Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lacy Memorial Singing

Fuller Cemetery, Ider, Alabama

August 29, 2004

The annual Lacy Memorial Singing held on the first fifth Sunday following July 4th was called to order with Chair Reba Windom leading 82t. The morning prayer was led by Joel Jenkins.

Reba Windom led 172. Laura Clawson was appointed as the Arranging Committee. Leaders: Betty Shepherd 101t, 159; Norma Green 389; Laura Clawson 318; Loyd Ivey 337; Milton Oliver 314; Loretta Smith and Amy Smith 551; Dennis George 319; Gaston White 40; Johnny Lee 166; Bridgett Hill 171; Seth Allred 224; Idy Kiser 312b; S.T. Reed 313t; Lela Crowder 421; Eloise Wootten 426b; Jackson Harcrow 153; B.M. Smith 273; Sandy Ivey 201; Aaron Wootten and Jackson Harcrow 282; Riley Lee 300.


Rodney Ivey and Will Allred brought the class back together leading 30b. Leaders: Blake Sisemore 99; Clarke Lee 569b; Liz Kiser 335; Jackie Tanner 477; Mary Elizabeth Lee 178; Betty Wright 68b; Lauren Hall 110; Kelsey Wessels 475; Cindy Tanner 336; April Dell 48t; Joan Aldridge 546; Jerry Enright 95 (in memory of Margie Lacy); Caleb Allred 196.


The singing resumed with David Ivey leading 186. Leaders: Will Allred 87; Shane O’Neal 49b; Russ Hanson 36b; Tony Ivey 377; Eschol Hughes 454; Sandra Wilkinson 297; Coy Ivey 486t (WB), 384; Henry Johnson 385t; Travis Peek and Blake Sisemore 47b; Joel Jenkins 142; Matthew Wojcik 442; Rachel Allred 542; Bobby Watkins 217; Lynne deBenedette 222; Scott Ivey 424; Ed Thacker 378t; James Wagner 354b. Louis Hughes asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd brought the afternoon session to order leading 155. Leaders: Shane Wootten 349 (in memory of Woodie Walker); Jeff Sheppard 322; Daphene Causey 391; Richard DeLong 411; Jenna Strizak 456; Rodney Ivey 182; Kathy James 430; Jennifer Allred 269; LaRue Allen 436; David Ivey 540; Linton Ballinger 212; Wayne Wootten 137; Max Berueffy 157; Katie Mahoney 183; Sarah Jenkins and Jerry Enright 77t; Phillip Langley 440; Karen Freund 101b; Louis Hughes 274t; Phil Summerlin 270; Susan Harcrow 434; Shelbie Sheppard 464; Judy Caudle 272; Bud Oliver 332; Donna Wootten 76b; Hobert Ivey 47t (in memory of Lamar Smith); Marian Biddle and Ivey Biddle 64; Betty Shepherd, Sherwyn Kelley, and Reba Windom 216; Reba Windom and Louis Hughes 348b; Sharon DuPriest 189; Liz Kiser and Jackson Harcrow 112; Rodney Ivey 225t (for Lonnie Rogers); Caleb Allred 452; Matthew Wojcik, Katie Mahoney, Kelsey Wessels, Jenna Strizak, and Rosie Wojcik 323t.

Following announcements, Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd led 59 (by request) and 146. The class was dismissed with prayer by Rev. Verlon Stiefel.

Chair—Reba Windom; Vice Chair—Betty Shepherd; Secretary—Norma Latham Green.