Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ipswich All-Day Singing

New England Biolabs, Ipswich, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The first Ipswich All-Day Singing was held in the historic 1898 Proctor mansion on the New England Biolabs campus. Chairman Chris Noren called the class to order by leading 312b. Mern Sibley offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman/Secretary—Christopher Noren.

Leaders: Tom Padwa 145b; Joanne Bowman 171; Joanne DeVoe 47t; Richard Schmeidler 475; Robert Stoddard 472; Bobbie Goodell 556; George Pomfret 299; Edith Osborne 32t; Chris Holley 384; Victoria Bolles 474; Bob Parr 270; Anne Kazlauskas 528; Terry Ryan 452; Roger Garberg 448b. Chris Noren concluded the session with a brief singing school, using 68b as an example.


Robert Stoddard called the class back to order with 114. Leaders: George Pomfret 38b; Joanne Bowman 492; Tom Padwa 71; Edith Osborne 162; Richard Schmeidler 473; Joanne DeVoe 327; Chris Holley 107; Victoria Bolles 479; Terry Ryan 319; Bobbie Goodell 501; Anne Kazlauskas 68t; Roger Garberg 117; Bob Parr 208; Chris Noren 209; Joanne Bowman 481. Chris Noren led 59 as the blessing for the noon meal.


The class was brought back to order by Victoria Bolles leading 82t. Leaders: Robert Stoddard 29t; Tom Padwa 515; Karen Keller 47b; Chris Holley 146; Richard Schmeidler 66; Joanne DeVoe 31t; Chris Noren, Karen Noren, Linda Coe, Mern Sibley, and Lucy Garberg 335; Bobbie Goodell, Max Zahradnik, and Linda Coe 159; Roger Garberg 178; Edith Osborne 63; Terry Ryan 268; Anne Kazlauskas 504 (by request); Bob Parr 318; George Pomfret 448t. Chris Noren led the class in singing birthday wishes, to the tune of 40, for Mern Sibley.


Chris Noren brought the class back to order by leading 155. Leaders: Richard Schmeidler 287; Victoria Bolles 352; Chris Holley 480; Karen Keller 163b; Tom Padwa 569b; Joanne Bowman 383; Robert Stoddard 455; Edith Osborne 84; George Pomfret 503; Joanne DeVoe 484; Terry Ryan 334; Bobbie Goodell 42; Anne Kazlauskas 203; Bob Parr 391.

Chris Noren led 282 as the closing song while the class took the parting hand. Robert Stoddard offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman/Secretary—Christopher Noren.