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Michiana Singing

New Testament Baptist Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The 21st Michiana Singing was called to order by Matthew Lind leading 34b. Michael Miller offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Secretaries—Henry Schuman and Samuel Sommers.

Leaders: James Nelson Gingerich 59; Samuel Sommers 492; Gillian Inksetter 31t; Wayne Dell 45t; Sarah Trumbore 66; Bill Beverly 171; Karen Bahler 155; Nathan Barford 183; Nicoletta Manns 208; Mark Davis 556; Cathryn Bearov 318; Peter Trumbore 277.


James Nelson Gingerich called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Lori Graber 477; Michael Miller 312b; Pleasance Crawford 476; Gerry Hoffman 501; Karen Swenson 212; Brad Bahler 192; Anne Steel 179; Ted King 178; Carol Mosley 142; Nathan Zweig 105; Rochelle Lodder 148; Bob Borcherding 56b; Joan Aldridge 540.


James Page called the class to order leading 65. Leaders: Charlotte Wolfe 330 (t? b?); Ann Heider “This Spacious Earth”; Chuck Crawford 535; Judy Hauff 367; Darrel Swarens 72b; Beth Todd 436; David Barford 224; Ann Miczulski 101t; Ryan Wheeler 107.

Mark Davis and Martha Beverly conducted the memorial lesson. Mark Davis spoke on behalf of the deceased and read the following names: LaRue Allen, Amanda Denson Brady, Flarce Creel, Chester Lacy, Milton Oliver, and Edith Tate—Alabama; Homer Benefield and Felton Denney—Georgia; Glen Ernst, Magda Lissau, and Hubert Martin—Illinois; Robert Baldwin and Gail Birch—Maine; Nina Hoffman—Maryland; Virginia Wolfe Stuart—Massachusetts; Kathryn Petrich—Michigan; Madeleine Steel—Mississippi; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Bethalee Harpst—Ohio; Price Truitt—Texas; Jean Anderberg—Vermont; Kat Kincaid—Virginia. Mark Davis led 176t in commemoration.

Martha Beverly spoke for the following sick and shut-ins: Bob Anderson, Pauline Childers, Nellie Davis, Dick Dunagan, Johanna Fabke, Jimmie Gilmore, Joe Harrington, Steve Hoyt, Miriam Lind, Duane MacDonald, Peg Pearson, Bob Scorgie, Ed Staeger, Claudine Townson, Julie Vea, and Nancy Yeager. Martha Beverly led 475 in their honor. Mark Davis closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Ann Missavage 480; Randy Neufeld 99; James Eldridge 504; Francesca Cassara 146.


Ginny Landgraf called the class to order leading 77t. Leaders: Henry Schuman 52t; Steve Warner 86; Rebecca Eldridge 507; Guy Bankes 569t; Wendy Wahn 91; John Seaton 528; Rachel Miller Jacobs 39t; William Shetter 546; Bobby Watkins, Mercy Watkins, April Watkins, and Taylor Watkins 460; Joe Todd 157; Katherine Eldridge 117; Jan May 276; Syble Adams 448t; James Page 297; Barb Lund and William Shetter 82t; John Fink 300; Virginia Eldridge 503.


Matthew Lind called the class to order leading 87. Leaders: Jo Schultz 565; Jim Helke 100; Martha Beverly 304; Steve Rogers 217; Melanie Hauff 271t; Jeremy York 207; Reba Windom 384; Adrian Eldridge 284; Ginny Landgraf 506; Warren Steel 320; Syble Adams 63; Annie Grieshop 344; Syble Adams 68b (for Claudine Townson); Ted Mercer 468; Mark Davis 240; Megan Jennings 189; Will Fitzgerald 96; Reba Windom 196.

Announcements were made. Matthew Lind led 62 as the closing song. Michael Miller dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Matthew Lind; Secretaries—Henry Schuman and Samuel Sommers