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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York

October 14-15, 2006

Saturday, October 14

The eighteenth session of the New York State Convention was held on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October in Unity Hall, Barneveld, New York. Chair Barbara Swetman called the class to order leading 34b. Cuba Ray offered the opening prayer.

Officers for the singing: Chair—Barbara Swetman; Secretary—Laura Densmore.

Leaders: Barbara Swetman 59; Kathy Collett 40; Laura Densmore 102; Margaret Bornick 276; Bob Wheeler 171; Lucy Sandidge 84; Cuba Ray 47t; Jim Ulrich 146; Jerusha Wheeler 551; Scott Luscombe 362; Hal Kunkel 269; Sue Ulrich 504; George Seiler 168; Joanne Fuller 129; David Boyle 503; Doron Henkin 392; Sue Hengelsberg 198; Kevin Griffin Moreno 57; Jean Seiler 315; Nathan Rees 130.


The class was called to order by George Seiler leading 32t. Leaders: Dennis Leipold 35; Jo Schultz 452; Thom Metzger 236; Michael Kaye 480; Pleasance Crawford 309; Guy Bankes 327; Eileen Metzger 383; George Pomfret 361; Terry Ryan 72b; Leonard H. Spencer 245; Victoria Bolles 538; Michael Heyerman 542; Nora Dunn 411; Chris Haller 497; Paula Picton 403; Bob Parr 131t; Kim Moreno 99; Lucy Roberts 306; Dan Hertzler 348b. Jim Ulrich asked the blessing for the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Scott Luscombe leading 39t. Leaders: Melody Johnson 216; Bob Wheeler 142; Ernest Blake 86; Eric Bean 335; Kevin Griffin Moreno 260; Michael Heyerman 150; Ginny Huszagh 228; Ron Bornick 178; Anne Kazlauskas 474; David Boyle 229; Laura Timmerman 270; Laura Densmore and Jason Law 475; Hal Kunkel 396; Jim Ulrich 273; Jean Seiler 299; Thom Metzger 203; Bob Parr 430; Margaret Bornick 448b; Doron Henkin 192; Sue Ulrich 347; Lucy Sandidge 157; Jerusha Wheeler 107.


Eileen Metzger brought the class back to order with 159. Leaders: George Seiler 282; Michael Kaye 553; Cuba Ray 312b; Joanne Fuller 61; Nathan Rees 447; Scott Luscombe 481; Dan Hertzler 319; Guy Bankes 193; Nora Dunn 564; Eileen Metzger 182; Jo Schultz 501; Pleasance Crawford 381; Terry Ryan 455; Kim Moreno 354t; Bob Parr 112.


Dan Hertzler brought the class back to order with 52t. Leaders: Paula Picton 156; Lucy Roberts 330t; Sue Hengelsberg 294; Juanita Heyerman 549; Dennis Leipold 300; Victoria Bolles 532; Barbara Swetman 145b; Leonard H. Spencer 304; George Pomfret 352; Chris Haller 56b; Ron Bornick 454; Kathy Collett 155; Ernest Blake 148; Jim Ulrich 569b; Melanie Johnson 143; Lucy Sandidge 429; Ginny Huszagh 28b; Bob Wheeler 350; Eric Bean 63.

Barbara Swetman led 209 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed for the day.

Sunday, October 15

Chair Barbara Swetman called the class to order with 145t. George Seiler offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Michael Heyerman 200; Jean Seiler 48t; Chris Haller 299; Laura Timmerman 111t; Dennis Leipold 89; Juanita Heyerman 71; Dan Hertzler 114; Terry Ryan 153; George Seiler 68b; Jo Schultz 510; Doron Henkin 74b; Lucy Roberts 217; Laura Densmore 370; Hal Kunkel 111b; Scott Luscombe 472; Nathan Rees 448t; Thom Metzger 162; Denise Morris 168; Guy Bankes 490; Nora Dunn 240.


Laura Densmore brought the class back with 106. Leaders: Eileen Metzger 179; Kim Moreno 569t; Bob Parr 250; Margaret Bornick 313b; Pleasance Crawford 486; Paula Picton 341; Kevin Griffin Moreno 425; Sue Hengelsberg 175; Victoria Bolles 269; Ron Bornick 334; Ann Kazlauskas 110; Leonard H. Spencer 442; Ernest Blake 569b; George Pomfret 38b; Melody Johnson 340; Lucy Sandidge 333.


Thom Metzger brought the class back leading 40. Leaders: Ginny Huszagh 362; Emily Hurst 504; Eric Bean 324; Michael Kaye 163b; Michael Heyerman 48b; Jean Seiler 101t; Barbara Swetman 142; Laura Timmerman 542; Chris Haller 267.

Ginny Huszagh conducted the memorial lesson for the sick and shut-ins, and led 566 for the following: David Bornick, Peter Annony, Virginia Luscombe, and Caroline Pineo—New York; Marianne Kaye, Marilyn Darch, and Oliver Accetta—California; Bill Wisdom—Pennsylvania; Margaret Peckman—Florida; Leora Henkin—North Carolina—Arthur Aldrich—Vermont; Marion Zimmerman—Massachusetts.

Dennis Leipold spoke for the deceased and led 209 in their memory: Margaret Ulrich, Anthony and Mary Annony, Marian Ryan, Everett Silva, Gary Schwartz, Kay Milling, Bill Beutel, Frank Pineo, Ester Haller, and Morris Newan—New York; Gene Reid, Janet Crawford, and Douglas Ecker—Massachusetts; Mark Seiler—Maine; Eleanor Loft—Connecticut; Orville Fitch—New Hampshire; Norma Koenig and LaMar Kopp—Pennsylvania; Phillip Dodson and Bobby Jackson—Georgia; John Hyde—Alabama; Fred Beardsley—Virginia; David Tinkoff—Ottawa and Montreal; Dottie Downs—East and West Coasts. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Dan Hertzler 547; Terry Ryan 84; Doron Henkin 441; Jo Schultz 224; Dennis Leipold 189; Lucy Roberts 29t; Laura Densmore 383; George Seiler 480; Brian Collett 143. Jean Seiler offered the prayer before the noon meal.


Eric Bean brought the class back for the afternoon session with 70b. Leaders: Nathan Rees 436; Hal Kunkel 187; Juanita Heyerman 410t; Nora Dunn 196; Guy Bankes 556; Thom Metzger 350; Kim Moreno 144; Kathy Collett 122; Bob Parr 208; Eileen Metzger 39t; Denise Morris 524; Pleasance Crawford 353; Paula Picton 352; Kevin Griffin Moreno 365; Emily Hurst 455; Sue Hengelsberg 381.


Eileen Metzger brought the class back with 99. Leaders: Victoria Bolles 384; Margaret Bornick and Heather Ainsworth 268; Anne Kaslauskas 42; Ernest Blake 63; Ron Bornick 228; George Pomfret 391; Eric Bean 285t; Melody Johnson 377; Ginny Huszagh 344; Laura Timmerman 323t; Lucy Sandidge 66; Dan Hertzler 387; Jo Schultz 198; Barbara Swetman 475.

Barbara Swetman led 62 as the closing song. Eileen Metzger offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Barbara Swetman; Secretary—Laura Densmore.