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Northern Shenandoah Valley
Shape Note All Day Singing

Berryville, Virginia

Saturday, June 3, 2006

The thirteenth annual Northern Shenandoah Valley Shape Note All Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at Grace Church by Kelly Macklin leading 171. The opening prayer was offered by Miriam Kilmer.

Leaders: Stephen McMaster 77b; Mary Langley 539; Carly Goss 400; Kim Moreno 111b; Leyland delRe 157; Cathy Tucker 195; Kevin Griffin Moreno 57; John delRe 187; Nathan Rees 141; Tom Tucker 395.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Stephen McMaster; Honorary Chair—Paula Picton; Vice Chair—Kevin Moreno; Secretaries—Kim Moreno and Mary Langley; Arranging Committee—Pat Temple and Tom Tucker; Chaplains—Miriam Kilmer and Craig Baughan.

Leaders: Stephen McMaster 446; Pat Temple 473; Mary Ann Daley 383; D.J. Hatfield 74b; Nora Dunn 349; Paula Picton 440; Joan Aldridge 228; Kathy Manning 335; Jenna Strizak 97; Chris Thorman 339; Ray Showalter 178.


Don Polaski called the class back to order leading 73b. Leaders: Rachel Speer 312b; Laura Densmore 101b; Allison Schofield 95; Ina Henkin 124; Mary Wright 290; Ron Craig 268; Miriam Kilmer 191.

The memorial lesson was conducted by John delRe, who led 164 for the following deceased: Fred Beardsley—Virginia; Tom Kell, Jana Landis, and Norma Koenig—Pennsylvania; Mark Lincoln Seiler—Maine; Robert Moore—Maryland.

The following sick and shut-ins were also remembered: Amanda Denson—Alabama; Deborah Kilmer—New Jersey; Matt Matternes—Georgia; John Hillis—Florida; Susan Smith—Maryland; Kat Kinkade—Virginia; Marilyn Darch—California. Miriam Kilmer closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Lois Badey 47b; Guy Bankes 304; Mark Miller 371; Lamar Matthew 146; Mary DeNys 72b; Don Polaski 112; Joni Seidenstein 144; Sandra Polaski 148; Marty DeNys 99; Jim Strube 332; Craig Baughan 126; Liz Cusick 85; Evan Duncan 222; Adrian Mariano 183; Gail Doss 208; Phil Rubin 79; Tim Slattery 344; Bev Yeager 142; Mary Chris Harrison 180. Craig Baughan asked the meal blessing.


The class was called back to order by Greg Freemon leading 445. Leaders: Kevin Moreno 70b; Mary Langley 274t; Leyland delRe 298; Nathan Rees 436; Carly Goss 182; Paula Picton 573; Nora Dunn 411; Chris Gorman 351; Joan Aldridge 198; Greg Freemon 419; Jenna Strizak 448t; Ray Showalter 64; Kathy Manning 240; Mark Miller 162; Allison Schofield 384; Guy Bankes 327; Ina Henkin 29t; Stephen McMaster 362.

Honorary Chair, Paula McGray Picton, was recognized by the class for her strong connection and bond to the singing community, and for her support to Sacred Harp singing through the years.


The class reconvened with Tom Tucker leading 106. Leaders: Lamar Matthew 341 (dedicated to Tom Fox); Kim Moreno 474; Owen Kelly 105; Cathy Tucker 454; Frank Evans 284; John Daniel delRe and Hannah Polaski 547; Pat Temple 373; Don Polaski 551; Mary Ann Daley 545; Rachel Speer 89; Mary Wright 270; Kelly Macklin 444; Miriam Kilmer 58; Phil Rubin 317; Lois Badey 448b; Craig Baughan 347; Jim Strube 117; Mary DeNys 56b; Evan Duncan 122; Joni Seidenstein 380; Sandra Polaski 128; Marty DeNys 269; Adrian Mariano 203; Gail Doss 137; Bev Yeager 192; Tim Slattery 168; Mary Chris Harrison 348t; D.J. Hatfield 442; Paula Picton 324; John delRe 215.

Kathy Manning presented the Resolutions thanking everyone who made the singing a success.

Nora Dunn gave the Treasurer’s Report, thanking the group for donations which met the budget goal.

Kelly Macklin invited singers to the delRe farm for the social.

Singers were present from Alabama, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Following announcements, Stephen McMaster led 62 as the closing song while those who wished took the parting hand. Chaplain Craig Baughan gave the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chair—Stephen McMaster; Honorary chair—Paula McGray Picton; Vice Chair—Kevin Moreno, Secretaries—Mary Langley and Kim Moreno.