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United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

Henry Box School, Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

September 9-10, 2006

Saturday, September 9

The eleventh United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Mandy Townsend leading 52t. Chaplain Ken Baddley offered the opening prayer.

Officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Mandy Townsend; Vice Chairman/Treasurer—Dave Townsend; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Steve Fletcher; Chaplain—Ken Baddley.

Leaders: Mick Verrier 201; Dave Townsend 99; Claire Singleton 270; Ken Baddley 192; Steve Fletcher 36t; John Fink 300; Cath Tyler 202; Bernard Collard 32t; Pleasance Crawford 309; Tony Singleton 40; Anna Baldini 299; Dave Richardson 494; Ruth Steggles 171; Nick Hall 571; Liz Cusick 86; Ian West 480; Caroline Edwards 178; Phil Tyler 332; Hannah Land 147t; Chris Brown 47t; Sheila Macadam 217; Paul Setford 341; Judy Whiting 212; Ted Brown 73b; Rachel Jordan 36b.


The class was called to order by Steve Fletcher leading 84. Leaders: Helen Brown 475; Sarah Pinney 148; Edwin Macadam 528; Katie White 47b; Carmel Wood 503; Mandy Townsend 82t; Mick Verrier and Emily Verrier 276; Dave Townsend 277; Claire Singleton 72b; Ken Baddley 113; John Fink 268; Cath Tyler 56b; Bernard Collard 362; Steve Fletcher 315; Pleasance Crawford 391; Tony Singleton 496; Dave Richardson 539; Mandy Townsend 318. Grace was said before lunch.


The class resumed singing with Mick Verrier leading 272. Leaders: Ruth Steggles 454; Nick Hall 127; Liz Cusick 473; Anna Baldini 159; Ian West 312b; Emily Verrier 146; Phil Tyler 442; Chuck Crawford 378t; Sheila Macadam 65; Hannah Land 228; Chris Brown 38b; Caroline Edwards 163b; Ted Brown 30t; Rachel Jordan 269; Sarah Pinney 155; Judy Whiting 490; Paul Setford 313t; Carmel Wood and Simon Dumpleton 49b; Helen Brown 189; Edwin Macadam 280.


The class reassembled with Dave Townsend leading 334. Leaders: Adrian Bolge 350; Katie White 107; Mick Verrier 383; Caroline Edwards 48t; Chuck Crawford 68b; Ruth Steggles 200; John Fink 183; Sarah Pinney 29t; Claire Singleton 448b; Tony Singleton 504; Helen Brown 198; Dave Richardson 278t; Pleasance Crawford 353; Ian West 515; Mandy Townsend 203; Ted Brown 76b; Cath Tyler 61; Ken Baddley 110; Liz Cusick 481; Bernard Collard 501.

Announcements were made. Ken Baddley offered the closing prayer. Mandy Townsend led 46 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

In the evening, an alternative singing took place, chaired by Mick Verrier, at which we sang a selection of the recent shape-note pieces written by UK composers, and some pieces from Norumbega Harmony.

Sunday, September 10

Chaplain Ken Baddley gave the opening prayer, and Chairman Mandy Townsend started the day’s singing by leading 34b.

Leaders: Claire Singleton 66; Phil Tyler 340; Emily Verrier 146; Dave Townsend 324; Anna Baldini and Emily Verrier 217; Chuck Crawford 535; Carmel Wood 49t; Paul Setford 339; Steve Fletcher 150; Nick Hall 350; Hannah Land 302; Bill Meakin 236; Sheila Macadam 268; Chris Brown 288; Rachel Jordan 474; Edwin Macadam 86; Judy Whiting 273; Pleasance Crawford 524; Bernard Collard 538.


The class resumed singing with Cath Tyler leading 128. Leaders: Sarah Pinney 74b; Simon Dumpleton 473; Emily Verrier and Anna Baldini 299; Ruth Steggles 178; Mick Verrier 95; Liz Cusick 277; Adrian Bolge 312b; Rachel Jordan 122.

Steve Fletcher conducted the memorial lesson. Lynne Cousins read the names of those remembered: Bryan Ricketts, Sally Lee, Madge Fisher (Emily’s great grandmother), Mike Walker, Janet Crawford, Alec Brown, Alice Rose Cole, Barbara Foster, Jim Woods, Jack Parker, Jeremy Hayter, Timothy Hayter, Michael Hayter, James Hayter, Isobel Boyd, Pete Sumner, Tom Conroy, and Elaine McClelland. Cath Tyler led 549 in their memory.

Bernard Collard gave the sick and housebound lesson. Liz Cusick read the names of those we are asked to hold in our hearts: Alan Morris, Audrey Nathan, Susan Smith—Maryland, Patricia Taylor (Ann Smith’s mother), Dave Cooper, Jim Singleton, Deirdre Powell, James Oss, and Tom Worley. Sheila Macadam led 546 in their honor. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Judy Whiting 72b; Ken Baddley 481; Phil Tyler 448t; Chuck Crawford 300; Dave Townsend 455; Carmel Wood 313b; Cath Tyler 434; Paul Setford 105. Grace was said before lunch.


During the lunch recess a meeting was held to agree on the location for the 2008 and 2009 conventions.

The class was called to order by Mandy Townsend leading 475. Leaders: Steve Fletcher 282; Nick Hall 45t; Hannah Land 133; Chris Brown 495; Katie White 39t; Sheila Macadam 442; Judy Whiting 441; Rachel Jordan 556; Edwin Macadam 318; Sarah Pinney 171; Anna Baldini 272; Mick Verrier 163t.


The final session resumed with Cath Tyler and Emily Verrier leading 155. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 532; Liz Cusick 547; Ken Baddley 113; Pleasance Crawford 381; Claire Singleton 323b; Chuck Crawford 569b; Sheila Macadam 142; Nick Hall 143; Judy Whiting 186; Phil Tyler 428; Hannah Land 501; Rachel Jordan 347.

Notices of forthcoming singings were given, and committee reports were made. The chairman offered thanks to all who had worked so hard to ensure the success of the convention. Over the two days, 36 leaders led a total of 154 songs.

Ken Baddley offered the closing prayer. Dave Townsend and Mandy Townsend led 323t to close the convention. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mandy Townsend; Vice Chairman—Dave Townsend; Secretary—Steve Fletcher.