Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Bloomington, Indiana All Day Singing

Friends’ Meetinghouse, Moore’s Pike, Bloomington, Indiana

Saturday, October 30, 2004

The day of singing began with Bill Shetter leading 34b, followed by a moment of silence for the morning prayer.

Officers and committees for the singing were: Chairman—Bill Shetter; Arranging—Ariel Weinberg; Treasurer—Stephanie Fida; Pitching—David Rust; Secretary—Marlen Rust.

Leaders: Ariel Weinberg 36b; Marlen Rust 84; David Rust 135; Stephanie Fida 39t; Paul Figura 480 (in honor of the composer, John Hocutt); Janet Fraembs 475; Jim Helke 353; Lee Steinmetz 28b; Samuel Sommers 121; Shirley Figura 335; Brad Bahler 354b; Joan Aldridge 350; Bill Shetter 569b; Ariel Weinberg 200; Marlen Rust 74b; David Rust 141; Stephanie Fida 547; Paul Figura 11 (MH); Janet Fraembs 512; Jim Helke 341 (in memory of Ruth Brown); Samuel Sommers 518; Rochelle Lodder 31t; Lee Steinmetz 163b.


The class resumed singing with Shirley Figura leading 282. Leaders: Bob Meek 511 (CB); Michele Cull and infant daughter, Annaliza Jane, 168; Brad Bahler 117; Bill Shetter 286 (for Dorothy Glanzer); Joan Aldridge 559 (CB); Liz Meitzler 319; David Rust 299; Janet Fraembs 146 (for Ruth White); Jim Helke 505 (CB) (for Vi Stark); Stephanie Fida 546; Paul Figura 13 (MH); Marlen Rust 2 (MH); Samuel Sommers 422; Shirley Figura 179 (for Cathryn Baker); Rochelle Lodder 146; Bob Meek 571 (CB); Joan Aldridge 84 (CB); Lee Steinmetz 563 (?); Brad Bahler 163t.


Bill Shetter brought the class back together for the afternoon session leading 373. Leaders: Ariel Weinberg 209; Liz Meitzler 245; Michele Cull 155; Clare Cardy 142; David Rust 298; Janet Fraembs 217; Jim Helke 108t; Stephanie Fida 349; Paul Figura 367 (CB); Marlen Rust 81b; Samuel Sommers 412; Shirley Figura 145b; Rochelle Lodder 378b; Bob Meek 574 (CB); Joan Aldridge 572 (CB); Lee Steinmetz 154; Brad Bahler 488b (CB); Liz Meitzler 162; Michele Cull 318.


Ariel Weinberg brought the class together leading 332. Leaders: Bill Shetter 336t (CB); Clare Cardy 128; David Rust 528; Janet Fraembs 481; Jim Helke 77t; Paul Figura 46 (MH); Joan Aldridge 150; Samuel Sommers 112; Liz Meitzler 47b; Shirley Figura 68b; Marlen Rust 29t; Bob Meek 268; Stephanie Fida 198; Lee Steinmetz 565; Brad Bahler 551; Clare Cardy 302; Janet Fraembs 385b.

Announcements were made. Members of the Friends’ Meetinghouse were thanked for their contributions to meal preparation and cleanup. Bill Shetter announced that there were singers from 7 states present. Bob Meek put forward the recommendation that this singing be held again next year, and there were many seconds to this.

Bill Shetter led 347 as the closing song, followed by a moment of silence for the closing prayer, and then the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bill Shetter; Secretary—Marlen Rust.