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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel, Carrollton, Georgia

August 4-5, 2007

Saturday, August 4

The 155th session of the Chattahoochee Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August 2007 at Wilson’s Chapel, near Carrollton, Georgia. Sheri Taylor brought the convention to order leading 148 and 209. Lonnie Rogers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Donna Duke 203; Oscar McGuire 135; Lela Crowder 273; Helen Bryson 568; Jesse Roberts 263; John Plunkett 90; Judy Chambless 61; Michael Thompson 99; Lori Goode and Mary Elizabeth Goode 358; Matt Hinton 318; Carlene Griffin 448b; Jason Hollis 475; Louise Collins 137; Robert Chambless 503; Erin Mills 128; Andy Anderson 28t; Sandra Wilkinson 448t; Lonnie Rogers 186; Jenna Frey and Mary Elizabeth Goode 294, 25; Charlene Wallace 481; Karen Rollins 163 (t? b?).


The class was called to order. Leaders: Laura Frey 178; Ted Mercer 444; Karen Clark 501; Eddie Mash 66.

Sheri Taylor opened the business session of the convention and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Committee—Oscar McGuire, Lela Crowder, and Laura Frey.

Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 542; Ed Thacker 392; Joyce Walton 500; Aldo Ceresa 224; Kiri Miller 480; Drew Smith 35; Amanda Denson and Mandy Brady 165, 268; Robert Walker 477; Kyle Massengale and Jessica Massengale 277; Riley Lee 47b; Sharon Strong 479; Scott DePoy 179.


Kevin Moreno opened the afternoon session leading 354 (t? b?). Leaders: Richard DeLong 336; Gordon Rees 539; Mike Hinton 456; Richard Mauldin 378t; Jack Nelson 438; Faye Hollis 340; Henry Johnson 96; Micah Roberts 354b; Billy Hollingsworth 236; Shelia Wootten 29t; Michael Haverty 208; Rob Kelley 155; Nathan Rees 227; Tom Ivey 198; Don Clark 387; Bridgett Hill 383; Stanley Edwards 271t; Lisa Webb 455; Judy Mincey 435; Aaron Wootten 39t; Erin Kelley 567; Peter Golden 52t.


The class was called to order. Leaders: Tony Hammock 434; Martin Hardin 183; George Burnette 101t; Judy Caudle 528; Beth Branscome 440; Larry Rees 133; Don Bowen 225t; Phoebe Eckhardt 300; Nora Dunn 166; Jonathan Smith 442; Julian Sizemore 299; Greg Mulkern 269; Kim Moreno 445; Barbara Barry 506; Aldo Ceresa 232; Steve Cackley 32t; Robert Stoddard 192; Carrie Grindoon and A.L. Grindoon 497.

Lonnie Rogers closed the Saturday session with prayer.

Sunday, August 5

The Sunday morning session was brought to order by Sheri Taylor leading 142 and 215. Richard Mauldin offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 467; Donna Duke 200; Lonnie Rogers 389; Laura Frey 178; Tony Hammock 101t; Richard Mauldin 43; Robert Chambless 145b; Judy Chambless 490; Sharon Strong 38t; Jesse Roberts 171; Jan House 151; Tom Ivey 562; Nora Dunn 157; Gordon Reese 173; Ted Mercer 468; Karen Rollins 143.


Lori Goode called the class to order leading 217. Leaders: Larry Rees 33 (t? b?); Joyce Walton 192; Oscar McGuire 573; Lisa Webb 126; Richard DeLong and Phil Proctor (from the Georgia Traveler TV program) 45t; Erin Allen 131b; Robert Kelley 454; Martha Harrod 203; Michael Thompson 424.


John Plunkett brought the class together leading 167. Leaders: Lela Crowder 306; Robert Stoddard 522; Laura Akerman 224.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard DeLong, Jeannette DePoy and Scott DePoy. Jeannette DePoy read the following list of deceased and led 414 in their memory: Mary Hackney, Max Denney, Richard Wilson, Kenneth Walton, Helen Plunkett, Albert Bryson, and Jessie Bryson—Georgia; Mirjana Lausevic—Minnesota; B.J. Harris, Flarce Creel, John Hyde, Herby Bailey, Heath Jett, Marie Guthrie, Edna Jackson, and Julian Murphy—Alabama; Marcia Tucker—California; Mary Ballinger—Texas. Richard DeLong read scripture and led 348b.

Scott DePoy read the names of the sick and shut-ins and led 72b. Those included were Felton Denney, Josephine Denney, Violet Thomason, Richard Grayson, Raymond Hamrick, Dick Mauldin, Wilton Donaldson, Homer Benefield, Katherine Benefield, Myra Palmer, Ophelia Mathews, and Beau Caldwell. Lonnie Rogers closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session was called to order by Tony Hammock leading 321. Leaders: Jonathan Smith 385b; Stanley Edwards 504; Glenda Collins 100; Earlis McGraw 284; Wesley Haley 198; Carlene Griffin 113; Kim Moreno 384; Kevin Moreno 99; Mr. Wilks 101t; Sara Ward 148; Nathan Rees 426b; Aldo Ceresa 240; Jenna Frey and Mary Elizabeth Goode 401; Riley Lee 376; Peter Bolton 39b; Lauren Harrison 503; Jeannette DePoy and Scott DePoy 277; Melissa Jordan and Jessica Jordan 162; Mike Hinton and Amanda Denson 527; James Baumgartner 37b; Drew Smith 129; Elizabeth Stoddard 56b; Steve Cackley 533 (?); Tommy McGraw 475.


John Plunkett called the class together leading 31b. Leaders: Mary Brownlee 28b; Kiri Miller 430; Helen Bryson 411; Joan Durdin 324; Bob Goodman 569b; Melinda Snow 569t; Barbara Berry 268; Laura Frey and David Martin 358.

A business session was held. Committee reports were read. The Finance Committee (Andy Anderson and Don Bowen) reported collections adequate to cover expenses. Aldo Ceresa gave the Resolutions Report thanking everyone who had participated in the convention.

Announcements were made. Sheri Taylor and John Plunkett led 31t as the closing song. Lonnie Rogers dismissed the convention with prayer.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke