Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Near Fayette, Alabama

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The annual singing held at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday in June was called to order by Larry Ballinger leading 31b. Earl Ballinger offered the morning prayer.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Leon Ballinger; Secretary—Amanda Ballinger; Arranging Committee—Gravis Ballinger and Buddy Ballinger.

Leaders: Linton Ballinger 144; Amanda Ballinger 454; William Thompson, Ronnie Ballinger, and Jimmy Ballinger 146; Jimmy Ballinger 565; Alana Nelson, Drue Nelson, and Beverly Nelson 128; Will Thompson and David Ballinger 108t, 340; Jerry Jenkins and Jennifer Jenkins 30t; Sherry Stover 155; Amber Holmes 400; Gravis Ballinger 410t; Janet Litton 171; Charles Humber 480; Phillip Ballinger 373; Patrick Brady and Leslie Brady 101t; Carol Zeanah and Brenda Robbins 100, 318; Albert Humber 176b; Lomax Ballinger 277; Barbara Cooley, Johnny Cooley, and Diana Anderson 45t.


Leon Ballinger and Ronnie Ballinger called the class together leading 333. Leaders: Anna Litton and Katelyn Ballinger 59; Emily West, Sam West, Jill Porter, and Buddy Ballinger 212; Mike Ballinger 294; Bud Oliver 170; David White 405; Miranda Gilreath and Teresa Guyton 441, 345t; Nate Green 467; Ronnie Ballinger, Cindy Cockrill, Ralph Thomas, and Judy Thomas 388; Beth O’Dell 200; Case O’Dell, Jarrod Litton, and Earl Ballinger 40.


Lisa Geist called the class back together leading 350. Leaders: Joan Aldridge 228; James Wagner 504; Henry Guthery III 434; Amber Davis and Carson Davis 142; Toney Smith 225t; Clarence McCool 490; Amelia O’Dell 108t; Tory O’Dell and Beth O’Dell 196; Joy Litton 47t; Eloise Wootten 186; Chuck Howell 232; Lena Keeton 124; John Etheridge 542; Amanda Denson and Bridgett Hill 276, 429.


Larry Ballinger called the afternoon session to order leading 208. Leaders: Buddy Ballinger 82t; S.T. Reed 295; Brenda Merritt 336; Henry Guthery 348b; Rodney Ivey 220; Kenneth Tate 389; Elene Stovall 216; Edwin Ballinger 110; Shane Wootten 442; Warren Steel 376; Max Berueffy 439; Wayne Bain 145b; Loyd Ivey 97; Harrison Creel 111b, 475; Marlon Wootten and Shane Wootten 448t; Lisa Geist and Teresa Hope 361; Buell Cobb 105, 131b; John Merritt 163b, 358; Earl Ballinger 498; Karen Green 87; Clarence McCool 349; Leon Ballinger 269; Bud Oliver 421; S.T. Reed 425; Loyd Ivey and Eloise Wootten 424; John Etheridge, Toney Smith, and Buell Cobb 30b; Shane Wootten 535.

Following announcements, Linton Ballinger and Leon Ballinger led 45t as the closing song. Buddy Ballinger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Linton Ballinger; Vice Chairman—Leon Ballinger; Secretary—Amanda Ballinger