Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing

Boulder Street Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The first Pikes Peak Sacred Harp Singing at the Boulder Street Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Pete Mathewson, Sharon Kermiet, and Mary Lou Van Laanen leading 46. The opening prayer was offered by Pete Mathewson.

The singing was organized with the following officers appointed to serve: Chairman—Pete Mathewson; Secretary/Treasurer—Susie Mathewson.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 54t (CB); Kris Wiggins 39 (CB); Mary Lou Van Laanen 48t; Bill Howe 155; Bonnie Dolan 31t; Kevin Lee 559 (CB); Kathryn Eastburn 340 (CB); Chris Kermiet 147b; Hill Grimmett 497; Martha Rosner 335; Lindsey Wiggins 138t (CB); Mallie Kermiet 510; Paul Lindholm 39t; Maeta Emmons 63; Sharon Kermiet 160b; Alyce Barry 198; Carol Selleck 39b; Gaylon Powell 522 (CB); Kris Wiggins 505 (CB); Mary Lou Van Laanen 99; Bill Howe 178; Bonnie Dolan 383; Kevin Lee 183 (CB); Kathryn Eastburn 449 (CB); Chris Kermiet 74b; Hill Grimmett 280; Martha Rosner 32t; Pete Mathewson 145b.


The singing resumed with Pete Mathewson and Kay Moody leading 34b. Leaders: Lindsey Wiggins 133 (CB); Mary Ann Sausotte 203; Alfred Sausotte 232; Alyce Barry 268; Mallie Kermiet 84; Paul Lindholm 522; Judy Owen 117; Maeta Emmons 452; Sharon Kermiet 142; Carol Selleck 540 (CB); Gaylon Powell 563 (CB); Kris Wiggins 192; Mary Lou Van Laanen 217; Bill Howe 159; Bonnie Dolan 419; Kathryn Eastburn 500 (CB); Kevin Lee 277 (CB); Chris Kermiet 65; Hill Grimmett 250; Martha Rosner 339; Pete Mathewson 571 (CB); Lindsey Wiggins 268b (CB); Alyce Barry 66; Mallie Kermiet 547. The blessing was offered by Hill Grimmett.


The singing resumed with Pete Mathewson leading “America, the Beautiful”. Kevin Lee of Kyle, Texas, was presented with a memento of Pikes Peak for having traveled the greatest distance to the singing.

Leaders: Mary Ann Sausotte 440; Alfred Sausotte 208; Karl Dise 193; Paul Lindholm102; Sharon Kermiet 216; Carol Selleck 282; Gaylon Powell 232, 235 (CB); Kris Wiggins 393t (CB); Mary Lou Van Laanen 540; LaVerne Lewis 288; Catie Van Duzer 47b; Bill Howe 455; Bonnie Dolan 86; Kathryn Eastburn 45t.


The singing resumed with Kevin Lee leading 163b. Leaders: Chris Kermiet 513; Hill Grimmett 569b; Martha Rosner 350; Pete Mathewson 143; Lindsey Wiggins 442; Alyce Barry 276; Mallie Kermiet 556; Karl Dise 269; Mary Ann Sausotte 372; Alfred Sausotte 344; Maeta Emmons 388 (CB); Sharon Kermiet 534; Carol Selleck 38t (CB).

After announcements were made, the closing song on 527 (CB) was led by Gaylon Powell. The class was dismissed in prayer by Pete Mathewson.

Chairman—Pete Mathewson; Secretary—Susie Mathewson.