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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, California

January 20-21, 2007

Saturday, January 20

The 19th All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention met in Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, California, on Saturday before the third Sunday in January. The singing was opened by Carolyn Deacy leading 569b. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carroll Lunsford 303; Carla Smith 47t; David Rust 135; Mimi Wright 107; Michael Kaye 198; Midge Harder 510; and Steve Helwig 440.

A business meeting was called and new officers were elected: Chairman—Carroll Lunsford; Vice Chairman—Pat Keating; Secretary—Paul Straley.

Leaders: Marion Black 441; Bridgett Hill 168; Bruce Hayes 362; Betty Herman 411; Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard 63; Beth Todd 501; Larry Arnstein 287; Susanna Ball 36b; Hans Guttmann 38b; Jenny Jensen 446; Rick Russell 162; Anitra Kaye 37b.


Pat Keating called the class back to order with 270. Leaders: Jeanette Nelson 547; Will Fitzgerald 32t; Margie Neal 290; Paul Wilson 406; Maggie Leonard 191; Gaylon Powell 532; Judy Getrich 324; David Fetcho 214; Betty Marvin 351; Philip Gerrie 365; Karen Stingle 496; Stan Jensen 217; Marilyn Murata 200; Mark Weyl 122; Mary Rose O’Leary 142; Joe Todd 102; Susan Fetcho 318.


Rick Russell called the class together leading 425. Leaders: Carole Crompton 47b; Carol Selleck 39t; Ron Huss 473; Polly Henninger 186; Xander Knecht 140; Karen Huss 236; Tom Ostwald 504; Juniper Hill 178; Darlene Dalton 454; Jerry Schreiber 550; Linda Selph 73t; Ted Mercer 375; Pat Keating 272; Richard DeLong 395; Norma Ruptier 480; Mike Hinton 146. David Fetcho offered grace for the noon meal.


Norma Ruptier called the afternoon session to order leading 45t. Leaders: Charles Knecht 319; Bridgett Hill 209; Henry Schuman 462b; Laura Boyd Russell 132; Jeff Gauthier 35; Darlene Dalton 159; Jim Friedrich 300; Kathryn Knecht 277; Joe Todd 179; Maria Knecht 242; Will Fitzgerald 77t; Connie Stanton 171; Michael Heyerman 481; Judy Nahman-Stouffer 455; Scott Kennedy 163b; Carol Selleck 401; John Holbrook 339.


Bruce Hayes called the class back to order with 72b. Leaders: Jeff Gauthier 59; Juniper Hill 354b; Mike Hinton 546; Marion Black 474; Richard DeLong 475; Beth Todd 284; Gaylon Powell 384; Carolyn Deacy 385b; Ted Mercer 383; Jeanette Nelson 143; Michael Kaye 553; David Rust 477; Paul Wilson 390; Carla Smith and Polly Henninger 391.

Carroll Lunsford and Pat Keating led 276 as the closing song. David Fetcho offered a closing prayer and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 21

Carroll Lunsford brought the Sunday morning session to order with 205. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Carroll Lunsford 204; David Fetcho 556; Marion Black 192; Jerry Schreiber 448t; Carolyn Deacy 29t; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 181; Carla Smith 304; Scott Kennedy 149; Kathy Dallaire and Karen Stingle 180; Richard DeLong 439; Susanna Ball 66; David Rust 378b; Bridgett Hill 297; Paul Wilson 131t; Chloe Webb 288.


Pat Keating brought the class back to order with 312b. Leaders: Beth Todd 436; Michael Heyerman 392; Darlene Dalton 312t; Michael Kaye 569b; Karen Huss 236; Joe Todd 65; Connie Stanton 535; Ted Mercer 185; Midge Harder 35; Hans Guttmann 268; Marilyn Murata 232; Jim Friedrich 344; Paige Winslett 49t.


Tom Ostwald brought the class to order with 128. Leaders: Pat Keating 320; Philip Gerrie 82t; Mike Hinton 373; Henry Schuman 507; Carol Selleck 235; Will Fitzgerald 448b; Mimi Wright 282; Gaylon Powell 240; Jeanette Nelson 171; Linda Selph 111t; Karen Stingle 76b; Scott Kennedy, Bridgett Hill, and Connie Stanton 347.

Mike Hinton spoke about the sick and shut-ins and led 490 in their honor. Anitra Kaye read the following names: Amanda Denson, Pauline Childers, Dick Mauldin, Gendra Meadows, Jane Campbell, Shisue Sugimoto, Fuimie Murata, Lenita Gonzales, Duncan MacLeod, Lynne Koss, Ellen Hahn, Lorisa Calloway, Violet Thomason, Opal Wooten, Lucille Mortensen, Sheila Kelley, Karen Radjevitz-Radziewicsz, Mary Ballinger, Edith Owen, Ophelia Matthews, and Myra Palmer.

Will Fitzgerald and Mike Hinton conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased, and Anitra Kaye read the list of names. Mike Hinton led 285t in memory of the following deceased: Heath Jett, Teddy Creel, Imogene Bradshaw, and John Hyde—Alabama; Verla Huckaby—Arkansas; JoycLynn Richards, Fred Noel Spiess, Marcia Tucker, William Bohn, Jeremy Dawe, and James Ross—California; Mary Hackney and Donnie McGraw—Georgia; Matthew Hayden Dougherty—Kansas; Linda Christian—Massachusetts; Jane Wend—Michigan; Brad Friedrich—Minnesota; Elder R.C. Hand—New Mexico; Reuben Baratz—New York; Hibbard Thatcher—Tennessee; Verna Powell—Texas; Margret MacArthur—Vermont. David Fetcho closed the memorial with prayer and offered grace for the noon meal.


Carolyn Deacy brought the afternoon session to order with 299. Leaders: Jeff Gauthier 402; Jenny Jensen, Stan Jensen, and son, Ian 353; Stan Jensen 503; Betty Marvin 309; Bruce Hayes 250; Laura Boyd Russell 228; Stephen O’Leary 207; Marjorie Neal 196; Steve Helwig 245; Kellyn Sanderson, Jerry Schreiber, and Missy West 159; Tom Ostwald 126; Norma Ruptier 87; Juniper Hill 183; Anitra Kaye 74t; Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard 84; Betty Herman 442.


Jeff Gauthier brought the class to order with 354t. Leaders: Will Fitzgerald 42; Susan Fetcho 108b; Rick Russell 99; Marion Black 53; Ron Huss 486; Maggie Leonard 308; David Olson 340; Beth Todd and Joe Todd 106; Gaylon Powell 203; Richard DeLong 216; Ted Mercer 49b.

A business meeting was called. The Treasurer and Secretary gave their reports. The Resolutions Committee thanked everyone who had participated in the convention and made it possible. The business meeting was closed. Announcements were made. Pat Keating led 62 as the closing song, David Fetcho offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Carroll Lunsford; Vice Chairman—Pat Keating; Secretary—Paul Straley