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The Mirjana Lausevic Memorial Singing

First Congregational Church, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Mirjana Lausevic Memorial Singing was held at First Congregational Church in Sunderland, Massachusetts, on Saturday before the first Sunday in July. John Holbrook called the class to order leading 34b. George Seiler offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John Holbrook; Vice Chairman—Matthew Wojcik; Secretary—Jeremy Galvagni.

Leaders: Matthew Wojcik 37b; Guy Bankes 474; Lydia Vernon-Jones 50t; Paul Butler 319; Martha Henderson 396; George Seiler 503; Carole Dempsey 230; Terry Ryan 496; Joanne Fuller 39b; Russ Vernon-Jones 448b; Sheila Kelley 106; Mary Alice Amidon 203; Paul Gauthier 192; Susan Loucks 448t; Ed Smith 436; Anna Maria Irvine 196; James Baumgartner 171; Peter Amidon 318; Kiri Miller 142; Jim Picton 384; Rosie Wojcik 475.


Matt Wojcik called the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: Allison Schofield “Lausevic”; Aaron Girard 430; Lucy Roberts 47t; Andrew Magee 47b; Anita Buswell 32t; Duncan Vinson 229; Kate Richardson 429; Peter Golden 144; Kitty Kagay and Paula Goode 217; Rick Johnston 228; Rosalie Elkinton 335; Paul Butler 454; Jim Ulrich 273; Molly Merrett 277; Bob Parr 215; Al Yanas 340; Paula Picton 446; Bill Dunn 145b; Laura Borelli 300; Laura Clawson 542; Sue Ulrich 504.


Kelsey Wessels called the class back to order leading 81t. Leaders: Jean Seiler 315; Amy Finlay 168; Anna Kazlauskas 73t; Ben Sach-Hamilton 193; Rebecca Edwards 283; Kshama Ananthapura 76b; Sheldon Finlay 189; Susan Willett 45t; Jenna Strizak and Kelsey Wessels 87; Dana Borelli 29t; Linda Shea 270; Laura Timmerman 546; Peter Irvine 163b; Allison Schofield 378b; Martha Henderson 381.

Jenna Strizak led 72b for the following sick and shut-ins: Lorrie Sabourin, Marianne Taylor, Stefni Agin, Steve Hoyt, Juliet Frankland, Paul Setford, John Larson, Roger Cartwright, Elaine Sampson, Lydia Pepi, Linda Fuller, Jane MacIver, Gerald Hand, Nancy Davis, Dick Johnston, Kat Kinkade, and Margie Baron.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Eric Morgan, who led 82t for the following deceased: Minja Lausevic—Sarajevo, Massachusetts, and Minnesota; Henriette Galvagni, Victor Galvagni—Florida; Martha Dionne—New Hampshire; David Stryker, Marion Zimmerman, Arthur Dobias, Jackie Walker, Joan Goodwin, Brent Beebe, Bonnie Rogers, Alex Mason, David Emerson—Massachusetts; Barb Willett—Vermont; Milton Oliver—Alabama; Greg Smilth—Minnesota; Tippy Cook, Cecil Cook—Georgia; Shelley Cook—South Africa; James Ross—Virginia; Dick Tracey—Connecticut; Bruce Phillips—Utah. Kelly House led 376. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Eliza Cavanaugh.


Sheldon Finlay called the class back to order leading 324. Leaders: Laura Clawson 186; Eric Morgan 328; Dan Hertzler 379; Paula Picton 573; Tim Erickson 236; Jenna Strizak 336; Anna Maria Irvine 460; James Baumgartner 112; Matthew Wojcik 269; Linda Shea 442; Rebecca Edwards 218; Peter Irvine 198; Kiri Miller 445; Bill Dunn 49t; Guy Bankes 327; Dana Borelli and Laura Borelli 77t; Anne Kazlauskas 556; Rick Johnston 392; Anita Buswell 274t; Kelsey Wessels 146; George Seiler and Jean Seiler 480; Bob Parr 352; Deidra Montgomery 107.


Ed Smith called the class back to order leading 528. Leaders: Laura Timmerman 111t; Amy Finlay and Sheldon Finlay 532; John Holbrook 347; Kelly House 105; Paul Gauthier 426b; Rosalie Elkinton 383; Martha Henderson 456; Carole Dempsey 162; Jim Ulrich and Sue Ulrich 191; Ben Sacks-Hamilton 268; Jim Picton 299; Rosie Wojcik and Kelsey Wessels 129; Peter Golden 178; Russ Vernon-Jones and Lydia Vernon-Jones 99; Susan Loucks 122; Kate Richardson and Sheila Kelley 209; Lucy Roberts 35; Duncan Vinson 126; Joanne Fuller, Kshama Ananthapura, and Kitty Kagay 512; Terry Ryan 344.

The business meeting was called to order by John Holbrook. Paul Butler thanked those in attendance for their generosity and announced that all expenses had been met. Secretary Jeremy Galvagni reported that there had been 89 songs led by leaders from 13 states (eventual total 109 songs.) Kshama Ananthapura and Martha Henderson, for the Resolutions Committee, thanked all those who contributed to the success of the singing. The business session was closed. Announcements were made.

John Holbrook, Matthew Wojcik, and Jeremy Galvagni led 62 as the closing song. Jenna Strizak dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—John Holbrook; Vice-Chairman—Matthew Wojcik; Secretary—Jeremy Galvagni