Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, March 27, 2004.

The ninth annual Higher Ground Singing was called to order by David Rust leading 135. Don Bardsley offered the opening prayer.

Officers elected or appointed to serve were: Co-Chairs—Ariel Weinberg and Don Baker; Arranging Committee—Janet Fraembs and Bill Shetter; Chaplain—Don Bardsley; Treasurer—Stephanie Fida; Memorial Committee—Berkley Moore and Janet Fraembs. Leaders: Ariel Weinberg 66; Marlen Rust 52t; Janet Fraembs 168; Stephanie Fida 31t; Bill Shetter 171; Molly Evans 107; Don Baker 129; Joan Aldridge 142 (in memory of Ruth Brown); Presley Barker 481; Paul Figura 84; Claire Outten 61; Berkley Moore 67; Samuel Sommers 426b; Shirley Figura 49b; Don Bardsley 228; David Rust 182; Ariel Weinberg 99; Don Baker 312b; Molly Evans 203. RECESS The class was called to order. Leaders: Bill Shetter 38t (CB); Terry Hogg 43; Marlen Rust 40; Joan Aldridge 276; Presley Barker 28b (MH); Stephanie Fida 49 (NH); Janet Fraembs 512; Paul Figura 11 (MH); Claire Outten 334; Berkley Moore 551; Samuel Sommers 548; Shirley Figura 68b; Don Bardsley 300. Don Bardsley offered the blessing for the noon meal. LUNCH Don Baker led 47b to bring the class together for the afternoon session. Leaders: Gwen King 154; Presley Barker 77t; Stephanie Fida 268; Don Bardsley 269; Bill Shetter 362; Joan Aldridge 282; David Rust 365; Claire Outten 68t; Paul Figura 150 (MH); Ariel Weinberg 200; Berkley Moore 229; Samuel Sommers 518; Shirley Figura 335. RECESS

Don Baker brought the class together leading 56b.

Berkley Moore conducted the memorial lesson and led 122 in memory of the deceased. Because the memorial lesson is a tradition, and new groups of singers in the north choose to embrace all traditions, we hereby include this special time in our singing. While singing and singers are not of one religion, gathering as we do is of a religious nature because it draws us together in community. The deceased remembered were: Ruth Brown, Allie Aldridge, Lamar Smith, and Elder Donald Smith—Alabama; and victims of terrorist bombings worldwide. Names of sick and shut-ins known to the group were read by Janet Fraembs: Shelbie Sheppard, Rene Greene (daughter of Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard), and Gary Smith—Alabama; Virginia Evans, Becky Schildman, Ruth White, Dennis Miller, and William Farr—Illinois; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Jerry Schreiber—California.

Among people who couldn’t be present is Peggy Brayfield, about to become an official Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa for the next two years. She has taken some music with her. The memorial lesson was closed. Leaders: Molly Evans 504; Marlen Rust 57b (MH); Terry Hogg 318; Presley Barker 313b; Stephanie Fida 86; Don Bardsley 163b. RECSS Ariel Weinberg brought the class to order leading 117. Leaders: Claire Outten 112; David Rust 123b; Joan Aldridge 63; Paul Figura 339; Berkley Moore 101t; Sam Sommers 386; Don Baker 510; Molly Evans 489; Bill Shetter 195; Terry Hogg 503; Marlen Rust 480; Janet Fraembs 218.

Announcements were made. Ariel Weinberg led 347 as the closing song. Don Bardsley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed. Co-Chairs—Ariel Weinberg and Don Baker; Secretary—Marlen Rust.