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Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention

Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 25-26, 2004

Saturday, September 25th

The fifteenth session of the Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by John Schaffer leading 150. Daniel Davis offered the opening prayer. Songs led from the “High Desert Harmony” will be noted with (HDH).

Leaders: Harlan Van Camp 46; Sharon Kermiet 48t; Jeanne Schaffer 66; Kay Sirco 143; Eric Morgan 67; Ed Stevens 194 (?); Carol Selleck 319; Rosie Wojcik 477; Berk Meitzler 70b; Marilyn Murata 421; Chris Noren 384; Sally Gwylan 106; Donna Sewell 171; Sandy Klein 180; Lee Stephenson 59; Claire Singleton 350; Kelsey Wessels 179; Carter Clary 452; Joslene Schlaefli 47b;


The class was brought to order by David McPherson leading 128. Leaders: Daniel Davis 46 (HDH); Janet Morgan 105; Gaylon Powell 442; Nancy Nortz 71; Leon Ballinger 195; Ginnie Ely 475; Nona Church 155; Matthew Wojcik 198; Don Klein 540; Cary Stickney 47t; Nancy Costea 146; Allan Stavely 479; Larry MatIock 323b; Kay Sirco 551; John Schaffer 38b; Carol Selleck 217; Eric Morgan 142; Rosie Wojcik 48b; Berk Meitzler 49b; Marilyn Murata 492; Chris Noren 236; Donna Sewell 63; Claire Singleton 18 (HDH); Kelsey Wessels 31t.


The afternoon session was called to order by David McPherson leading 312b. Leaders: Sandy Klein 117; Jeanne Schaffer 87; Gerald Hand 89; Carter Clary 515; Joslene Schaefli 107; Daniel Davis 344; Ed Stevens 457; Sharon Kermiet 549; Janet Morgan 82 (t? b?); Gaylon Powell 86; Lee Stephenson 268; Leon Ballinger 269; Ginnie Ely 546; Nona Church 45t; Harlan Van Camp 547; Matthew Wojcik 430; Don Klein 556; Cary Stickney 40; Nancy Costea 440; Allan Stavely 58; David McPherson 300; Larry Matlock “La Bahada” (HDH); Sandy Klein 209; John Schaffer 163b; Carol Selleck 70t; Eric Morgan 245; Rosie Wojcik 77t; Berk Meitzler 496; Marilyn Murata 456; Chris Noren 410t; Claire Singleton 299; Kelsey Wessels 448t; Jeanne Schaffer 454; Gerald Hand 274t; Carter Clary 313b; Anita Sanders 528; Joslene Schlaefli 480; Nancy Nortz 65; Daniel Davis 216; Ed Stevens 68 (t? b?); Sharon Kermiet 29t; Janet Morgan 35; Gaylon Powell 542; Norma Ruptier 84.

David McPherson led 267 as the closing song. Daniel Davis gave the benediction, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 26

The Sunday morning session was called together by David McPherson leading 148. Daniel Davis offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Norma Ruptier 63; Martina Mesmer and Gaylon Powell 496; Lee Stephenson 159; Kay Sirco 99; Allan Stavely 196; Sandy Klein and Lee Stephenson 117; Matthew Wojcik 313t; Nona Church 345b; Ginnie Ely 454; Sally Gwylan 61; Leon Ballinger 490; David McPherson 341; Berk Meitzler 426t; Marilyn Murata 448b; Chris Noren 32t; Kelsey Wessels 475; Donna Sewell 146; Rosie Wojcik 30t.


David McPherson brought the class back to order leading 168. Leaders: John Schaffer 174; Daniel Davis “Sangre de Cristo” (his composition); Eric Morgan 300; Ed Stevens 504; Carol Selleck 497; Carter Clary 535; Sharon Kermiet 373.

Carol Selleck conducted the memorial lesson, speaking of the continuity of Sacred Harp through the generations. Claire Singleton read the names of the sick and those not able to attend.

Eric Morgan led 303 in memory of those who died within the past year. Prayer was offered, and the memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 64 (HDH); Janet Morgan 335 (dedicated to family in Florida); Joslene Schaefli 282; Jeanne Schaffer 361; Claire Singleton 270; Leon Ballinger 327; Ginnie Ely 349; Matthew Wojcik 260; Norma Ruptier 40; Don Klein 139; Berk Meitzler 378t; Chris Noren 65 (HDH); Donna Sewell 235; Gaylon Powell 47b (for Nona Church).


The class was called back together by David McPherson leading 135. Leaders: Sally Gwylan 87; Paul Lindholm 131 (t? b?); Jeanne Schaffer 569b; Daniel Davis 35 (HDH); Eric Morgan 110; Carol Selleck 553; Sandy Klein and Don Klein 523; Sharon Kermiet 383; Marilyn Murata 218; Gerald Hand 31t; Don Klein 564; Kelsey Wessels 186; Claire Singleton 455; Gaylon Powell 240; Carter Clary 491; David McPherson 183; Janet Morgan 401; Ginnie Ely 34b; Betty Marvin 130; John Schaffer 120; Rosie Wojcik 441; Joslene Schaefli 445; Robert LeCompte 45t; Matthew Wojcik 532; Berk Meitzler 34t; Norma Ruptier 333; Chris Noren 474; Nona Church 155; Donna Sewell 332. Announcements were made and sincere thanks were given to Matthew Wojcik for coming all the way from Vermont to teach our singing school; and to all who had a hand in arranging for this year’s convention. The generous donations met the expenses.

The Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention will be held in Colorado next year, with the exact date, time and location being announced later.

David McPherson led 62 as the closing song. Daniel Davis offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David McPherson; Secretary—Kay Sirco.