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Keystone Sacred Harp Convention

The Christiana Freight Railroad Station, Christiana, Pennsylvania

January 27-28 2007

Saturday, January 27

The 9th annual Keystone Sacred Harp Convention was convened by Chairman Laura Densmore who led 49t. Doron Henkin offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Laura Densmore; Arranging Committee—Barbara Swetman and Gina Balestracci; Secretary—Elizabeth Stokes.

Leaders: Doron Henkin 128; Elizabeth Stokes 345b; Guy Bankes 350; Lamar Matthew 35; Ina Henkin 479; Lynne Hoyt 569b; Chuck Gosselink 125; Nancy Katzen 106; Brendan Cooney 268; Linda Marker 113; Stephen Hoyt 122; Katherine Collett 40; Anna Mays 198; George Seiler 183; Terry Ryan 547; Elizabeth Cusick 532; Cindy Sadler 101b; Nathan Rees 176b.


Barbara Swetman called the class to order with 312b. Leaders: John delRe 59; Mairi Ellen Quodomine 505; Eileen Metzger 182; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 540; Diane Mennella 496; Jane Spencer 47b; Roland Hutchinson 524; Cathy Tucker 299; Sarah Jane Leitao 155; Carl Baron 315; Kelly Macklin 230; Brian Collett 474; Pat Temple 473; Jim Glaser 166; Jean Seiler 200; Nancy Tkacs 39t; Erin Kelly 346; Ted Stokes 331; Crystal Burnham 271t; Nora Dunn 545; Thom Metzger 448t; Mary Julia Street 63; Mary Wright 148; Adrien Mariano 372; Barbara Hohenstein 335; Carly Goss 318; Claire Simon 472; Aldo Ceresa 218; Hal Kunkel 179. Guy Bankes offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Gina Balestracci called the afternoon session to order leading 28t. Leaders: Barbara Swetman 542; Tom Tucker 339; Chloe Maher 324; Rachel Speer 123b; Kevin Griffin-Moreno 193; Laura Densmore 304; Gina Balestracci 314; Kathy Manning 97; Kim Moreno 151; Susan Bingham 34t; Dean Jens 377; Leah Wilde 178; Jane Spencer 564; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 567; Diane Mennella 373; Katherine Collett 504; Cathy Tucker 385b; Nathan Rees 424; Elizabeth Cusick 497; Eileen Metzger 383; George Seiler 99; Doron Henkin 31t; Mairi Ellen Quodomine 137; Brian Collett 334; Kelly Macklin 187; Erin Kelly 352.


Jane Spencer called the class to order leading 207. Leaders: Thom Metzger 260; Carly Goss 142; Hal Kunkel 283; Pat Temple 34b; Jean Seiler 378t; Dean Jens 440; Kim Moreno 454; Jim Glaser 72b; Leah Wilde 159; John delRe 460; Crystal Burnham 300; Nora Dunn 522; Terry Ryan 163b; Mary Wright 274t; Adrian Mariano 296; Claire Simon 143; Kevin Griffin-Moreno 480; Kathy Manning 425; Susan Bingham 30t; Rachel Speer 312t; Laura Densmore 369. Eileen Metzger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 28

The class was called to order by Laura Densmore leading 77b. Guy Bankes offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Elizabeth Stokes 186; Guy Bankes 65; Lynne Hoyt 515; Lamar Matthew 157; Nancy Katzen 87; Barbara Hohenstein 203; Doron Henkin 192; Stephen Hoyt 445; Molly Savitz 34b; Mary Julia Street 452; Carl Baron 373; Chloe Maher 86; Brendan Cooney 288; Anna Mays 448b; Barbara Swetman 71; Aldo Ceresa 411; Tom Tucker 320; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 302; Cathy Tucker 144.


Thom Metzger called the class to order with 148. Leaders: Nathan Rees 319; Ina Henkin 29b; Eileen Metzger 108b; George Seiler 68b; Kelly Macklin 468; Gina Balestracci 430; Carly Goss 277; Hal Kunkel 380; Pat Temple 195; Thom Metzger 216; Jean Seiler 209; Dean Jens 147t; Nora Dunn 442; Cindy Sadler 250; John delRe 399b.

Lamar Matthew conducted the memorial lesson for the sick and shut-in and led “Millbrook”. The following were remembered: Bill Wisdom, Fritzi Wisdom, David Bornck, Skip Trout, Nancy Trout Cruel, Wendy Karlsberg, Michael Baldwin, Ashley Zavflick, Gihon Jordan, Pattie Wendt, Shirley Henkin, and Patty Adams.

Stephen Hoyt conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased and led 347. Those remembered were Deanna Riddle and Norma Koenig—Pennsylvania; Everitt Silvia—New York; Alan Karlsberg—New Hampshire; Alexander Antal—New Jersey; Robert Walker—Maryland; Marcia Tucker and David M.P. Eagles—California; Elizabeth Stromquist—Wisconsin; Eleanor Loft—Connecticut. Lamar Matthew closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Susan Bingham 530; Jim Glaser 133; Kim Moreno 171; Leah Wilde 268; Crystal Burnham 67; Adrian Mariano 481; Terry Ryan 236; Mary Wright 35; Claire Simon 107; Kevin Griffin-Moreno 415; Barbara Swetman 485; Aldo Ceresa 240; Molly Savitz 191; Tom Tucker 129. George Seiler offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Jim Glaser called the afternoon session to order leading 66. Leaders: Rachel Speer 204; Ina Henkin 242; Clare Maher 448t; Elizabeth Stokes 396; Guy Bankes 327; Lynne Hoyt 149; Chloe Maher and Sarah Allard 410t; Laura Densmore 365; Carl Baron 117; Lamar Matthew 341; Anna Mays 56b; Brendan Cooney 528; Stephen Hoyt 340; Nancy Katzen 455; Mary Julia Street 330b; Barbara Hohenstein 349; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 328; Cindy Sadler 42.


Carly Goss called the class back to order leading 36b. Leaders: Nathan Rees 37b; George Seiler 168; Eileen Metzger 76b; Kim Moreno 77t; Kelly Macklin 569t; Hal Kunkel 217; Thom Metzger 274t; Claire Simon 270; Jean Seiler 299; Dean Jens 215; Nora Dunn 196; John delRe 141; Susan Bingham 181; Crystal Burnham 160t; Adrian Mariano 85; Terry Ryan 475; Kevin Griffin-Moreno 276; Aldo Ceresa 318; Barbara Swetman 383.

Laura Densmore led 62 as the closing song. Thom Metzger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Laura Densmore; Secretary—Elizabeth Stokes