Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, San Francisco, California

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The 4th annual Golden Gate Singing was held at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. The singing was opened by Mark Miller leading 276. Jim Friedrich offered the opening prayer. Mark Miller welcomed everyone.

Leaders: David Fetcho 59; Carolyn Deacy 168; Chris Thorman 30t; Jim Friedrich 501; Greg Freemon 76b.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Natalia Cecire; Vice Chairperson—Susan Fetcho; Secretary—Linda Selph.

Leaders: Natalia Cecire 40; Susan Fetcho 376; Linda Selph 129; Cindy Overmyer 34b; Inder Khalsa 442; Will Fitzgerald 102; Lara Eilhardt 384; Shelby Sampson 312b; Hal Eisen 344; Terry Barber 216; Rebecca Edwards 209; Betty Marvin 145b, James Welsch 179.

Natalia Cecire announced the appointment of the following committees: Arranging Committee—Betty Marvin; Treasurers—Mark Miller and Inder Khalsa; Assistant Secretary—Cindy Overmyer; Outreach—Hal Eisen; Resolutions—Will Fitzgerald and Lara Eilhardt.


Jerry Schreiber called the class back to order leading 35. Leaders: Katie Piche 95; Gretchen Muller 472; Bob Brylawski 122; Jill Accetta 217; Mark Miller 26; Joanne Orengo 178; Marilyn Murata 304; David Wright 434; Carla Smith 319; Ruth Gorrin 191; Connie Stanton 454; Linda Booth 361; Jessica Beer 218.


Jessica Beer called the class back to order leading 335. Leaders: Janet Herman 86; Jenny Jensen 353; Marion Black 474; Lyle Lindsey 84; Susan Turpin 546; Duncan MacLeod 475; Rosie Lindsey 348b; Paul Ralston 210; Ruth McGurn 528; Colin Kinlund 313b; Marsha Genensky 547; Betsy Jeronen 142; Jerry Schreiber 473; Hugh McGuire 511. Jim Friedrich offered grace for the noon meal.


Will Fitzgerald called the class back to order for the afternoon session leading 105. Leaders: Greg Freemon 419; Becky Alexander 410t; Marilyn Murata 412; Vicki Solomon 193; Peter Ross 99; Connie Stanton 466; Lara Eilhardt 162; Carla Smith 410b; Duncan MacLeod 208; Linda Booth 358; Janet Herman 480; Jerry Schreiber 236; Susan Turpin 294; David Wright 171.


The class was brought to order by Greg Freemon leading 229. Leaders: Rosie Lindsey 499; Jenny Jensen 448t; Bruce Williamson 282; Marion Black 163t; Betsy Jeronen 28b; Alice Sharp 163b; Lyle Lindsey 510; Jessica Beer 430; Melissa McMahon 362; Will Fitzgerald 96; Natalia Cecire 272; Mark Miller 70b; David Fetcho 380; Susan Fetcho 385b; Carolyn Deacy 29t; Jim Friedrich 496.

A business meeting was called, and the Treasurer and Secretary gave their reports. The Resolutions committee thanked everyone who had participated in the singing and made it possible. Announcements of other singings were made.

Natalia Cecire led 62 as the closing song. Jim Friedrich offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Natalia Cecire; Vice Chairperson—Susan Fetcho; Secretary—Linda Selph