serve for 2 years in the Peace Corps in Kenya), 362; B.M. Smith 441, 340; Jenna Strizak 105, 270; Ethan Hardy 284, 297; Helen Bryson 196, 365; Dan Huger 501, 474; Judy Mincey 184, 468; Sandra Wilkinson 167, 91; Malinda Snow 269; Alberta Hardy 34t; Chris Wilhelm 107; Ethan Hardy 347; Dan Huger 209; Jenna Strizak and Abby Minor 319; Shannon Primm 466; Helen Bryson 287.

Tony Hammock led 56t as the closing song. Eric Tweedy offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tony Hammock; Vice Chairman—Phillip Langley; Secretary—Laura Akerman