Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel Church - Carrollton, Georgia

August 3-4, 1996

Saturday, August 3

The one hundred forty-fourth session of the Chattahoochee Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at Wilson’s Chapel near Carrollton, Georgia on Saturday, August 3rd, and Sunday August 4th, 1996. Chairman Sheri Taylor called the Convention to order leading song on page 61. Lonnie Rogers led the group in prayer. Sheri Taylor led song on page 340 for Sharona Nelson who was unable to attend. Leaders: Felton Denney 72b, 347; Jimmie Denney 63, 313t; Gene Duke 81 (t? b?), 68b; Charlene Wallace 167, 287; Lonnie Rogers 101t, 225t; Helen Bryson 27, 411; Jacob Griffith 82 (t? b?), 106; Jan House 143, 142; Richard DeLong 458, 213 (t? b?); Karen Rollins 489, 34b; Billy Joe Harris 503, 452; Lisa Webb 78, 200.


Felton Denney called the convention together leading song on page 73t. Leaders: Jeanette DePoy 436, 354t; Everette Denney 335, 569 (t? b?). On orderly motion, the Convention entered into a business session. The class elected the following officers: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary—Donna Duke. The officers appointed the following committees: Arranging Committee—Jimmie Denney; Memorial—Ruth Brown, Lonnie Rogers, and Lori Goode; Finance—Gene Duke and Don Bowen; Resolution—Judy Mincey and Evelyn Harris. Leaders: David McGukin 522, 326; Carlene Griffin 270, 309; Lucille Gunnells 310, 234; Louis Hughes 290, 535; Judy Mincey 50 (t? b?), 556; Kenneth DeLong 369, 316; Reby Stanford 203, 327.


The afternoon session of singing began with Felton Denney leading song on page 321. Leaders: Phillip Langley 344, 196; Pearl Guier 40, 59; Myron House 227, 191; Cindy Franklin 318, 37b; Don Bowen 548, 510; Evelyn Harris 155, 47t; Geneva Prichard 146, 47b; Laura Webb 66, 542; Kathy Williams 208, 269; D. J. Hatfield 56b, 36t; Lee Rogers 528, 228; Dan Bailey 156, 145 (t? b?).


Sheri Taylor continued the singing leading song on page 86. Leaders: Lloyd Toney 100, 45t; Cassie Franklin 126, 120; Bobby Bailey 275 (t? b?), 274 (t? b?); Nick Griffin 551, 127; Janet Sheppard 114, 454; Benard Denney 159, 299; Louise Holland 323b; Sheri Taylor 475. Sheri Taylor and Felton Denney led song on page 323t for the closing song.

Sunday, August 4

The Sunday session was called to order by Sheri Taylor, Chairman, leading songs on pages 48t and 47b. The morning prayer was led by Lonnie Rogers. Leaders: Felton Denney 31t, 73t; Jimmie Denney 46, 87; Lonnie Rogers 186, 460 for Jim Cagle; Bob Bailey 68b, 45t; Lori Goode 63, 358; B. M. Smith 225t, 34t; Josephine Denney 31b, 47t; Jacob Griffith 290, 127; Lou Cotney 218, 196; Jack Smith 192, 480; Lisa Webb 349, 148; Judy Mincey 34b, 178.


Sheri Taylor brought the class together leading song on page 294. Leaders: Don Bowen 283, 517; Cindy Franklin 498, 475; B. J. Harris 445, 420; Frances Mary D’Andrea 163t, 142; D. J. Hatfield 207, 30b. The traditional memorial lesson was held by Ruth Brown who read scripture from Ecclesiates 3, and then read the names of those deceased since the last convention: Tommy Creel, William Headrick, LeRoy McGraw, Norman Shadinger, Mrs. Louvorn McLendon, Margie Bryon, Dula Webb, Joe Beasley, Kelsey Wootten, Ruby Gibson, Hubert Green, Aver Crider, Dewey Williams, Tom Roberson, Colbie Allen, Homer Cordes, R. C. Stanford, Ester Reed, Ola Pruitt, Odell Cleveland, Agnes Hocutt, Ruthie Cozart, Floyd Stiefel, Elbert Drake (Ruby Phillips’ brother), Russell Norton, Harold Jackson, Lawrence Daugherty, Luther Miller, Irvin Creel, Fleecie Tucker, Lucille Brothers, Herman Lambert, Earline McGraw Baker, Curtis Dutton, Johnnie Sue Beasley, Tilda Mosley, John Bain, Mae Doss, J. J. Sexton, and B. C. Word. Lonnie Rogers led songs on pages 345t and 348b. Lori Goode led song on page 340 for the sick and shut-ins, including: Charlie Dammals, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, Clelen Cobb, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Hazel Cagle, Margie Smith’s father, G. C. Waldrep, and Betty McGlashan (Henry Wilson’s daughter). Rev. Jerry Cole closed the memorial service with prayer. B. J. Harris closed the morning session with prayer.


Charlene Wallace brought the class back to order leading songs on pages 276 and 111b. Leaders: Louis Hughes 499, 147t; Kathy Williams 348t, 479; Jeff Sheppard 478, 293; Lucille Gunnells 137, 136; Richard DeLong 435, 511; Noel Rush 189, 454; Myrtle Dyed 36 (t? b?), 303; Revy Williamson 209; Myron Tucker 40, 84; Lee Rogers 571, 352; Andy Morris 57, 448 (t? b?); Sheri Taylor 198.


Felton Denney called the afternoon session together by leading song on page 149. Leaders: Cassie Franklin 39t, 547; Shelbie Sheppard 217, 202; Evelyn Harris 146, 155; Dollie Hudgins 82t; Jacob Griffith 117; Gene Duke 101t, 56t; Phillip Langley 222, 328; Laura Webb 29t; Lloyd Toney 129; D. J. Hatfield 112. A business session was held and the following reports given: Resolutions Committee—We resolve to continue to praise God in song for all the blessings He bestows upon us. Among those are this beautiful site, and the dedication of the Wilson clan to its preservation; the music we sing here with joy and love for one another. We are blessed by this fellowship of people from different places and backgrounds who love this tradition and encourage its growth. We are blessed with the abundance of the earth as exemplified by the overflowing table at lunch and the talented hands that prepared the food. We are blessed with dedicated people who act as officers and work “behind the scenes” to make everything run so smoothly. So, we resolve to continue to sing. At every opportunity, we will raise our voices in praise and thanksgiving to the Author of all mercies. Submitted by Evelyn Harris and Judy Mincey.

Financial Committee—The report was given by Gene Duke. Donna Duke read the treasurer’s report. Announcements for future singings were announced, and Felton Denney reported on the play “Murder of Chief McIntosh” in which Sacred Harp singers were taking a part. He needed all available singers for the night’s session to come to McIntosh Reserve Park, Carrollton, Georgia at 4:30 p.m. to help in the singing of Sacred Harp music. Sheri Taylor and Felton Denney closed the Convention by leading song on page 62.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—Felton Denney; Secretary/Treasurer—Donna Duke.